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Ashley Carmean

Post Observation Reflection #3

Overall this lesson did not unfold as I had planned. To begin with our
lesson was a little chopped up because this lesson was one that we had
started Friday but had to end about 15 minutes in because of a spelling bee
that we had that day. I did my hook and the first few parts of the lesson.
When it came time to finish teaching this lesson on Wednesday I did not
have a strong enough hook like I had on Friday. This hook was very weak
(1:20) there was not a good enough connection to what was at hand.
By looking at the data from the independent grade that I took the
students understood the material (33). I also asked certain questions
throughout the lesson in order to see what the students are comprehending.
At the very end of my lesson during my closure I asked the students what
facts they learned from todays lesson as well as any questions they had
(38:00). They were able to give me enough facts to fill in our class set of
One thing that did go well though out the lesson was that the students
were very engaged. They were very interested in the topic that we were
covering. However I do not think I used this to my advantage in this lesson.
I feel that I could have made this lesson a lot more relatable by showing the
students famous rock forms around the world and around the country.
I think that students were understanding what I was teaching them
however it was just the bare minimum. I could have had them create a
science vocabulary sheet for the words that they did not fully have
memorized or in their background knowledge such as mass when we were
talking about how rocks can be measured by their mass or density. (13:35).
These two vocabulary terms are terms that will transfer over with them not
only to different lessons but to different grades as well once they leave
elementary school. That is one thing that I would of done differently if I were
to reteach this lesson. I also would have changed the hook like noted above.
One last thing that I would do is review the material one more time before I
taught the lesson. Although I thought I was prepared there were some
questions that came up that honestly I didnt know the answers to (19:00). I
think that if I would have prepared just a little bit more I would have been
able to fix this and maybe known more of these questions. Another thing
that I could have done was instead of just saying use our context clues in
order to find the answer I could have reviewed the context clues that we are
learning about for non fiction texts in ELA. (27:00)

One strength that I have is having the students engaged and

interested in the material. One reason that I belive this is true is because I
kept the students accountable by having sticks to call on the students never
know when they are going to be picked. This made each student have a fair
shot at getting called on which has to do with NCPTS 1e. This element talks
about fair treatment which these sticks help promote. One of my
weaknesses is still incorporating global awareness. I could have
incorporated it a lot more within this lesson. In NCPTS 3c it says that
teachers understand how the content they teach relates ot other disciplines
in order to deepen understanding and connect learning for students.
Teachers promote global awareness and its relevance to subjects they teach.