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-Conessia Gipson

Dr. Laura Talamante

History 301
Dominguez Adobe Field Trip
Early European exploration and colonization resulted in cultural and ecological interactions among
people not previously connected. The North American Native Americans and Spanish cultures meet
due to the colonization of California by Spain. Some Native Americans worked with the Spanish and
converted to Catholicism and some even intermarried.
Government is necessary to organize and develop a country and keep it safe in America we have a
democratic government, which allows the freedom for people to live as they wish within a certain
The values of Democracy and Citizenship in America were not extended to everyone the government
was unfair then and it still is now, the ideal government is designed to develop a country, keep it safe
and be fair. The people were allowed to achieve things in a democracy that might not have been
available elsewhere. When a person is an American Citizen they are guaranteed the right to liberty and
to pursue their dream within the law, which is determined by the collective voice of the citizens.
Diversity is important in America, which is a melting pot because everyones views are given a voice.
The power of many voices is stronger than the dictates of one person or group.
Manuel Dominguez got to actually sign the constitution of California. Ironically it saved him later
when some unfair laws determined by prejudice were overruled by it. Manuel was literate and he knew
his rights so he got to keep his property when many others didnt.
Communities in the past to my understanding had to be dependent upon its members a little more
because the bulk of what they needed was produced in the community. In todays communities goods
and services can be outsourced from other communities, which is a little more diverse and less
demanding which allows independence.
In connection to Manuel Dominguez his accomplishments were huge because he developed California
and even signed the constitution, California becoming part of t he U.S was probably one of the
determining factors that strengthened the country and prevented divide.
The Idea of pioneering and development of the land was important in California. California was also a
little more accepting of diversity. Today in California people still have the same values there are many
innovations particular to California such as the aerospace industry and Hollywood.
Manuel Dominguez was a man who knew the value of hard work innovation and opportunity, when the
opportunity to come to California was presented to him he was brave enough to take it. He also was
smart he knew how to use the land and make a profit from it in many different ways.