Group Members: 
Ume Farwa Mushtaq.  Kiran Saleem.  Ayesha Asif.  Baleena Khan.

´Zulfiqar Ali Bhuttoµ
Pakistani Politician. Fourth President of Pakistan (1971 1973). Ninth Prime Minister of Pakistan (1973 1977). Founder of Pakistan Peoples Party.

Early Life: 
Born to Khursheed begum and Shah Nawaz

Bhutto on 5th January, 1928 near Larkana.  Landlord, wealthy, shia-muslim family.  Completed early education from Cathedral and John Connon School.  He was first married to Shireen Amir Begum, however, he left her inorder to remarry 

Joined University of Southern California    

(1947). University of California at Berkeley in June 1949. Travelled to England to study law at Christ Church, Oxford (1950). Called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn (1953). Started practicing Law at Dingomal's.

Married Nusrat Ispahani in Karachi on September 8, 1951

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

Nusrat Ispahani

Benazir (1953)

Murtaza (1954)

Sanam (1957)

Shahnawaz (1958)

Political Career 

delegation to the United States  Pakistan cabinet ministries  Minister for Information and National Reconstruction 

1958  1959 

Minister for Fuel, 


Power and Natural Resources  Pakistan Foreign Minister 


"Islam is our Faith, Democracy is our Policy, Socialism is our Economy, All Power to the People -1966 

Foundation of 


Pakistan Peoples Party, Lahore 
Led Mass 

Movement for Restoration of Democracy

Leader of Pakistan 
Economic Reforms Order    

Nationalisation of Key Industries Announcement of Labour Policies Workers would participate in Profits Old Age Pensions and Group Insurance Land Reforms 

The Law Reform Ordinance  Simla Agreement Signed  National Book Foundation established  Inaugurated Pakistan's first Nuclear

Power Plant at Karachi  Establishment of Quaid-E-Azam University 

Constitution of Pakistan passed  Establishment of Port Qasim Authority  Identity Cards for Citizens  Administrative Reforms Order  Laid Foundation Stone of Pakistan Steel

Mill  Nationalisation of Banks

Father of Nuclear Program 
INDIA nuclear test on May 1974  Bhutto said

We will eat grass but will make atom bomb  Conference on nuclear scientists and nuclear program in Multan  Took three years to make bomb

Betrayal and Assassination 
General Elections were held on March 7,

1977. PPP emerged as the victorious Party  On July 5, 1977 General Ziaul Haq imposed Martial Law. 

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto arrested on July,

5, 1977 and released on July 28, 1977. 

Re-arrested on September 3, 1977

from Karachi, on the charges of a murder case. 
Again released on September 13,

1977 against Lahore High Court bail. 
Re-arrested at Larkana on

September 17, 1977. 

On October 9, 1977,Maulvi

Mushtaq the Chief Justice of Lahore High Court, cancelled the bail granted to Zulfikar Ali Bhutto by LHC.  Mercilessly and despicably Bhutto was hanged on April 4, 1979.