Case Study

Maria Ramirez
I. Subject
a. Name J.O
b. Age 4yrs 5monhts
c. Race, ancestry: Hispanic
d. Gender: Male
II. Information Source
The last Interview I had with mom I asked more questions about J.O
Also some questions about the three young brothers. Mom barely separate
from dad and they move in with grandparents, I really concentrated in J.O
and focus on the child and I wrote anecdote daily.
I used some of anecdotes observations on the lesson plan in some areas for
J.O Also I am planning appropriate activities that directed particular areas
that needed support.


Background Information
a. J.O is a 4 years old child that is living with his single mom, 3 young
brothers and grandparents, Mom work at nights 8 hours shift Monday to
Friday. The social development he receives is during a 3 in half period in
head start class with 0 other children. He has very good relationship with
teachers and peers he can have good long conversations and play longer
more than 20 minutes with the classmate.

b. J.O arrives daily and has a positive relationship with peers sometimes
came very quiet but after few minutes he talks and has conversations with
peers. He likes to play in the block area with a dinosaurs, and blocks he
can spend more than 30 minutes in the block area.

c. J.O participates in activities more when teachers has a food experience he
likes to try the food and a new activities he likes to be a first one to try a
new activity.

d. According in an assessments tools J.O is typically developing; he due
some several experiences with teachers and peers his behavior is calmer
and relax he used his vocabulary for anything he needs and asked
teachers for helps when necessity is. After lunch, snack or bathroom used
he washed his hands without reminder. Also he clean up after play and
move in different areas.
IV. Developmental Performance
a. J.O has 2 areas of interested – the block area and the dramatic play area.
J.O likes to play in the block area with a dinosaurs he likes to build and
also he likes to play with animals and he said this is a zoo he always
talked about he and his brothers and mom went to the zoo and he saw a
lot different kind of animals. In the dramatic area he likes to play with a
dolls and sometimes he said he is a dad and he cook for his children and
he pretend to he is washing the dishes after they ate.

b. In my observations for examples before we go outside all the children line
up and he likes to count them. J.O he don’t like to be in the art area every
day he do not like to be sitting for long time he work in the art table ones
a will. On the drama area teachers provide a register with coins and
money he count the bills and he said he had $20 dollars and he count the
coins and he said I have $5 dollars and coins.
c. J.O personality is very friendly on the beginning of a year he was very
anger child and his temperament was very strong he used his hands in
setup his words. Working with him now he talked to other children and he
let know them to use their words. J.O if something he do not like it he
came to teacher or he used his words. Also he express his feelings and
demonstrate positive ways to solve the conflicts. If he got mad or
frustrated he walk to the sick area and told the children to let him alone
because he do not feel good.

V. Conclusion and Recommendations
a. J.O is a very social child he respect teachers and classmates. He show an
interest in some new activities. J.O he can handle his frustration very well
now. He does not yell or throw items any more he just move some area
he can stay alone and nobody talked him.
b. I request to mom to talk to him more often after school and asked him
questions about the day. He looks very happy because J.O he is playing
and having fun with children from his age.

c. After I meeting with mom she was very happy how J.O growth
development. She wants to J.O keep continue developing his skills and the
same age of group of children. Mom will support J.O in everything he
needs to go forward in his education on the future. I encourage mom to
come to the classroom in voluntary for few hours and compare the
behavior at home and classroom. Also I provide summer classes to J.O
and be constant with him about his behavior and remember him to use his