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If: shows a condition.
Unless: means “except if” or “if...not”. It is good to use it when we want to
highlight an exception.
Two examples with the same meaning:
"You can't go on vacation unless you save some money."
"If you don't save some money, you can't go on vacation."
"You will feel cold if you don't wear a coat."
"You will feel cold unless you wear a coat."
One example with a different meaning:
"I'll be annoyed if I do not arrive at 10am." - Being late will annoy me.
"I'll be annoyed unless I arrive at 10am." - The only thing that can stop
me from being annoyed is arriving at 10am.

Now let's practice using “if...not” and “unless”. Choose the correct
form in each sentence:
1 - My dog won’t bark ___ it is hungry.
a) if
b) unless
2 - ____ you want to go to bed early, we should go out.
a) Unless
b) If
3 - ___ you don't slow down, we are going to crash!
a) Unless
b) If
4 - You cannot go into bars ___ you are over 18.
a) unless
b) if
5 - In my country, ___ you cannot speak English, it's hard to get a good job.
a) unless
b) if
6 - She'll fail the exam ___ she doesn’t study.
a) unless
b) if

___ I am not feeling better tomorrow I will go to the doctor's.____ you stop making that noise.I won't be able to do it ____ you help me.___ she pays up. a) If b) Unless 12 . I'm not doing it alone. you'll be seriously ill. a) If b) Unless 17 . you will lose your licence. a) if b) unless 8 . he'll go to jail.You will lose your job ___ you change your attitude and become friendlier. a) if b) unless 11 .___ you do not make the payment in time. a) If b) Unless 13 .We'll be late ___ we leave soon.____ you're late. a) Unless b) If 9 . a) if b) unless 19 . 14 .___ you are caught drinking and driving. he'll make a fortune.7 .____ you stop smoking. a) If b) Unless 10 .I won't do it ____ you agree to help me. a) if b) unless c) Either could be used here.___ he gets caught. . I'll leave without you. a) If b) Unless 16 . I'll call the police. a) If b) Unless 15 . we're going to be in real trouble. your car will be confiscated. a) If b) Unless 18 .____ he gets caught.

a 10.____ we get the cheque today. we must bank it. a) if b) unless 24 .a 21.I hate getting wet.a 4. a) If b) Unless 21 .a) If b) Unless 20 . a) if b) unless Solutions: 1.b 15.b 18.I don't want to go out ____ it's raining.b 16. a) if b) unless 22 .b 11.a 9.b 13.a 5.b 19.b 14.a 3.She'll never agree to that ____ you accept her suggestions.b 17.b 22.a 12.a .a 6.b 24.a 23.____ they're late again.b 7.b 8. a) If b) Unless 23 .We'll be in trouble ____ it goes wrong. I'll be furious.b 20.b 2.