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strategic goal #2

revitalize the downtown

o reexamine current codes and regulations; adopt codes that allow development with a
return on investment
o support private downtown development
o encourage appropriate parking utilization
o form and encourage more public-private sector partnerships
o encourage day, evening, and night activity
o change one-ways to two-ways
o focus on recruiting retail identified as a leaked industry
o fill missing teeth

what does we can revitalize downtown look like?

o you own property in downtown and had minimal issues developing it
o when you want to open your business, you pick downtown because it has such a great climate with
such amazing drive by and pedestrian traffic. plus, it took you forever to find an empty space
o your customers, not your employees, park in front of your store
o on a friday night, you look at your date and say, lets go downtown and see whats going on.
o you downsize and buy a condo downtown next to your favorite grocery store
o you move to cheyenne and rent an apartment downtown
o your downtown smiles: there are no missing teeth


tomorrow (2020)

people who live downtown

people will live


average reinvestment
per local dollar spent
$1.00 = $6.35

average reinvestment
per local dollar spent
$1.00 = $12.70

X4 rennovation projects
X12 rennovation projects

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