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First National Bank opens new branch in Mwanza
First National Bank Tanzania continues to expand its national
footprint with the opening of a branch at Rock City Mall in Mwanza
Speaking at the opening, First National Bank Head of Retail
Business, Francois Botha said the launch of FNB Mwanza branch is
specifically geared at meeting the fast growing demands of
banking and financial services in the region.
Inauguration of the Mwanza branch is a display of our continued
investment and strategy of driving access to financial services in
the country. It is also in the interest of the rapid growth of Mwanza
which plays an integral role in the economic growth of Tanzania.
Botha said Mwanza branch is the ninth amongst the FNB Tanzania
branch network as part of its strategic plan to expand a network
of branches to cover all key areas in the country.
At First National Bank, we are constantly thinking of ways in
which we can provide greater banking convenience to our clients.
Our Mwanza branch will provide comprehensive banking solutions
to customers living in Mwanza and neighbouring areas which has
some of the fastest growing business communities, Botha said.

Speaking at the event, the Mwanza Regional Commissioner, John

Mongella said the Mwanza region has enormous economic
potential and the recent growth in various economic sectors is an
indication that the town is growing exponentially.

We welcome the presence of FNB Tanzania and look forward to

assisting you to establish the FNB brand here and also beyond our
region, said the Regional Commissioner.
He said Mwanza has not only generated significant wealth and
enterprise, but also contributed immensely to the economic
growth of Tanzania.
This city has a rich history that resonates well with First National
Bank Tanzanias own values and devotion to the cause of growth
and prosperity. We hope you will play a key role in the
development of Mwanzas financial sector through your
innovative banking solutions and expertise.Mongella said.
Located at Rock City Mall, the Mwanza branch come with a
distinctive package of digital banking and services aimed at
delivering banking services tailored for the diverse needs of the
consumers and businesses communities in the areas.
FNB is a pan African bank which has been operating in subSaharan African countries since 1874. FNB currently operates in
South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique, Lesotho,
South Africa, Swaziland and Tanzania. And it has declared a vision
of becoming Africa's preferred financial services provider.
FNB Tanzania officially opened its doors in Tanzania on 27 July
2011, Mwanza being the 9th outlet in Dar es Salaam; others

include Mbezi Beach, Main branch, Sinza, Mbagala, Quality Centre

branch, Peninsula branch, Kariakoo branch and Kimweri branch.
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