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Louka Messier
Mr. Turley
Honors English 1
20 May 2016
Collective Society is Key
Collective Society is the way that people should live to make smart and beneficial
choices. Collectivism is the idea that people should prioritizes the good of society over the
welfare of the individual.When people run countries alone they often make decisions that will
unfairly advance themselves, instead of thinking of what would help society as a whole.
Collective society will keep the country fair, by making people more equal by limiting the
amount of power given to the government. This gives people representation in their government
which is why this is the essential way of living.

A collective society allows many perspectives, which keeps our government from
becoming individualistic.Two heads are better than one, which is why our country is run by a
democracy. There are many hard choices that the government makes every day and they make
these decisions as a collective group. When the president wants a new law to be created it has to
be voted upon, to ensure that it is a necessary law or they will vote against it. This is an example
of a Collective Society because the government and the people come up with solutions together.
Without this structure of government the society will collapse as seen in the Russian Revolution
when people revolted against their government. Being in a collective society does not only effect
the government but the working class too; working with other people keeps them happier
because they are not as lonely as when they work individually. Get happiness not just from
doing things with others, but from doing things both with and for others. (Helliwell).

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Individualism is a catastrophic way to lead our government because of the horrible

downfalls it has caused. When Napoleon was the leader of Animal Farm he was alone and held
all the power, that led to him making decisions that would benefit him and none of the working
class. Unlike a collective society there was no checks and balances to control Napoleon. The
animals were forced to work, and were killed or banished if they spoke out against Napoleons
rules. Another example of an individual society is North Korea, which is being lead by Kim
Jong Un who controls all aspects of society. He lies to his country so he can maintain this power
and makes them do what he wants. Which shows that individualism is good if you're in control
but is usually bad if you're just a working class citizen. However, in some aspects of individual
rule, Monarchies have been able to maintain power without letting it go to their head like in
England, Japan, and Cambodia.
Overall these points show that collective society is the smartest way to live and without it
our government would do whatever it wants Even though in some instances, mainly monarchies,
people remain content. A collective society is better at keeping people equal and happy. Ask
yourself, do you want to be forced to do things by a ruler that you don't want to do?

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