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Plan B II - The LMRP

Plan B II - The LMRP

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Published by: The State Newspaper on May 30, 2010
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Another ‘Plan B’ for the well

BP says if its “top kill’ procedure fails, it will install a cap-like device to capture oil from the leaking well and bring it to the surface. 1

Methanol lines 4

The next option
How the lower marine riser package (LMRP) cap would work 1. Surface ship lowers LMRP cap on the end of riser pipe to seabed 2. Damaged riser cut from BOP by robot submarines 3. Sealing grommet on LMRP cap fits on top of BOP to keep out seawater 4. Methanol injected into cap to prevent icy hydrates from clogging riser 5. Oil siphoned to surface ship Damaged riser connected well to rig before explosion Oil flow 2 Sealing grommet



Blowout preventer (BOP) Sits on top of well

Source: BP Graphic: Melina Yingling, Judy Treible

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