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Comparatives - As...

The structure "" is used to compare things that are
equal. For example:
- Jennifer is 163cm and Tony is 163cm. Jennifer is as tall as
- This house is 40 years old, that house is also 40 years old.
This house is as old as that house.
- Bach's music is as good as Mozart's.
- Spring is as warm as fall.

"" can also be used in negatives and questions. For

The Amazon isn't as long as the Nile.
The second movie wasn't as good as the first.
Is Japan as expensive as England?

"" can also be used to show an extreme amount.

- "Eat as much as you want." The amount you eat is "equal"
to the amount you want.
- Hurry! Run as fast as you can!
- Study as hard as possible.

Multiple quantities are expressed with "". For

- I'm 22. My friend is twice as old as me. She's 44 years
- My aunt is three times as old as me. She's 66.
- And my grandmother is four times as old as me. She's 88
years old.
- Jenny is also 22 years old. She's the same as me.