BRGUI 6.40 is a platform-independent graphical front end for BR*Tools. It is based on Java® technology so that you can run it on the database server or any other client such as your office PC. If you run it on a separate client, it remotely connects to BR*Tools running on your database server. It is available in both English and German.

Installation Requirements: BRGUI 6.40 requires JDK 1.4. BRGUI 6.40 runs on UNIX and Windows platforms. For more information see SAP Note 611493. Procedure: 1. Download the BRGUI zip file from 2. Unzip the BRGUI files to a directory of your choice. 3. Adapt the BRGUI configuration file to your environment, as described in the readme file. 4. Run brgui.bat (Windows) or brgui (UNIX). BRGUI starts and connects to the database server of your choice.

October 2006

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