Important Message from Doug's Mom

"Doug understands what it is for seniors to lose their pensions. I lost mine when his father died.'o

Albany's Pension Funding Problems $$$
"Doug has told me he is very upset that Albany has abused your pension. Albany has not funded your pension properly and now they are using your pension savings for loans to make up for their budget shortfalls. I know Doug would never allow that to happen." - Judy Biviano

"I blame Assemblywoman

Millman for your pension

Joan is a very nice lady but not strong enough to protect your pension and fight the comrption


Doug will Fight for Your Pension

that controls Albany."

f)oug's Mom Judy

My Son Doug Always Tells You the Truth
"In his campaign for City Council last year, Doug warned the voters that the
campaign promises his opponents were making for smaller class sizes, money to keep firehouse open and government programs funded was impossible because of the economic meltdown in our state and nation. Unfortunately, we have seen Doug's waming come true." - Judy Biviano

Doug Always Treats Seniors With Dignity and Respect
Website: www. biuforbrooklyn.com * Phone: 917-257-3652 * Email: Biuforbrooklyn@gntail.cont

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