By Doyle Maleche

Chapter 1


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In a small Illinois town, the snow is falling hard; visibility is only as far as the hood of the car. Tony is driving frantically to get his pregnant wife, Ruth to the hospital. Managing her contractions, Ruth tells Tony, “Hurry, I can’t hold on any longer!” As she pants, sweat is pouring from her brow, and her exhaled breath is fogging the windows “Honey! I am driving as fast as I can. The road is icing fast, and I can barely see out the window! Damn, heater!” as he bangs on the dashboard. Tony then wipes condensation from the windshield in front of him and turns the wipers to fast. Ruth cries out; “Oooooohhhh, please, please, hurry!” She grimaces and continues to pant in an attempt to subdue the sharp pains. Tony accelerates a little to show her that he is responding. Within a few minutes he has a disturbing premonition when he realizes he is about to cross the old bridge to town, but then it is too late to slow, and in the distance he sees headlights. “Oh God no! please no!”. Turning to avoid the oncoming vehicle, the car is put into a fast spin. Ruth starts to scream and pushes against the dash as her water breaks; “GOD NO! My baby! Nooooo”, she whispers and tightly closes her eyes, reaching between her legs to block the baby from coming. Tony reaches his arm across her chest to brace her against the seat while trying to regain control. The car violently spins on the icy bridge. It seemed like an eternity before the car hits the old concrete rail and comes to a stop. Nauseated, Ruth opens her door and crawls to the ledge and vomits. She slowly opens her eyes and sees the flowing river under the bridge. Suddenly, the cold black water calms her fears; she is mesmerized and feels a warm sensation in her chest and abdomen and smiles while looking at the river. Blood and embryonic fluid slowly drips over the side and falls into the river below. “Ohhhhh”, she sighs. There is a connection with the water that she can not yet describe. “Ruth! sweetie! Are you alright!” Tony yells as he exits the car towards her. Ruth cups a fist of snow from the rail and cools her face. “Yes, yes, help me to the car”, she replied. She falls to her knees, holding the rail - her cheek against the cool cement, she reads the engraved number in the concrete; “1942”. With her bloodstained hand she traces the engraved numbers with her finger. Tony picks her up and embraces her and kisses her cheek over and over; “thank God you’re ok” as tears well in his eyes. 3 of 33

As he is reaches to change the station. how are we doing?” the nurse asks while helping Ruth into the wheelchair. Still listening intensely. the snow subsides and Tony turns on the radio. “I’m ready now”. The moment is quiet with the exception of windshield wipers. closes her eyes and concentrates on the image of the slow moving river water – it again. maneuvers the car towards town. “Wait. “. but I do” and closes her eyes again. don’t. Ruth smiles as she opens her eyes again. contractions interrupt her thought. Ruth continues to listen intently while thinking of the river. “this melody affects me somehow and I don’t know… AAAooooowww!”. massaging her stomach. “We are about to have a baby!” Tony says. I like it. tick…’ and the sound of Ruth’s controlled. Ruth says calmly then. Ruth softly touches his hand. 4 of 33 . I can see the hospital sign ahead. tick…. Tony yells. “Ass hole!” he mumbles. she asks. wait!” Ruth exclaims. just a little bit. “Slow down. soothes her.. “no. “I think we need to hurry. tick…. -She starts to weep. “yo! Hey! Can you guys give me a hand!?” two nurses’ aids extinguish their cigarettes and rush toward the car. Ruth says in pain. He returns to the driver’s seat and with a tight grip on the steering wheel. Arriving near the emergency entrance.1 UNFORGETTABLE THE DRIVE Pointing. Ruth does not hear him. Ruth answers. “about damn time!”. “Sweetie! What’s wrong?” Tony asks.. “Ok. “I want to hear the end of this melody!” A moment passes and the song ends and with a long sigh Ruth responds. ‘tick…. “Good evening ma’am. “I don’t know . “nnnnnothing…”. Tony answered. the baby is fine”. please. ‘clunk!’…the heater fan starts. the baby is moving! Let’s go!” Tony helps her back into the car and notices the tail lights of the other vehicle pulling slowly away. Moonlight Sonata fills the car. “we are almost there. Tony parks the car and summons for help. “in the car.sweetie”.” Under the dash comes a squealing noise then. Tony. Tony replied. calm breathing. I’m fine. I don’t know why. “what music is that?”. ok Honey?” she exhales and closes her eyes once more. while holding her swollen belly. After a few minutes.

over half way there! You’re doing well.. perfectly fine. I will need to examine you further. Tony begins to stroke her hair and face. my name is Dana Ellis. Three hours pass and Doctor Holding examines Ruth once more. I think I am ready” she says with a smile.. ok?” “Thank you. “Yes. Tony stands by Ruth’s side and wipes her forehead while she controls contractions as they become shorter and shorter. 5 of 33 . is that ok?” the doctor inquires. “six centimeters. The assistants wheel her into the reception area where Tony and Ruth are met by the attending night physician. I am the resident intern who will be assisting you this evening” “Hello” Ruth responds. nor the 28 degree night air…she starts to glow with a calming warmth of what she can only describe as an emotion of love and calming peace about everything. “Let’s get you into some hospital gowns. Ruth reaches and kisses his hand. “Three minutes apart” Ruth answered. Doctor Holding examines Ruth. Tony shakes her hand. “Hello.” Dana replied. A young woman wearing a white smock approaches Ruth and Tony. “Doing great Ruth! You’re at ten centimeters. I am Doctor Holding. Taking the wheelchair. “Let’s get you prepped for delivery. then.” he says with a smile. “What field are you in?” “I am moving towards Surgeon. “Hello. No worries. Now let’s get you ready. Dana rolls Ruth down the maternity ward into a private room. how far along are your contractions” he asks.1 UNFORGETTABLE THE DRIVE Ruth no longer feels the uncomfortable pressure of the pregnancy.” Ruth replies calmly. so let’s deliver a baby!” he exclaims Tony dons a hospital gown over his clothes before entering the delivery room. so the doctor can examine your progress.


mark the time Nurse”. “The assistants will get you cleaned up and bring you to your room. I love you. Doctor Holding briefly glances at the monitor. quiet the monitor!”. Thank you for our beautiful girl. “I love you. The nurses quickly reach for oxygen and take the baby to the intensive care unit. I will check on her”. 7 of 33 . Be. hold on to your hats!”. excellent!. a nurse adjusts the fetal monitor on the baby and turns it on. Be. I love you. we need to deliver fast!”. Beep. Gripping the birthing chair rails. “What’s going on doctor?”. Ruth bears down and pushes for a final time. no cries fill the room.. “push. more alarms sound. I love you. the doctor says calmly while watching the nurse exit. Be. Beep. Ruth. then kisses Ruth’s forehead. Be. Be. “Ok. the nurse announces. Be. Tony cuts the umbilical cord as the doctor previously instructed. ‘Beep.it’s a…. “this is what you will use to cut the umbilical cord” As the doctor explains the procedure. “I’m sure everything is fine. “Nurse!. “Doctor. The alarms silence. ‘Beep.”.GIRL!. Beep. Be…” the nurse checks the connections and adjusts sensitivity and thresholds. “07:42 Doctor” replied the Nurse. Be. kisses Ruth on the lips. “yes. Congratulations again folks. doctor”. doing great!. the doctor replied. “Goooood... Tony asks. “Ok. one more time”.2 UNFORGETTABLE THE ARRIVAL “Tony!” the doctor beckons. Be…” The fetal oximeter displays a 32% SpO2. “We’re delivering a baby. here we go!” replied Holding As the nurse continues to adjust the fetal monitor she mumbles under her breath. time to push”. she answers. “something’s not right!” The heartbeat monitor starts to show intermittent ventricular fibrillations. Ruth complies.. gooooood. I will see you soon”. Beep. As the nurses aspirate the baby. The monitors indicate that the baby is in distress.. push!. Ruth. Be” Ruth starts to contract more deeply.

“Here is what we know”. Ruth begged. but when she gets older”. The Doctor continues “not for an infant.my baby! I need to see my baby!”. Sweetie. however… “A pacemaker for an infant?” Tony interrupts.. no….” He approaches Ruth’s bedside and takes her hand and asks. 8 of 33 . “however…. The hospital chaplain enters the room.2 UNFORGETTABLE THE ARRIVAL For two days Ruth and Tony wait for news about their little girl.” The doctor pauses and looks at the chart. he looked into her terrified eyes. explains Doctor Holding. answers the doctor. “LET ME SEE MY BABY.at this point. “Shhhhhhhhh. consecrated to God…a beautiful name for a child” he replied. Struggling to remove the blankets holding her legs. I WANT TO HOLD HER…. “She will need a pacemaker when she is strong enough for surgery. “What is the name given to your child?” Nodding and looking into Tony’s tearing eyes. Tony grabbed Ruth from behind and spun her around to lock her in his arms. “Isabella” “Ahh…. thin aorta walls and erratic heartbeat. “The baby has a very weak heart. Isabella.. She is fighting to breath and we…”. she answers. and ask that you follow me to …. “I am here to administer last rights. and introduces himself. “Where are you going?. The doctor lowered his eyes.PLEEEEAAASE”. “Get out of my way!”. please…let me hold my baaaabbbyy”. Doctor Holding stops by and gives them the news. Tony leans into Ruth’s bed and embraces her.Doctor. patted her hand. and turned to leave. we are not certain that the baby will make it. Holding her face with both hands. Please god. Ruth ripped the IV hose and monitor leads from her arm and chest. “I am Father Braun. she screamed.yes. let’s go together” he said calmly.” “OH GOD NOOOOO. hospital clergy.

Ruth pushes her body through the doctors and nurses to get a glimpse of her crying baby. “Hey. Cold to the touch and grey in color. “"Through this holy anointing and his most loving mercy. fight it!” The beeping sound intensifies as Isabella’s heart struggles to beat normally. Tony and Ruth take turns kissing Isabella on her cold cheek and hand. The only sounds are from monitors beeping.good girl!. donned his vestments and prepared for the child’s last rights. Reaching into the enclosure he anoints the child’s head. an almost lifeless body of a baby.. he may save you and in his goodness raise you up. Ruth struggled to stay upright as Tony braced her. Hovering over Isabella’s face. so that. my sweet little angel Isabella” 9 of 33 . Doctors rush to Isabella’s side and notice her body changing to a pinkish color.2 UNFORGETTABLE THE ARRIVAL Time seemed to slow during the long walk to the intensive care unit. ma’am . through this opening” Ruth reached in and with her finger and thumb. ‘Beep. Isabella. "Per istam sanctam unctionem et suam piissimam misericordiam adiuvet te Dominus gratia Spiritus Sancti. “Increase the oxygen!. then a gurgling sound followed by the high pitched. fight it. Beep. she kisses the cold enclosure while tears fall on its surface. the monitors pick up a faster pulse. stops crying for a moment and stares in recognition of her mother voice. the sound is deafening. and the low weeping from everyone.. then turn to walk away…. “Amen” is echoed in the room by all. Ruth whispers “Isabella. wonderful screech of a baby crying as she breathes deeper with every scream.. Beep…’. Entering the ICU they could barely see her tiny body through all the support tubes extruding from the incubator enclosure. Tony and Ruth embraced while the Priest moved toward the case. “Can I touch her?. gently grasped the small hand of the pale being in the plastic case. Ruth began to weep silently while staring at her child. “yes. Isabella. look!” The nurse cries out. ut a peccatis liberatum te salvet atque propitius allevet.…Amen". air supply systems. may the Lord assist you by the grace of the Holy Spirit. look! The baby’s heartbeat is stronger.. please?…” Ruth asked the nurse. Beep. her baby. Ruth tried to hold back cries of agony.


but shocked to see her limp body. She still requires a heart transplant to improve her health. Isabella screamed and tried desperately to stay perfectly still. and ingrained with strict rules. but beat a little faster during these times -this was her only happiness. She becomes weaker as the months pass. Boys were a different story all together – no guy looked at her for any period of time at all. Isabella was teased at school for her fair complexion and cold and clammy skin as a result of her heart condition. She eagerly awaited the opportunity to sneak away from home and lay on the hay stacks on the near by farm. faster than she ever tolerated. No hard playing. Her everyday life is regimented. and faster. Her heart seemed like a marble stone in her chest. Her heart starting pounding harder. no running. To make matters worse. and tests continue to show a slow decline. Hearing the scream. lonely. Her paleness and cold skin made her seem from another world. Atop the stacks where she lay. and no excitement. Few girls ever wanted to hang around someone that looked at death’s door. a young farmer. Isabella quickly felt faint and noticed a dark tunnel forming in her sight. Isabella is a beautiful young woman with long silky white hair and light blue eyes. she could never stay warm. Isabella relished the summer season. and cold sweat beaded her face. and although she wore sweaters and thin gloves. When he arrived he was stunned by her pale beauty. it could not detect her body heat to strike. as doctors strongly advised. Ruth and Tony restricts her activities in fear of straining her fragile heart. The snake slithered over her cool limp body and crawled under the big stack. He ran across the field toward the hay stack. One fateful day when Isabella climbed on one of her favorite warm haystack she disturbed a copper-head snake also seeking the warmth. 11 of 33 . her hair shimmered in the rays and goose bumps traveled her arms as the sun slowly bathed her with warmth. A sharp pain struck her chest and nausea set quickly as she went limp and rolled down the stack. Coiled and poised to strike within two feet. Although the snake was startled. Jonathan. “I’ve been bitten!” she thought before she completely blacked out. saw Isabella fall.3 UNFORGETTABLE THE DELICATE FLOWER The years pass and at 19. Her ears began to ring. “Where did she come from!” he thought.

she continues to dream. The stranger placed his hands in his pockets. She saw her mother and father. but only for a short while. There was no reply. please!”. As the trauma team pushed to revive her again. Jonathan carefully picked her up in his arms and quickly carried her to the nearby tractor in the field. “She opened her eyes for few seconds. and reflected on the happy times. turned and walked away from Isabella. This is her place – her happiness. A faint pulse responded to his touch but having felt her cold skin. Jonathan’s face. Isabella started dreaming. As she looked up again. driving with one hand and holding Isabella’s head with the other as he drove towards town. As she opened her eyes. “I need a gurney out here stat!” she yelled. 12 of 33 . she can see her white body under the bright surgical lamps. she saw the fear on this stranger’s face. Jonathan reached the hospital where he was met by the chief surgeon. honest!” Jonathan replied. Climbing in the seat. The warmth of his body was like the hay stack. Adrenaline and shock paddles were used to revive her. She sees the stranger standing outside the room looking up at her with an outreached hand.3 UNFORGETTABLE THE DELICATE FLOWER He knelt beside her and put his hand on her neck. her blue eyes barely open. “Why do you see me and no one else?” she asked. The jarring of the tractor over the plowed field palpitated her back and heart. followed by a long tone. “Damn it. he feared the worse. Dr. Ellis. he placed her in his lap. her white sun began to shrink. Dr. She then remembers another kind of warmth and a stranger’s face. who immediately. Never had she felt this. “hey!. she thought. extending her arms to touch the bright glow. Ellis barks. “I heard a scream and found her this way by the hay stack. recognized Isabella. what is your name? Don’t go!” she yelled. her body and arms lifelessly bouncing as he jumped over mounds of dirt. and breathing tubes protruding from her mouth. Ellis checked for a pulse on Isabella’s neck. Looking down. She sees a bright light and feels warm and secure. She reached up to touch his face but soon collapsed again. “CLEAR!” WHAP! Came the sound of defibrillation paddles. especially with another person. She floats towards the new sun in her dreams. “tell me what happened!”. the warm sun and how it felt on her skin. “wait for me. Her hair reflecting a halo around her head. Despite the failing and smoking tractor. smaller and smaller. CLEAR!” – WHAP!! As Isabella’s vital signs fade. but a distant and fixed stare. and then went limp! Is she going to be ok? Who is she?” Isabella was rolled into the trauma room for examination.

Chief Cardiologist” “Thank you Doctor Ellis…Folks…I have carefully assessed Isabella’s condition and this can be difficult to accept for such a young person. As Doctor Ellis points to chairs in the room. Your daughter is in room 197 bed number 9. “CLEAR. “Ruth. surgery is a great risk. I’ve been following Isabella’s history through the hospital staff meetings. she continues. However. Ruth had flashbacks of the same long walk the day Isabella was born. “Ma’am. “Isabella!. please. her heart dropped when she saw her daughter’s blue lips and heard the monitor echo her child’s heartbeat. She cannot sustain additional stress. the best we can do is to install the pacemaker to control and steady her heart rate. How is my daughter? Who brought her in?” Ruth replied. She suffered a mild myocardial infarction or small heart-attack. but Tony acknowledges. Here is your daughter’s room” As Ruth approached Isabella’s bed. “Please sit and I will have the cardiologist explain her condition.” WHAP!! Then…a heartbeat. “yes. she would not be with us.. Grabbing the rail of the near by bed. Isabella!” Ruth called. “GOT HER BACK!”… Isabella’s parents arrived at the hospital eager to see their daughter. she no longer felt the warmth…. soon. remembers. Doctor. Let me take you there. If it wasn’t for the young man who brought her in. let me help you I’m the head nurse on duty. do you remember me? I’m Doctor Ellis. this is Doctor Benjamin Doyle. He.” “Yes. Tony catches himself before his weak knees give. but it is obvious that she needs the surgery. It should sustain her until a compatible heart donor is found. We tried to keep her safe. Do you understand?” Ruth holds her hands to her mouth and tries to answer. Given the condition of her health and weak aorta wall.3 UNFORGETTABLE THE DELICATE FLOWER Soon. I do remember you. Ruth asked. weak but steady. too. “Doctor Ellis will be here soon to answer your questions. Isabella requires a pacemaker. Doctor Ellis interrupts Ruth’s thoughts. “Is she ok? What happened?”. 13 of 33 . What do we have to do?” “We can operate in two days” the doctor replied. we understand.

Hey you’re alive. and the doctor examining her pupils. Country.” Resting from surgery. and the music my parents listen to .Sorry.like this one” Jonathan reaches over her bed. “Good.” He replied. what’s your name?” she asks.. I don’t see any signs of paralysis. “how do you feel?” the doctor asks. I.. I thought you asked what is that?. She looks at his hand and slowly squeezes it. a little Rock.I mean you’re awake. Isabella wakes to find the stranger sitting in the corner chair with earPods and listening to music. I mean Jonathan. Jonathan” she said in a weak voice. tucks her hair behind her ear.oh..oh yeah.. “Tammy Downs? Never heard of you!. can you feel my hand?” the doctor asks. “Uuhhmm.…how about your fingers. that’s good right?” the stranger replied “I’ve seen you before.3 UNFORGETTABLE THE DELICATE FLOWER The next morning Isabella wakes to find her parents standing over her bed. “Whoa!. “What kind of music do you listen to.. “Hey!” she said in a weak voice. no. it is safe to continue.. By then the stranger removed the earPods. “Good.. “tell me if it is too loud ok? By the way what is your name?” he said in loud voice. “Oh…all kinds. my name is Jonathan. “Itunes? What kind of name is that?” she replied. and carefully places the earPods in Isabella’s ear. “Heyyy!” waving her wrist. The stranger did not hear her. “do you know what day it is? Do you know where you are?” Isabella struggles but responds in a weak voice. “yyyes…the hospital” “Can you wiggle your toes?” Her toes move. so she painfully clears her throat... Blues. “Turn it down!” she replied with her sore throat.no. “iTunes…” he replied walking to her bedside. wait” 14 of 33 .

yeah. “Uh.. do you have more?” she asked. then laughing to hide his embarrassment. I can get more…what do you like?. “What?. “no. she placed her hand other over her heart and clutched the gown tight against her chest. Thinking she is in pain. a piano playing softly. then coughs. Piano Sonata #14 in C# Minor – Quasi una fantasia “This is so beautiful. please.I can get all you want!” he replied. she looks at him and starts to tear up. Letters started to scroll horizontally. As the music finishes Isabella sniffles. “Nothing…” she giggles.” he replied.. look on the screen” he answered wiping his eyes on his sleeve. It reminded her of a dog she once had .. please let me hear it all”. Isabella looked at the little screen on the player and waited for her tears to drop and clear her vision. Overwhelmed with happiness. my name is Isabella…let’s try it again” Being so close. “what is the name of this song?” “I don’t know. Finally. Slowly she hears the melody. overwhelming her senses... but is stopped by Isabella’s hand. He was moved by her beauty and passion. squeezing Jonathan’s hand in the process. Jonathan looked into her blue watery eyes and starts to well up. it’s so beautiful. 15 of 33 .she laughs.3 UNFORGETTABLE THE DELICATE FLOWER Jonathan stops the music…”Isabella. It starts to affect her. Jonathan lowers the volume and starts the music. She continues to touch his warm hand. Jonathan reaches to shut off the player. but it upset him to see her cry. the music softens. she notices that Jonathan has green eyes but the left iris has a small light blue ring. then crescendo into a beautiful arpeggio. filled her cadenced heart with warmth she had never experienced. Listening to the music and feeling his touch.

. Hey. “Hey there Isabella. Isabella do you have any questions?” “No ma’am” she replied “How about you Tony?” Tony looks at Isabella and says in a caring tone. I am Isabella’s father. yes sir. it looked in bad shape that day…” the doctor exclaimed. The doctors say that you brought Isabella here in time to save her life. “Additionally.Good day. Isabella will need to take antibiotics. Isabella nods her head. “OK.3 UNFORGETTABLE THE DELICATE FLOWER “I like this. The doctor interrupts. 16 of 33 . “I know this young man. “Let me brief you on Isabella’s new pacemaker. Who is the band that plays this? I never heard it before!” “I think it was some old dude who died a couple of years ago. pacemakers correct an abnormally slow heartbeat by sending electrical impulses to one or more chambers of the heart. It cannot compensate for strenuous activity or react to emotion. Tony” The doctor exits. Tony approaches Isabella and Jonathan. uh…Jon. Consider it a drumbeat or clock to regulate your heart…So. I can sure use all the help I can get…thank you…but you don’t owe me anything…” shaking Tony’s hand. It was nice to see you again.. Tony. “TOAST .I had it towed back to the farm and it needs to get fixed before next harvest” Tony extends his hand. She nods..” “Oh.. Jonathan!. My wife and I owe you a lot. Isabella’s pacemaker regulates both chambers at a steady pace. Jonathan. I also happen to be a mechanic. how about that tractor of yours. Are we all clear on Isabella’s limitations and concerns?…Jonathan?”. My parents listen to this a lot” Jonathan replied. “Hello. Won’t we Isabella?”. I will prescribe them for you. “We will have to be a little more careful. He was the one who brought you in. Isabella’s father enters the room with Doctor Ellis. how are you doing today?” she asks. “It’s a wonderful day! Meet my new friend. Please let me look at it for you.Jonathan” Isabella replied while wiping her tears. Generally. “Yes sir” Jonathan replied.

Exhausted when they reach to top. Looking into her eyes.please.I’m always so cold!” she sobs.. be careful!” Isabella sensing rejection starts to cry. “hey. and talk of college next year. You know. Jonathan checks the stacks for snakes and critters so she can climb the giant castle of hay he built for her. listen to music. On the last day of summer. they collapse on the peak.I promise” Jonathan replied Jonathan strokes her face.this is Jonathan…you are not cold. As the months turn into a year.Please. Jonathan quickly pulls his hand away.my heart I mean.please…Isabella. Jonathan slowly reaches for her blouse and unbuttons the first two…he pauses.” She asks. She no longer must sneak out of the house to go on the farm. but it is a secret so listen carefully…” 17 of 33 .... and following Isabella’s recovery. We must wait until the time is right and things get better with you…. Jonathan and Isabella are very aware of their feelings and emotion they have for one another. The warm sensation of his hands. “I can’t feel anything inside. Isabella takes Jonathan’s hand and places it above her left breast… “I am so happy…do you feel it?. to face him. Jonathan gently places his head on her bare chest and sings. they stay together. she and Jonathan quickly became close friends. “Promise you will always be with me. your condition…your heart…I respect you so much. He always tries to build it taller. too!” she says wiping her eyes... Jonathan…. gravitating to each other with every phone call or message. reassures her trust in him. let me help you!” Isabella turns on her side. “do you think I’m pretty or even cute?…I will accept nice.. covers her face and turns away from him. but on occasion they slip and it goes a bit further each time... “Isabella’s heart!. ok? Isabella’s heart. close enough to reach the sun .I must to tell you something.…. I’m sorry…I don’t ever want to hurt you or cause you pain…please understand that. Isabella finishes the rest.the way she would like.3 UNFORGETTABLE THE FRIENDSHIP The installation of the pacemaker was a success. but quickly covers the surgical scars and closes her eyes. but my brain says one thing and my heart…well my heart is what it is…a piece of cold marble…. Jonathan and Isabella climb a ladder leaning on the highest hay stack he built for her. I know that this cannot be. “Isabella?. There in the quiet hay top they would share thoughts.” “I.

her face becomes flush and chest warms for the first time.I will see you tomorrow…OK?” “You all right Isabella?” Jonathan asks. I WANT WHATEVER YOU WANT!. passion.I LOVE YOU” Isabella feels a rush of adrenaline. As the evening passes. Even though her heart is governed by a constant electronic pulse. that she has no control. fingers.. “I WANT YOU TO GET WELL!. 18 of 33 . “Thank you for showing me Love…I truly appreciate you…you are my night in shining armor. Isabella and Jonathan stay on the stack and together.”.. placing both hands on his head.3 UNFORGETTABLE THE FRIENDSHIP Jonathan lowers his voice to whisper. LOOK. but Isabella can still hear him as he speaks softly. they watch the summer sun set and the moon rise. softly repeating the words to her heart. This warm sensation floods through her body. “I have to go” she said kissing Jonathan on the lips. then resting her cheek where she kissed. she knows it is affected. “THAT was so cool!” she yells. As night continues to fall.tell me please!” “I can’t tell you. “DID YOU MAKE A WISH?. She sobs uncontrollably because she knows her time on this earth is also governed by forces. She holds Jonathan tighter and sobs loudly. kissing the top of his head.DID YOU?. I WANT YOU TO LIVE!” and smiles at her. LOOK” yells Isabella. and living. The night is extremely crisp and clear. For the first time Isabella experiences the true meaning of love. “OH MY GOD.. Isabella’s heart….I LOVE YOU” Isabella responds and wraps her arms around his shoulders.. She cannot stop crying. Jonathan kisses her scars and chest. he answered. my king with a castle…my soul mate….. “hey. “QUICK make a wish!” She shuts her eyes tightly and mumbles. her arms. In his mind Jonathan screams. legs and toes. Life without Jonathan is difficult to imagine. “I LOVE YOU……. A shooting star passes directly overhead. the temperature drops to a point where Isabella can no longer tolerate the chill.. She giggles with excitement and claps her hands.you know that…and don’t ask me again. or it won’t come true!.

Their finger tips end with a final touch.I’ll ask her…. yes.. I’m stuck on the farm…but hey!.yes…yes…yes…. Isabella turns and stumbles on the last step. Jonathan is a little concerned.. it’s the only thing I know…yep..tomorrow!” 19 of 33 .. they stop at the bottom of the porch steps.3 UNFORGETTABLE THE FRIENDSHIP “Oh. but I feel wonderful!” and kisses him once more. plans.It pays the bills and it’s a steady job.. He looks at the great stars above and debates with himself. “Should I ask her THE question?. be careful!.I’m a little tired.. Jonathan and Isabella slowly let their fingers release as she walks up each step.I’ll come pick you up tomorrow” Jonathan slowly turns away and walks down the dirt driveway.that’s a little better” she said.…Besides.maybe we’re too young…she has goals. “OH. He notices she is shaking and begins to cough. They climb down the stack and Jonathan takes her hand and walks toward her home... As they reach her home..I so want to be with her…forever. “I’m OK…silly me” and coughs once more.. but…. He gives her his coat. “Thank you….

UNFORGETTABLE Chapter 4 THE WISH 20 of 33 .

“ISABELLA. honey.. Ruth stands at the bottom of the hall stairs and calls out. do we have any coff…. “This is HER time…when she is well. unlike every morning. “NO. good morning sweetie. she is not seated at the breakfast table with her mother. leaning on the door of the open refrigerator replies “Nope.4 UNFORGETTABLE THE WISH Two months pass. GOD NO. It is 8am and the night snowfall stopped and the sun is out. but it only opens a few inches and he feels something blocking the swing. “ISABELLA?. hey… baby…can you hear me?” he pleads.. Ruth hears water running or the hairdryer around this time of morning.. She came in late last night” her mother mumbles. Tony shuffles his feet to the kitchen and yawns.ISABELLA!”. Tony turns the door knob to Isabella’s room and leans into the door. He squeezes through the small opening.angel are you OK?.. wake up…” no answer. it will be OUR time…Isabella comes first…no distractions!” he exclaims to himself. “ISABELLA!” No reply. call the hospital!” Ruth screams as she runs down the stairs. “Yahhhammm. vigilant about saving money to help Isabella pay for school and their future together. “ISABELLA. PLEASE. He has resigned himself to encouraging her to move forward in her education and concentrates his efforts in supporting Isabella’s goals by working longer hours at a remote ranch repairing fencing. “Angel!. ”did you see Isabella up and about?” Tony. Everything looks clean and crisp..” His sentence is cut short by Ruth’s question. But this morning.I beg you…” Tony pushes against the door until Isabella’s body moves with it. 21 of 33 . He keeps busy with the farm and extra jobs. “RUTH! Get the car ready. The fields are covered in a soft and plush blanket of new snow. Tony drops to the floor and reaches behind the door. but today is different…silence. This is Isabella’s favorite time of the morning because she loves seeing the warm orange glow that fill the room from the sun through the kitchen curtains.. He feels her body and moves his hand toward her head. it’s pretty quiet up there and…CHRIST NO!” Tony and Ruth race up the stairs “ISABELLA!. get up!” Typically.ISABELLA?”. “I guess I’ll let her sleep some more. and Jonathan is reluctant to make good on his proposal to Isabella.

Help me get her to the car honey.a little stronger. Ruth pulls on Isabella’s wrists.the car is ready. but this time. we need to put her in the car..RUUUUTH!”. I’ll get her feet” Tony maneuvers around Isabella legs and grasps her ankles.. pushing even more.. pinches her nose. Tony rises on his knees and expands his chest looking to the ceiling and inhales filling his lungs until it hurt. NOW…OK …are you with me?” “Yyyess” Ruth answers. Hoping his breath would give her life. blue eyes staring through him. “RUTH! LOOK AT ME.. almost mechanical. please” he begs. her lips are slightly grey. “Listen sweetie. This time her chest slowly falls and a weak moan is heard deep in her throat as the air passes her vocal cords. Her chest again rises but he holds her nose and mouth shut to prevent air from leaving.RUUTH!” he calls out. come back to me please!. “Grab her arms. He tries again and exhales every last breath.4 UNFORGETTABLE THE WISH He touches her cheek and neck – it is cool and clammy.. Again he listens to her heart and there is still a sound. “I don’t know. now PULL!” 22 of 33 . please help her”. then falls as the air leaves her body. baby. how is she?” Ruth pants. Tony tilts her head back and frantically blows in her mouth. “BABY! WAKE UP…PLEASE” he screams. “OH…OH…yes. but air escapes through her nose on his cheek. “OK. He takes a deep breath and blows into her mouth again. but different . He begs. but she is not getting enough oxygen to her brain.can you hear me?” Tony sobs as he watches her chest stop falling. Look in my eyes!” Ruth complies. “RUUUTHHH!. “OH GOD. Seconds past before he releases her nose and removes his hand from her face. Her chest rises. “BABY…hey!...OK?” She sees Isabella’s lifeless body “OOOOOHHH NOOOO she’s dead…our baby is gone!”. Tony turns her on her back and sees his daughter’s eyelids barely open. He puts his ear to her chest and hears a faint swishing sound. He knows that the pacemaker is still working. “JESUS.. She is not responding.. “Th.

She stared at it for awhile and watched the condensation drips and distorts the shape. Moments pass. Jonathan + Isabella 4 Ever. She stumbles at first but regains her balance with the help from her father. Gasping for air. It is a soothing moment. Ruth and Tony join her on the floor and cradle Isabella in their lap. Isabella rested her head on the foggy window and began to draw a heart with her finger.” her father said in a stern voice. “Isabella. she feels a tug.look at me!” Tony cries. “I’m hungry…what’s for breakfast?” her parents laugh while helping Isabella on her feet. Caressing her face. We need to take you to the hospital. Isabella’s head rolls back. she exhaled and fogged the window again.. try again…but we need to hurry. It made her feel better. juice…I want juice…please. They carefully helped Isabella down the stairs and into car and headed toward town.. “It’s OK. TONY…I think she moved her arm away from me!” Tony looks down at Isabella and sees her head slowly move side to side. “AAAAYYYY” Ruth screams. then gasps faster and coughs violently and starts to cry. This time she drew a bigger heart and wrote. “How do you feel?” Tony asks... gently rocking and sobbing together. can you hear me baby?. coughing. “OH MY GOD. Ruth softly sings a lullaby in her daughter’s ear. “This is my heart. They stay on the floor until Isabella starts talking. Ruth suddenly loses her grip and drops her daughter’s body hard on her back. “I don’t think you should eat right now.4 UNFORGETTABLE THE WISH Isabella’s body is lifted off the floor as her parents struggle to carry her. her arms shoot from her sides. the tears stop. With a long breath. “A little dizzy…and hungry” Isabella replied.” As Ruth regains her grip on Isabella’s wrists. The only sound is the grandfather clock down stairs ticking as the pendulum sways.” she said in her mind. it’s OK. fighting her pull. exhales. He drops her feet. Ruth helped Isabella get dressed while Tony cleared the drive way of snow. she takes a deep long breath. 23 of 33 .” she asked as she coughed. “Ok.

“Good morning folks. “Want some water Angel?” Isabella nods in response. Can we…” Isabella exhausted. “OH. A smile came to her face when she caught a glimpse of a big red toy rabbit in the snow. Tony slowed the car when they approached the old town bridge and tightened his grip on the steering wheel.” 24 of 33 . loses her balance and starts to fall. Tony turns into the hospital parking lot and shuts off the ignition. Ruth and Tony help Isabella walk to the hospital entrance. “Good morning!” the receptionist said in a musical tone.” she replied. Her lips are dry and flaky. He looks at her face. BANG! BANG! The car backfires and the engine stops. Doctor Holding arrives and approaches them. The receptionist recognizes them and pages Doctor Holding. Isabella?” her mother asked.4 UNFORGETTABLE THE WISH She continued to stare in the distance at passing cars and trees. I received an update from your phone call this morning. She can barely keep her eyes open and her head up. As they passed the center point of the bridge. “WHOA. There is something about the bridge she cannot explain but it draws her to it. “Good morning” Tony replied “Our daughter collapsed this morning and we are here to have her checked out. Let me see what we have. “Whoa. A warming sensation floods her chest and limbs and she gasped unexpectedly. He looks at Isabella in the rear view mirror “Ready?” “I think so. honey…let’s get you seated!” Tony said as he carries her to the waiting area. “Are you ok. I need to fix the timing!” Tony said with a laugh. The sign ahead reads “West Branch Memorial”. yes…just tired. Isabella saw the engraved number “1942” in the concrete and followed it with her eyes.” she sighed. Children were trying to turn it into a snowman. An orderly brings a wheelchair to Isabella and assists Tony with getting her seated.

Tony walks away smiling and proceeds to the hospital entrance. The day is long and Isabella is put through a lot of agonizing tests. Tony walks towards them “OK ladies. The snow is starting to fall again and the temperature is dropping. please excuse me” The doctor departs. “OK…I miss him” Isabella says with a low voice. Do you need anything?” “Find me a heart like the tin man. “He is at the Gielow ranch. can you tell me where the nearest auto parts store is located” “Sure thing! Take a right on Johnson Creek.4 UNFORGETTABLE THE WISH He sits in front of the wheelchair. Doctors and nurses are in and out of her room all day checking vitals and monitoring her status. I will see you folks later. then strokes her cheek. “I think we should keep her here tonight for observation. Six hours pass and Isabella’s condition slowly deteriorates. 25 of 33 . I want to run some tests. “Hey brother. OK?” her mother responded. in the field. She thinks of Jonathan every minute to soothe her pains. Ruth stands and approaches Tony “Don’t be gone long. Tony thanks the man and heads out. It will probably work better” Isabella replied. then left on Oasis. “Do you think we can call Jonathan soon?” she asks her mother. The receptionist will have more information for you. I will call and ask if they can relay a message to him. She is on heavy oxygen and very weak. head South until you cross Interstate Eighty. takes her wrist and checks her pulse. It will be on the next corner” the man explained. and as precautionary measure. I’m going to the car parts store for a new timing light and spark plugs so we can get home safely. He sees a man with a logo on his shirt ‘HONDA REPAIR SPECIALISTS” and approaches him. She gets colder by the hour and requests more blankets. He places his fingers under her chin and lifts her head and looks in her eyes. The doctor is supposed to give us his diagnoses soon” she kisses him on the lips and pats his cheek. I’ll be back soon.

The room soon fills with the sound of mechanical and electronic rhythms. Tony arrives from the parking lot after fixing the car and approaches Ruth. and her condition is not good. Without a transplant soon. What do you think?” Tony asks.with a ventilator to help her breath. Our test results show that your heart is struggling to pump blood through your body. We have a team checking the registry for a donor. and he said he will drive out and inform Jonathan. It may be awhile” “The roads are getting covered” Tony adds Before Doctor Holding leaves. I suggest you consider special arrangements in the event Isabella does not make it through the night.” Tony and Ruth embrace and look at Isabella’s weak face. More sensors are placed on her body and attached to monitors. this may be difficult to accept. Tony. she will continue to struggle. It scares me to think that our…. We will do everything to make you as comfortable as possible. he makes a subtle comment “Tony. Isabella is no longer responsive.. OK?” The doctor rubs her hands and lifts her eyelids to examine her pupils. In a raspy voice Isabella asks “Have you heard from Jonathan?” Ruth replies “I let Mr. but it’s a long shot and I want you to know that. She cannot keep this up very long”.Ooohh nooo” Ruth sobs. Ruth holds one hand to her cheek to warm it. Ruth. but she is fighting hard. Tony clearly remembers the events the night Isabella was born. I want the priest to visit her again. bows his head and softly prays. Gielow know two hours ago.4 UNFORGETTABLE THE WISH Doctor Holding enters the room and sits on the edge of her bed and takes her hand. You are so kind” Isabella responds. Tony clasps the other with both his hands. “Ruth. 26 of 33 . Tony and Ruth sit on opposites sides of Isabella’s bed. “Isabella. sweetie” Doctor Holding joins them “We are doing the best we can. “Hey. each holding her cold hands. Ruth sobs. “OOOOHHH. Two hours pass. Ruth listen! We need to be strong for her. “Thank you doctor. and Isabella is intubated.

staring at the empty space where their daughter lay only moments ago. Doctor Holding and Ellis rush into the room. Doctor Ellis is out of breath “We…. Tony and Ruth sit alone. hold on…we’re almost there” he says quietly. “Hold on Isabella. Nurses and residents arrive and unlock her bed for transport while Doctor Holding and a nurse manage her sensors.We…hhhaave a donor and a match!” She explains “Nurses will be here soon to take her to surgery. Isabella is whisked from the room. Doctor Holding reviews Isabella’s EKG strip and again checks her pupils. The wait begins… 27 of 33 . LVEF shows less than 18%. It falls quiet again.” She leaves at a quick pace. I am going to go scrub now and prepare.4 UNFORGETTABLE THE WISH Moments pass and the sound of running shoes echoes in the passageway.


she slowly opens her eyes and squints. Ruth. Isabella softly sobs while everyone touches her. “How are we feeling this morning?” Holding replies looking at her EKG. limbs and toes flooded with the sensation she once shared in his arms – she felt his love coursing through her heart. “So wonderful! I can’t believe it! Oh my!” she exclaims. Isabella takes a deep breath and struggles to touch her chest. 29 of 33 . Doctor Ellis sits by her side and brushes her hair back “I have something to tell you sweetie. Isabella reminisces about her time with Jonathan. We wanted you to have…. “He loved you so. Visions of the hay stack and their intimate conversations flood her memory. She touches her face with both hands to feel the warmth.” Isabella pushes against her chest with both her hands and arches her back. and I want you to listen closely…your heart is…” Jonathan’s parents enter the room and go to Isabella’s side. The audible beeps of the heart monitor slowly increase and sound much stronger. She smiles and opens her eyes wider. She can hear her heartbeat in her ears.5 UNFORGETTABLE THE PROMISE The twelve hour surgery was successful. Jonathan’s mother is weeping and leans over to kiss Isabella’s forehead while placing her hand on Isabella’s chest. and Isabella is back in her room.Jonathannn!!” Her hands shake as she crosses them over her new heart. Again her body surged with warmth she only experienced with his touch. Jonathan did not make it out and drowned in his…” Doctor Ellis was interrupted by Jonathan’s mother. Her face and arms.the new heart. She places a hand on her scares and feels something different…a strong presence in her body . blood pumps faster. so much. “Where’s Jonathan? Is he still on the ranch?” Isabella asks. Her parents share tears of joy while stroking her legs. Raising her hands in front of her face she no longer sees the pale grey tone in her skin only soft and pink. Doctor Ellis and Doctor Holding enter the room. and warm passionate kisses. His face. coursing through her body. After two days. bursting in agony she cries out “OOOOOOHHHHHH. Ann. Ruth and Ann embrace Isabella to console her. Tony. As the reality sets in. She then realized that he kept his promise…he will always be with her. touch. The sun shining in her room is almost blinding. NOOOOO…. The other car turned over and was stopped by the railing. Jonathan’s mother kneels at the bed side while Doctor Ellis explains “Jonathan’s car went over the old town bridge when he tried to avoid an oncoming car in his lane.

UNFORGETTABLE Chapter 6 THE ANGEL 30 of 33 .

Her walk continued until she came upon a sound in the distance. “OH MY GOD! It’s HIM! THE FREAK!” she whispered into her hands. She left the sidewalk and traversed through the knee high snow toward the melody. Closer and closer. Jonathan” and smiles. she hears scales from a piano and moves toward the sound again. It was drawing her. She took small steps cautiously approaching the stranger playing the piano. It moved her and she relaxed her fists. Jonathan! Slow down” she exclaims. She still thinks of Jonathan often and on occasion. “What a freak!” she cautions herself. After five years of study. But each time she experiences Jonathan’s presence in her heart. While sitting in the cafeteria. slowly walking into to the music room. For months she continues the see this stranger staring at her. Thinking nothing of it -the event happens…”Whoa. It calmed her fears as she listened with her eyes closed. With her arms straight at her side. She gets up and writes “Jonathan” at the bottom of the image. even more quiet until she could feel the vibrations from the sounding board of the piano. then the echo faded. she made tights fists with both hands and turned back around. The music stopped and she froze. 31 of 33 . The snow looks beautiful and blankets the terrain. It was familiar! Pushing the heavy doors of the old building. she catches a glimpse of a stranger staring at her. Isabella feels compelled to take a walk in the snow on campus. Isabella turns to retrace her steps and leave when the melody started again. Following the path of the sidewalk she enjoys the sunlight and crisp air. Her heartbeat slows and she exhales quietly. she became a assistant instructor at the local college. randomly experiences his presence with surges of emotion warming her entire body. Music. In the following winter. she peeked around the door’s threshold and saw the phantom stranger sitting at the keys. She stops and falls on her back then rotates her arms and legs making the impression of an angel with wings. she let her ear guide her through the halls that echoed a calling. She paused and listened. Turning the corner. but he averts his eyes and disappears when she tries to get a longer look at him. but he quickly turns away. She quickly threw her back against the wall and gasped. As she turns to leave. She has to stop what she is doing and regain her composure after these events.6 UNFORGETTABLE THE ANGEL Isabella recovered well and graduated college. Touching her heart each time she whispers “I love you too. soothing – she closed her eyes and listened intently.

His voice becomes distant as he continues to talk. Looking up he is stunned to see her. “What is your name..6 UNFORGETTABLE THE ANGEL The melody ended and she spoke “You play well. I’m good. With both his hands. I sometimes get caught up in the music and tend to block out reality. He quickly placed his hands under his arm pits to soothe them. The girl he felt drawn to for over a year.” 32 of 33 . I am forever grateful for that. I know what you mean!” Isabella replied with a laugh. I’m the music teacher and I came here last year to…” As Gabriel answers her.” he explains. You startled me a little. My name is Gabriel. Are you alright?” she asked. they replaced them from a donor. Her eyes well with tears as she stares deeply into his. At the hospital. Isabella sees a scar on his right temple. “Yeah. The piano key cover slammed shut catching his fingers. but about five years ago I ended up in the wrong lane on an icy bridge. I collided with another car and lost both eyes by shattered glass. She now sees his eyes – green and one has a light blue ring on the iris. this melody kept picking at my brain every time I would see you and…” “Moonlight Sonata” she interrupted. and what do you do here on campus?” she continued The stranger replies “I’m sorry. Gabriel gingerly removes her hand from his face and grasps it tight “I…I can’t explain it but. her hand slowly slides and strokes his cheek. “Oh. It is my favorite. She reaches to caress the scar and interrupts his conversation “How…How did you get this scar?” she asks. “I know it. Seeing the solemn look on her face.” Isabella finally understands and experiences her emotional event. he explains “I don’t remember much. Still touching his temple.” “YAAHHH! “the stranger screamed. “OH MY GOD! I’m sorry…sorry. but afraid to approach.

6 UNFORGETTABLE THE ANGEL Still looking into Gabriel’s eyes. he quickly replies “I would LOVE to! You don’t know how long I’ve been trying to get to know you or ask your name. 33 of 33 . she manages the courage to ask him “Would you like to join me for some hot chocolate?” Standing and grabbing his coat. Isabella now understands that this is Jonathan’s wish and promise. Isabella replies “I know how long….” Holding out her hand.” He takes her hand and they leave together. To be loved.forever. He wanted her to always be happy.

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