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"The Truth Shall
Make You
I: i I r iFJRM MO EMtN
3031 FRANt\L11 tilvO. - PH. 457-4'):.8
SACRAMt.N I O. CALIF 95818 U. S.
Reli,ioa. Liberty PubU.hin, Alloeiation
42 Prospect Road, Summer HUi,
N.S.W:, Au.tralla.
, .:
, .
QUARTER, 1944..
oif ..
r ''''P. I

Lesson No. I-Sabbath, September 3li, 1944
. "hf"vpT.
QUESTIONS . 0' 7#oVt;/ln:
,,(./-t'E ". ...1•.0'<'£ -/ ",A/f.,,"'?
1. What is the Word of' God declared to be? John 17:17;
Heb. 4:12; Jer. 23:29.
What wonderful example is recorded for Oil\" benefit in
the Word of God? Acts
'1. For what is the Holy- ·Scripture given us.? 2
Tim. 3:15-17. w",r77lc 41M' a-r-t;ae/tf/'fNJE PEIi'FEC .
2. What counsel has been given us by our Saviour and
for what reason? John 5:39.
NOTE: "The Rjble is ouuule of tllJth and c 'i e.
There is nothing more calculate<f to energize the mind and
st.rcngthen the inte!lect than the study of the word of God.
No other book is so potent to elevate the thoughts or give
vigor to the faculties, as the broad. ennobling truths of
the Bible. If God's word were studied as it should be, men
would have a breadth of mind, a nobility of character, and
a stability of purpose that are rarely seen in these times."
-G.W., p. 249.
WQrd of G, is the stL\PClyrp gf
In g'lvmg us thiS word, Go has put us m possessIOn of
every truth essential to salvation. . . . In the Bible we
have the unerring counsel of God. Its teachings, practic-
ally carried out, 'will fit men for any osition O' duty':. It
is the voice ,of spea {lng ve ay 0 lie soul."-
G.W., pp. 250, 253.
5. What the Word of God for the faithful believer?
Ps. 119:105.
6. Why is the study of .God's Word necessary? Mlltt. 4:4;
John 6:63, 67, 68.£11'1\"#.4,t J.IFe (/PoN //.
7. What counsel is given us regarding Bible' M
and how was it given? 2 Peter 1:19.
8. What admonition is to t.Ju:. beli.c'ier.s of the last
, ? 2 P t 3'2 '/NbrV,I. or/",. . .
Gays. eer .. Ol"fM
9. How did our Saviour ovhcome the telt),Ptations of the
enemy? Matt. 4:6·10." )r /5 W,f/T7a'N, .
(-31' P-f
10. What does GAd desire His children to do at all times?
2 Tim. 4 :2. !(!'4I>Y 70 #:,!/J
11. What mighty influence did the words of Jesus have
upon His hearers? Luke 4:32-37.
NOTE: "The words of Christ were as sharp arrows,
which went to the mark and wounded the hearts of 'His
hearers. Every time He addressed the people, whether His
audience was large or small, His words took saving effect
upon the soul of someone. No message that fell from His
lips was lost. word He sJ20ke placed a
upon-tnose who hear([F=G. pp. t50, nrr: -
12. What wiII come upon those who }l..${tlec;t !4'd despise
the Word of God? Amos 8:H.13l..-nf4f,;YE.j
"To those who refuse the precious rays of
light which would i1Iuminate the darkness, the mysteries
of God's word remain such forever. From them the truth
is hidden. They walk blindly, and know not the ruin be-
fore them."-D.A., p. 588.
13. Upon '!!1Pm a blessing?
11:28. 7-//C#7"v.4r
Lesson No.2-Sabbath, October 7, 1944
What is the meaning of faith for the believer? Heb.
:1:i. l ... .
2. How oj{ly can we approach God? Heb. 11 :6. What IS
necessary on our l!..art Ch ist can save us? Acts
/1 /.v...e 6:31; Rom. 5:2.1ai O'/"IU '-Ct..
3. What is the foundation of true faith? Rom. 10:17.
If -+7 hea;/h; :; tcJtw..l,,//tNJI.; l'
r ;f /
over 4. What enables the child of
the world? 1 John 5:4, 5.
6. Where did Davi ./!ind lowe,r. to
119:11. '1h'f' ij".-. j/CI//""'7,IJea
NOTE: "The lleart must be renewed by divine grace.
or it will be III vam to seek for PUrity of life. He who
attempts to bUlld up a noble, VIrtuous character indepen-
dent of the grace of Christ. is building his house upon
the shifting sand. In the fierce storms of temptation it
will be overthrown. David's prayer should be the
petitIOn o. every soul: 'Create in me a clean heart, 0
God; and renew a right spirit within me.' "-P.P., p. 460.
7. Only what JlTayers \Yill;? answered by the Lord?
James 5:15. "7 ro-/I';{, •.
8. At one time what did a woman desire of Jesus? as I
her petition fulfilled? Why? Matt.
9. What miracle did. JgSllS perforllJ on the..,rnan wfio as-""')
sick with the pa sy? Luke _ hy was he
healed? Verse 20. N"- saw fA.,.7'
10. What bronght healing power to the woman who had
an issue of blood. Luke 8:43-48.
NOTE: "To the curious crowd pressing about Jesus
there was imparted no vital power. But the suffering
woman who touched Him in faith received healing. So in
spiritual things does the casual contact differ ftom the
touch of faith. To believe in ChrIst merely as the Saviour
of the world can never bring healing to the soul. The
faith that is unto salvation is not a mere assent to the
truth of the gospel. True faith is that which reeeiyes
Christ as a personal SavlOur."-M.H., p. 62.
.Lcrt.'Ve oO'f 6
-11. What should be our prayer in regard to faith? Luke
12. What will be the condition. llf )Vo;ld
shall return? Luke 18 :79ue ra,../K. '/
-13. What. life )}'iY. every true child of God live? Hab.
NOTE: "Where there is not only a belief in God's
word, but a submission of the wIll to HIm; where the
-heart ISXlelded to HIm, the affectIOns fixed upon Hiw.,
there IS faIth' faith that works by love, and purifies the
-soul. Through thIs faIth the heart IS renewed in the
'image of God."-S.C., p. 66.
Lesson No. 3--Sabbath, October 14, 1944
NS... ·__
1.. What did Joshua say about himself and his house at
the end of his life's journey? Joshua 24:15.
:2. What is pronounced against the families that do not
call on the name of the Lord? Jer. 10:25. /
:3. Have the heavenly hosits also time for worship. Rev.
·4. What example has David and Daniel leflt us in regard
to family worship? Ps. 5:3; 55 :17; Dan. 6:6-10.
;5. What counsel regarding family worship has been given
us through the Spirit of Prophecy?
ANSWER: "In ever famil there should be a fixed
-time for morning an evemng worgiliJ. How approprIate
'it is for parents to g-at'li'er"their cfiITdren about them be-
the ..mst is broken, to thank the heavenly Father
for His protection during the night, and to 'ask Him for
-His help and guidance and watch-care during the day!
'How fitting, also when the evening comes for parents and
children to gani:l!r once il10re before HIm, and thank Him
:101' the blessings of the day that is past.'·-Vol 7, p. 43.
06. Where should every true Christian often be found
communicating with God? Matt. 6:6.
. NOTE: "We should pray in faJllUY_l<i ,!tIe; and
above all we must not neglect secret "prlU'&.L for this is
the life of the soul. It is impossibl! th soul 0
flourish \¥hj!e is Family or public prayer
.aTone IS not su Clent. In solitude let the soul be laid
open to the inspecting eye of God. . . . Pray in your
closet; and as you go about your daily labor, let your
.heart be often uplifted to God."-S.C., p. 102.
7. In order that our prayers may be answered" how must
we appear before the Lord? Ps. 66 :18; John 9:31.
8. What prayer is well-pleasing to God? Provo 15 :8•.
9. What example, in regard to prayer, has Jesus left us.
Matt. 26:37-39; Luke 22:41; Matt. 14:23; Luke 6:12.
NOTE: "Both in public and in private worship, it is
our privilege to bow on our knees before the Lord when
we offer our petItIons to HIm. Jesus, our example,
'kneeled down, and prayed.' 'Of His disciples it is re-
ported that they, too, kneeled .down and prayed.' Paul
declared, 'I bow tneeG unto the Father of our Lord
.Jesus Christ.' In conessing before God the sins of Israel,
Ezra knelt. Daniel 'kneeled upon his k 'S three times a
day, and prayed, and gave thanks before His God.' "-G.W.,
'P. 178. '
10. What life should the child of God daily live? Eph.
6:18; 1 Thess. 5:17.
NOTE: "The life of C ristian is a life
stant ra er. e nows t at e . light and strength of
one day IS not sufficient for the trials and conflicts of the
next."-G.W., p. 257.
11. What alone wiII give us power to resist and defeat the
enemy? Mark 9:29.
12. What wonderful promises are given to those who live
a life of prayer? 2 Chron. 7:12-15; Luke 11:9-13.
1. How
Lesson No.4-Sabbath, October 21, 1944
willing is God to supply the needs of His child-
Isa. 65:24.
2. Und'er what condition has the Lord promised to answer
our prayers. 2 Chron. 7:14.
3. When will the Lord not answer our prayers? Ps.
66:18; Isa. 59:1-3; Provo 28:9.
NOTE: "If we regard iniquity in our hearts, if we
cling to known sin, the Lord will not hear us; but
the prayer r ""tRe pemtent, contrite soul is always ac-
cepted. When all known ril;,hteg", we may be-
lieve that God 'Wm answer our =::5.C., p. 99.
4. If an answer does not come at once, what should we-
do? Ps. 37:7.
5. How did Elijah pray before obtaining his request r
James. 5:17, 18.
6. Upon what condition does Christ say we shall receive?'
Mark 11:24.
NOTE: "True faith lays hold of and claims the pro-
mised blessing before it is realized and felt. We must
send up our pe"tittonsln faith within the second vail, and
let our faith take hold of the promised blessing, and claim
it as ours. We are then to believe that we receive the'
blessing, because our faith has hold of it, and according
to the Word it is '<3irt'S7' E.W., p. 72.
7. Can we, without this f1aith, ever expect God to ans:wer
our prayers? James 1:6, 7.
8. When Daniel and his companions were about to be·
slain because the wise men of Babylon could not reveaT
to the kinlr Nebuchadnezzar his dream. how did God
3nswer th'eir united prayers? Dan. 2:17-19.
9. When Peter was imprisoned and about to be executed'
by Herod, what did the church do? Acts 12:5.
10. How were their prayers answered? Acts 12:7-10.
11. What wonderful blessing was bestowed lipon the dis-
ciples when they prayed while being persecuted? A.etli
12. What did Paul and Silas do while behind prison bars?
Acts 16:25. Did God answer their prayers? Verse 26.
13. How fully has God promised to supply all Our needs?
Phil. 4:19.
NOTE: "He who has given his life to God in ministry
to His children, is linked with Him who has all the re-
'Sources of the universe at His command. His life is bound
up by the golden chain in the immutable promises with
the life of God. The Lord will not fail him in the hour
. of suffering and need. 'My God shall supply all your
need according to His l'iches in glory by Christ Jesus.'
And in the hour of final need the merciful shall find re-
fuge in the mercy of the compassionate Saviour, and shall
be received into everlasting habitations."-M.B., p. 41.
14. Is there .any limit to God's ability to help? Eph. 3:20.
Lesson No.5-Sabbath, October 28, 1944
1. What was the theme of the message
Peter on the day of Pentecost? Acts
2. be th: f'ru't of/g.enuine repentance? Eze.
18.21-23, Isa. .
NOTE: "Repentance includes sorrow for sin, and
We shall not renounce sin un ess
we see Its siTI:fUlness; until we turn away from it in heart,
there will be no real change in the Iife."-S.C., p. 26.
3. Who awakens the/soul to a senSe of its sinful con-
dition? John 16 :8VT. S
4. What are fitting inquiries or those convicted of sin?
Acts 2:37; 16:30.{W.(.,..,t (;
5. What must take place in the life of all who expect to
enter the kingdom of God? Matt. 18 :2, 3.
6. Is necessary for one who is truly converted to make
his for wrongs/righ Eze 33:14, 15; Luke 19:8-10.
NOTE: "If you have given offence to your friend or
neighbour, you are to acknowledge your wrong, and it is
his duty freely to forgive you. Then you are to seek the
forgiveness of God, because the brother you have wounded
is the property of God, and in injuring him you have sin-
ned against his Creator and Redeemer. . . . cQ..nf.es.·....
s' n i lwa s f a sec' c ar cter, and acknow1ii1ges
They may be of such a nature as to be
o!l- only; they may be wrongs that should
be indb4dl.J.als who have suffered injury
through them; or t ey may be of a character, and
should then be as publicly confessed. But all confessions
should be definite and to the point, acknowledging e er
of which you are guilty."-S.C." pp. 42, 43.
7. What is the result of true conversion? Eph. 4:22-24.
How complete will be the change in of those
who have been born again? 2 Cor. 5:171/1"" ..
8. What promise has God 0 thos ,wh.o are truly
converted? Eze. 36:25-27(" {lfew
" I,.
NOTE: "You have confessed your sins, and in heart
put them away. You have resolved to give yourself to
God. Now go to Him, and ask that He will wash away
your sins and give you a new heart. Then believe that
He does this because He has promised. This is the les-
son which Jesus taught while He was on earth, that the
gift which God promises us, we must believe we do re-
ceive, and it is ours."-S.C., p. 53;.-; z r-
. , .. 0 'N'.......
9. How are those called who have accepted Christ as
their personal Saviour? J.ohn 1:11, 12; 1 John 3:1.
10. What spirit will the world manifest toward the child-
ren of God? John 15:19-21; Gal. 4:29. .
NOTE: "The church of God, hated and persecuted by
the world, are educated and disciplined in the school of
Christ. They walk in the narrow paths on earth; they
are purified in the furnace of affliction. They follow
Christ through sore conflicts; they endure self-denial, and
experience bitter disappointments; but their painful ex-
perience teaches them the guilt and woe of sin,' and they
look upon it with abhorrence. Being partakers of Christ's
sufferings, they are destined to be partakers of His glory."
-M.B., p. 50.
Lesson No.6-Sabbath, November 4, 1944
1. At the beginning of His ministry, what example did
NOTE: "Jesus_ .did not r\lceive as &
si,QJ;LQf -WlLo
. aCJ;.9.YDt. H.... ..
sinners, taking the steps that ¥ are to taKe, and doin .
the work that we ust dQ."-D. ., p. 111.
2. What remarkable manifestll,tiop. atte baptism
of Jesus? Ma.tt. 3:16, 17P.JMt/ .... ., " If,
#eut ,/II #
3. What promise is ,thqse wIJ16 and are'
baptized? .' , r
I 4. re
Vpt b:'l!.·f.. . l'.#r /# /Y.......e..
NOTE: "Baptism' a m'ost solemn ren c' tion 0 the'
orl9" Those who are baptized in the ree 0 name of'
ft::e Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the very'
e xance of their Christian life, declare pub IC y ate'
ave forsaken the service of Satan, and bllGl2lXle'
members of the royal amil children of the heavenly:
. .
5. n reply to his inquiry concerning salvation, what was-
the Philippian gaoler told to do? Acts 16:3l.
6. Immediately after the gaoler and his family had ac-·
cepted Christ as their Saviour, what followed? Acts
7 '{After Philip had preached Jesus to him, what
did the eunuch ask? Acts 8:36.
8. In order to baptize the eunuch, where did Philip take-
him. Acts 8 :38.
9. Through baptism, whom do we put on? Gal. 3:27.
NOTE: "The vows which we take upon ourselves in,'
baptism embrace much, In the name of the Father, the
Son, and the Holy Spirit, we are buried in the likeness of'
Christ's death, and raised in the likeness of is resur"·
recti on, and we are to live a new life. Our]' is to bB
bound up wi e 1 e 0 l'lst. enceforth, the believer
is to bear in mind that he is dedicated to God, to Christ,.
and to the Holy Spmt. . . , He is to surrender to Goer
all that he IS and all that he has, employmg all hIS gIfts.
o IS name s glory, 0" pp. 98, 99.
1",/,,,jlH,Af. - 70 A/i
w.., wa;.r IJo/H'r.m 'o-e/
uJe reN;{.Ie ,({p #T !
ar4. ,4 /7 / / A /
d /. '..1'1/.. /W<-$. CU>? //?"'j£A ,6'1'
vv.( /e6" . 1 /1 '/. /
/ AT,
10. What instruction did the apo Ie Peter give concerning
the Gentiles who had accepted Christ? Acts 10:47, 48.
11. How many of) baptism are recognized in the
Bible? Eph. 4:5iawe.
12. With what is the unity into which believers are brought
by being ba tized int C Y;iSrv. .1 ;= ,/
12:12, 13. It . 1'" /j> J. 'j',rM= (/#1171°1C'4vttc. 0" _ant.
/ . ,. ..... ,<4.=n..
13. After being united with Christ in the lil<e 5S of His
death and resurre;:tion, shoul _t e believer do?
Col. 3:1. JLE;( 7XoS"e -:lXr;"'7r /c ao-re cv5run•.
NOTE: "'By faith you became Christ's, and by :iaith
you are to grow up in Him-by giving and taking. You
are to give all-your heart, your will, your service-give
yourself to Him to obey all His requirements: and you
must take all-Christ, the fulness of aU blessing, to abide
in your heart. to be your strength, your righteousness, your
everlasting helper-to give you power to obey."-S.C.,
}J. 74.
Lesson No.7-Sabbath, November 11, 1944
. QUESTIONS fT,.,-v-!J
1. What humble position did Christ willingly take upon
Himself when He came to this earth? Phil. 2:6, 7.
:2. What does th apostle P t r admonish us to do? 1
Peter 2:21.1'''' "IN fll, (!
:3. What example regarding His position and office did
Jesus set here on earth;?"L Matty/ )
20:25-28. 7/,T' E,lt67,/e cr.,?' ('tva; o#re,s.
NOTE: "Jesus was given to stand at the head of
'humanity, by His example to teach what it means to minis-
ter. is .whole life was under a law of service. He served
all, mmls ere 0 a. gam an agam esus tried to
establIsh this prinCiple among His disciples."-A.A., p. 359.
·4. In what wonderful ordinance did Christ teach His dis-
ciples the grace of humility? John 13:1 :17.
- #0,,1 fir/. -

NOTE: "Now, having washed the disciples' feet, He
said, 'I have given you an example, that ye should do as
"I have done to you.' In these words Christ was not merely
enjoining the practise of hospitality. More was meant
than the washing of feet of the guests to remove the
dust of travel. Christ was here instituting a religious
service. By the act of our Lord this humiliating ceremony
. wasmade\a consecrated ordinance. It was to be observed
"l:Joy the di&:Cip!es, fhat they mIght ever keep in mind His
. 'lesson of Humility and service."-D.A., p. 650. •
5. For what will thejJrdinance of feet-washing prepare
us? EIV1iPA#cE i6 -hlV-VJ//7
ANSWER: "This ordinance is Christ's appointed pre-
. paration for the sacramental service. While pride, vari-
ance, and strIfe for supremacy are cherished, the heart
-cannot enter into fellowship with Christ. We are not pre-
pared to receive the communion of His body and his blood.
Therefore it was that Jesus appointed the memorial of His
. h miliation to be first observed."-D.A., p. 650.
6. After the washing of feet, ord' did Christ
institute. Matt. 26 :26-29.(' DA',cr J£ lZ"j
7. Of .what is the bread and the wine, .x0rd's
supp'er., a symbol? 1 Cor. Jk-lt:17
8. What should we remember when we partake of the
Lord's supper? How long will the Lord's> supper be
celebrated? 1 Cor. 11:26.
f""/tl 9. Is it permissible to use leavened bread and fermented
'1 . j! -.JI. wine for the Lord's supper? Ex. 23:18; 1 Cor. 5:6-8.
..... -" "Christ is still at the table on which the
supper has been spread. The unleavened cakes
of- used at the Passover season are before Him. The Pass-
1!O.C/.fI over wine, untouched by fermentation, is on the table.
"} These emblems Christ employs to represent His own un-
/' "blemished sacrifice. Nothing corrupted by fermentation, the
symbol of sin and death, could represe·nt the 'Lamb with-
out blemish and without spot.' "-D.A., p. 653.
10. What must each one <Jp bE;fore he partakes of
vice? 1 Cor. 11:28/1-,....<..............,7 ""1'1.(
"11. What is said of those who partllke of the Lord's sup-
per unworthily? 1 Cor. 11:29.
Lesson No.8-Sabbath, November 18,
b'Qh =: •
SrJ'{, :)
1. What testimony concerning the law of od does David'
give? Ps. 19:7, 8; 119:142.
(( 2. What did Jesus say about the
God's law? Matt. 5:17, 18.
What is promised to (who keep the law of God?
Ps. 19:11; Rev. 22:14. ...

4. What did Christ lJ c9ndition of entering into";J .,J'
life? Matt. 19:17./," ....i7 4.41-7- . .tir,-
5. Can man of himself, naided by Christ, keep the law?
..!e2 15S' 7:fI.519.Jc.'
H.). •
NOTE: ec se t e law of the Lord is perfect and
therefore changeless, j is impossible for sinful men, in
themselves to meet the standard of its requirement. This
was why Jesus cam as our Redeemer. It was His mis-'
sion, by making ml} partakers of the divine nature
bring them into ha'J:mony with the princip es of t e law
of heaven. When e forsake our sins, and receive Christ
as our Saviour, t e law is exalted."-M.B., p. 80.
6. What is sai of those who love God's law? Ps.
7. How .man commandments must one break • ifwe he'
is gUIlty f all? James 2:8-11. /",i'.) ....
NOTE: e cannot disregard one word, however tri-
fling it may seem to us, and be safe. There is not a com-
mandment of the law that is not for the good and hap i-
ness of man, both in this life and in the life to come. :n
obedience to Goa's law, man is surrounded as with a
......... --..............
NOTE: "It was to atone for rna's or
the law that Christ laid down His life Couid t e law have'
been changed or set aside, then ChI" t need not have died.
By His life on earth He honored t law of God. By His·
death He elltablished it. He gave His life as a sacrifice,
not to destroy God's law, not to reate a lower standard,
but that justic might be aint Red, that the law might
be shown 0 e Immutable, a r might stand fast forever."
-C.O.L., p. 314.
1'./(J.-,t""j ,1,. yZ".
"k 7 ;/:.1/
J')..a-,-' '-6; ,/t;.
He wh breaks down this
alTier at one oin I as destroyed its
power 0 >1'0 ect Imj or e as open d a way by w:hich
enemy can en er, to waste and rui ."-M.B., p. 83.
8. In what two great commandments 's I) la of G
briefly summarized? Matt. 22:37-4 _ t'
'"" 1t'f 1:/
9. What example did Christ leave US in regal' to 0 edlen D)
/ __. to tile' d.,JPs. 40:7, . • CtllFi'r
..-.-",. At ..4 7't,io "-1 ---..p
10. By what WI I all men be judged? Eccl. 12:13, 14; James
NOTE: "Every man's work passes in review before
God, and is registered for faithfulness or unfaithfulness.
Opposite each name in the books of heaven is entered,
with terrible exactness, every wrong word, every selfish act,
every unfulfilled duty, and every secret sin, with every art-
ful dissembling. Heaven-sent warnings or repl'oofs neg-
lected, wasted moments, unimpl'oved opportunities, the in-
fluence exel'ted fol' good or for evil, with its fal'-reaching
results, all al'e chronicled by the recording angel. Th law
of God is the standard by which the characters and the
lives of men WI e tested in the judgment."-G.C., p.

Lesson No.9-Sabbath, November 25, 1944
1. Upon which day did God bestow His blessing? Gen.
2:2. 3.
NOTE: "In Eden, God set up the memorial of His
work of creation, in placing His blessing upon the seventh
day. The Sabbath was committed to Adam, the father and
representative of the whole human family. Its observance
was to be an act of grateful acknowledgment, on the part
of all who should dwell upon the earth, that God was their
creator and their rightful sovel'eign; that they were the
work of His hands, and the subjects of His authority."-
P.P., p. 48.
2. What does God command us to do in the fourth com-
mandment? Ex. 20 :8-11. When. should 'j)e rem;mber
the Sabbath day" and why? (Ji/h/,..I'1 ;- wee.{.
ANSWER: "All through the week we are to have the
Sabbath in mind and be makm It
.accor mg 0 e comman men.
gi , and when does it close?
. /.-//6:/
'e""""welcomed, guarded, and
3. When does the Sabbath b
Lev. 23:32; Neh. 13:19.
4. How should the Sabbat
ANSWER: "Before the setting of the sun, let the
n1embers of the assemble to read God's word, to
sing and pray. . .. e should jealously guard the edges
of the Sabbath. Remember that every moment is conse-
.crated, holy time. . . . As the sun goes down, let the
voice of prayer and the hymn of praIse mark the close
of the sacred hours."-VoI. 6. pp. 356, 359.
5. What instructions have been given regarding early ris-
ing on the Sabbath?
ANSWER: "Let not the precious hours of the Sabbath
be w did. On Sabbath morning the family should
be as 11' ear. f they rise late, there is confusion and
b s e III preparing for breakfast and Sabbath-school. There
is hurrying, jostling, and impatience. Thus unfioly feelings
eome into the home."-VoI. 6, p. 357.
6. How carefuly should our thoughts, words, and deeds
be guarded? Isa. 58 :13.
7. What preparation regarding food should be made for
the Sabbath day? Ex. 16:23, 24.
NOTE: "While cooking upon the Sabbath should be
avoided, it is not necessary to eat cold food. In cold
weather let the food prepared the day before be heated.
And let the meals, though simple, be palatable and attrac-
tive. Provide something that wiII be regarded as a treat,
something the family do not have every day."-Vol. 6,
p. 357.
8. What miracle did God perform in order that ancient
Israel might keep the aljj::o)'d'ng to the com-
mandment? Ex. 16 :25-30.(:f:' "el',t" /.1.
9. What has the Lord said is "lawful" to be done on the
Sabbath day? Matt. 12:12.
10. What blessings do thosenwh.o kee,P the Sabbath faithf ly '.
receive? Isa. 56:1-7.."N'1'/j;l. /fj m.
11. Where shall the Sabbath again be kept 1 Isa. 66 :22,
Lesson No. 10-Sabbath, December 2. 1944
7' t;#u/?c# 7 CfT"l....&rV'''''''
1. Why did qod Hi.s to built!r)l
Ex. 25:8•.::#-'
2. How were to regard this dwelling place of God l'
Lev. 19:30. f'KQQ€.RNce)
NOTE: "From the sacredness which was attached to
the earthly sanctuary, Christians may learn how they-
should regard the place where the Lord meets with His
people. There has been a change, not for the better, but
for the worse, in the habits' and customs of the people in
reference to religious worship. . . . The reverence which
the people had anciently for the sanctuary where they met.;:
with God In sacred service, has largely passed away."-
Vol. 5, p. 491. .
3 .. What does the Lord say about those thing» are·
dedicated to His service? Lev. 27 :28.{"//1,r 1
4. When God appeared unto Moses at the.. bu§!!. /
why did He tell him to take off his shoes? ,"l(. "3:5.#"£'(../ •
5. How Christ manifest His regll1lO, jhe sanct}t}j-. . ..-'
.. MaJ;k ...
,Jafb.. .. 1" 4?n"R'':7 1If-
p"V'_1' a in'struction is given one's bepAyiour.:
J'l) I uring divine worship? ·EccI. 5:1U.f.. hJe../
NOTE: "If when the people come into the house of
worship, they have genuine reverence for the Lord, and'
bear in mind that they are in His presenee, there will be'
a sweet eloquence In stience. 'l'he wmspering and laugh-
ing and talking which might be without sin in a common
husiness place, should find no sanction in the house where
God is worshipped. The mind should be re ared to hear
the word of God, that it ay ave ue weI , an SUI y-
impress the heart."-V V'
7. Who is d with faithful praying believers!'
Matt. 18:20.Vu...
a-yd. / _
A4.... 7e...A .J:,aJ/7
/4H. CJ1JV t/ • J/
- • - • k'
18 ---
8. With what reverence does the heav«;nly host worsltip
the Lord? Isa. ..". #47 -flj-
9. What punishment did God bring upon Na6:b and Abihu
for offering strange or .cwn'll}On in the tabernacle
service? Lev. 10:1, 2.("Ak.r/rLJe;L/dw.)
10. How should parents, teach their childrtnjto have true
reverence for the house of worship? rio/.
ANSWER: "Parents elevate the andard of Chris.
tianity in the min s 0 your c I re; e p em to weave
.J sus into their eXIlerience; teach )Jiem to have the lilg es
reverence or e ouse of God. J. • • Parents should not
only teach, but command, their children to enter the sanc-
tuary with sobneiy and re,:exence."-VoI. 5, pp. 494, 496.
11. What lofty the soul of every true wor-
ANSWER: "To the humble, believing soul, the house
-of God on eart is the ate 0 eaven The song of praIse,
e prayer, e wor s spo en y Crist's representatives,
are God's appointed agencies to a people for the
church above, for that loftIer worshm inio which there can
enter l)othmg that defiieih."-Vol. S; p. 491.
In"" J?:JO.
12. JH.!Jw did David express himself concerning those who
. Wadly asseI1JJ>led in the house of G-od. PSI. 122:1;
. / //84:4, 10. (,oav/i/6'/7.) .• .1el"SC1n<s)
/,./ co/- /ld/OOt.. I
J F.J - Lesson No. ll-Sabbath, December 9, 1944
. /
dlde r. /7/7'u<>-rcM-dJ. ...... ;7tr·d;:;r. ,
/I 1. efore left this earth om di?-, :resus promise His
disciples He would send? John 16:7; 14:16, 17.
-; 2. With what words does God express /Li
give us the Holy Spirit? Luke :1 .)<>A'e)
3. What petition did David send to the hrone '{f'{ gr ce?
Ps. 51:12-14:--
t!tJI f.!...--
4. What did Jesus command His disciples to do. How
long they to wait?' t.uke 24:49.
. J NOTE: "These days of preparation were days of deep
1;t!o;t G J-r--r-- /
<.:0 ---:7' o0.f.£- r4</ /.;:
'\ . I
5. What took place after the disciples had mad,e a
thorough preparation for the outpouring of the Spirit?
Acts 2:1-4.
What reports are given us concerning the growth of
the church through.,..,the of the Holy Spirit?
Acts 4:4; 5:14; 6:7(
'7. What report is given concerning the spiritual condition
of the church?
8. What is the condition of those who lY::e of // I
Holy Spirit? Rom. 8:6-9; Gal.
9. What are the fruits of the Spirit? Gal. 5:22, 23. 63</".)
(.' H';S·
NOTE: "The Spirit that reveals, also works in him 'the
fruits of righteousness. Christ is in him J a well of water
springing up into everlasting life.' He is a branch of the
True Vine, and bears rich clusters of fruit to the glory of
God. What is the character of the fruit borne ?-The
fruit of the Spirit is 'love,' not hatred; 'joy,' not discon-
tent and mourning; 'peace,' not ll'l'Itation, anXIety, and
'manufactured trials. It IS 'long-suttermg, gentleness, good-
faith, meekness, temperance.' G.W., p. 28'1. --
10. Has the Lord also promised the fulness of His Spi,rjt
to His peop,le. in this time? Joel 2:23, 24,
NOTE: "The outpoUl'ing of the Holy Spirit on the da
of Pentecost was the former rain, but the latter rain will
be 0 'e t The Spirit awaits our demand and re-
cep Ion. rls IS again to be revealed in His fulness by
,the Holy Spirit's power."-C.O.L., p. 121.
'n. For what especially should we in this time send our
petitions to the Lord? Zech. 10:1.
"Since ••lIlllIltliif.
,why e
plrit? Why do we not talk of it, pray for it,
concerning it? The Lord is more willing to
gl 0
:;and p
= tt9Nr, S"'#.£.

Who through the Holy Spirit? John'
16:131, 14.
3. What wdhdertiul Holy Spirit accqrll'hlisI{ on /
Saul? 1 Sam.
4. Is it possible for the Holy Spirit to leave a man or' a·
church? When will this happen? 1 Sam. 15:22, 23;
16:14; Rev. 3:14-17.
give the Holy Spirit to those who serve Him than parents:
are to give good gifts tq their children."-A.A., p. r.J' /;f

Lesson No. 12-Sabbath, December 16, 1944
;r __ QUESTIONS)::I. ":

1- t1J. 1. What work does the Holy Spirit perforon? John 16:8-11;:
NOTE: "It is the Holy Spirit thauhonvicts of
the sinner responds to the quickening In uence 0
Spirit, he will be brought to repentance, an used to
the importance of obeying the divine requir ts.
Having brought conviction of sin, and presented before
the mind the standard of righteousness, the Holy Spirit
with raws the affections from the things of this earth,_
an s e sou 1 a es 'e r 1 ess. .A., pp.
52, 53.
NOTE: "It is a perilous step to slight the reproofs.
and warnings of God's word or of His Spirit. Many, like
Saul, yield to until they become blind to the
true character of sin. VThey flatter themselves that they'
have had some good object in view, and have dO)1e no
wrong in departing from the Lord's requirements.v Thus-
they do despite to the Spirit of grace, until its voice is:
no longer heard, and they are left to the delusions which:
they have chosen."-P.P., p. 635.
5. Against w1)at are YlJf' Eph. 4:29, 30; Heb..
3:7. 8. j'Z(';N.J, /;,.;17'
6. What rifts. has the Ho y Spirit !Iace in the churchT

.. "L- p",/ay . \
I'/ft<-' / .)
)17 .. 21
For what pUl'pose has God these gifts' iti the
church't How long were ·they i1!...the church
of God't Eph. 4:11.13.1/",,/ , a.
NOTE: "The gifts were no co ned to the apostles,
but extended to the believers. Who will have them?-
Those that believe. How long?-There is no limitation; the
promise l'ijns paraUel with the great commission to preach
the and reaches the last believer."-E.W., p. 134.
8. Who oltJV'can the Holy Spirit? Acts
5:32. {' .
NOTE: "Christ pronfised the gift of the Holy .Spirit to
His church, and the promise belongs.. as much to us as to
the first disciples. But like every other. promise, it is
... But many will' not submit to be
e • ey an 0 manage themselves. This is why they
........... , \do not receive the heavenly gift. Only to those who wai,t
I humbly upon God, who watch for His guidance and grace,
is the Spirit gi¥en."-G.W., pp. 284, 285.
: 9. Who only will be blessed with the latter rain't
ANSWER: "I sa·w that none could share the 'refresh-
\ 1;' -ing,' unless they obtain the victory over every
over pride, selfishness, love of the world, an'1:t-over €{rery
.wrong word and action."-E.W., p. 71. ....--.."
Lesson No. 13-Sabbath, December 23, 1944
iIJc,,j ),lJJmaj'l"/('
1. Upon what fir.m founda,tion did .say H.} "ould
establish His churcht Matt. 16:18'''''''''/7 MtX: .
NOTE: "Christ founded His church upon the living
Rock. That Rock is Himself'-His own for us broken'
and bruised. Against the church bUilt upon this founda-
tion, the gates ot hell sfiall not prevau." LJ.A., p. 413.
2. Who is the chief one in thi foundation1 Eph..
2:20. ,>p-f( /00p/"oJl.?7df'l.
a-n.1:k5: ..
3. What is Christ-the chief cornej stone, to the believ.er."-.!;"".
and what is He become to the disobedient'! 1 . Petit "":'
. () L .tr .
-r ./ /
...... r ... 6t 4.' /Q/t>o,J. fjESdJ;5" "M.t ,{';c(:.
1<''''''/4-7 faA< .:z'-;
;0".,' - -% 0 T.
doK. .. a..dy: ,. ./.
1 Ja/7>Jr _ Poore Do} /-1,--;2.-.. 7/
.,.lA.. WRe
<7# #E . /,;-
. I/lo-<y J
4. Upon what foundation must the church of God be bui ?
1 ·Cor. 3:11; Eph.
5. In what message is this true fund,
for the last church?· Rev. 14:6-12: /r-YH. is __<MY. P
J «0LUf. '/'£Vtb/#!a.
" "I saw a' company who stood well gual:ded and
firm, . giving no countenance to tho'se who would unsettle
tne' ,established faith of the body. God looked upon them
WI appro a IOn. was s own three steps-the fil'st,
second, :and third angels' messages."-E.W., p. 258.. ,
6. How was this foundation of the three-fold angels'
message laid in the early days of the Advent Move-
ANSWER: "We would search the
much prayer, and the Hoi Spirit truth
to ,our minds. Sometimes whole nights would be devoted
to searching the Scriptures, and earnestly asking God for
guidance. Companies of devoted men and women assembled
for this purpose. The power of God would come upon me,
and I was enabled clearly to define what is truth and what
is enol'. As the points of our faith were thus established,
our .feet were placed upon a solid foundation. We accepted
the. truth 'point by point, undey- t , demo str of the
Hoi S irit."-G.W., 302.#1.1'" "a? ,....M •
7. Do all who call themselves Adventists know and under-
stan? platform of truth? ?'uJ{' 0-0.01;/1;:...
ANSWER: "I have been shown that many wht pro=-
fess to have a knowledge of present truth, know not what
they believe. . . .' And there are many in the church who
take it for granted that they understand what they be-
lieye, but, until controvel'sy arises, they do not know their f'l

weakness." When separated from those of like faith, h1
and compelled to stand singly and alone to explain their (J)
belief, they will be surprised to see hpw c nf d are their
'deas, Qf what they had accepted . s rut. '" p. 298..
8.' any part in' the(chai' of h-uth be weakened or'
changed? Deut. 4:2; Rev. 22:18, 19.
NOTE: "No line of truth that has made tHe'Seventh- cy
day Adventist people what the are, is to be weakened. We
hav.e the old landmar s 0 ru ,ex erience, and .<iut , and
we are to stan I'm y III e ence of our in full
view of the world."-Vol. 6, p. 17. '
I ,
23 fC..2M:
9. How should every doctrine be tested? Isa. 8:20.
NOTE: "'To the law and to the testimony.' While
conflicting doctrines and theories abound, the law of God
is the one unerring rule by which all opinions, doctrines
and theories are to be tested."-G.C., p. 452.
10. Only what building of faith will be able to ur-O ?
ing the last great trials? Luke 6:47-49. v cm-' t'ocG
I ,.0. ..5.-/
Lesson No. 14-Sabbath, December 30, 194 ...
Review the Lessons for the Quarter
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