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ATR Releases 2010 List of Elected Pledge Signers in Wisconsin
Successful federal and state candidates join incumbents in making no-new taxes promise
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) released an updated list of elected officials in Wisconsin who have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge . The newly elected candidates have made a written commitment to their constituents to never raise their taxes. The list of those who have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge is as follows Federal
WI-Sen Ron Johnson (R) WI-01 Paul Ryan (R) WI-05 Jim Sensenbrenner (R) WI-06 Tom Petri (R) WI-07 Sean Duffy (R) WI-08 Reid Ribble (R)

Alan Lasee (S-1) Joe Leibham (S-9) Garey Bies (H-1) Scott Gunderson (H-83) Mark Honadel (H-21) Joel Kleefisch (H-38) Bill Kramer (H-97) Jim Ott (H-23) Don Pridemore (H-99) Scott Suder (H-69) Robin J. Vos (H-63) Leah Vukmir (H-14) Robert Ziegelbauer (H-25) Rich Zipperer (H-98) Scott Walker (Gov) Pamela Galloway (S-29) Frank Lasee (S-1) Leah Vukmir (S-5) Andrew Jacque (H-2) Dale P. Kooyenga (H-14) Scott Krug (H-72) Roger L. Rivard (H-75) Tom Tiffany (H-35) Evan B Wynn (H-43)

Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) is a non-partisan coalition of taxpayers and taxpayer groups who oppose all tax increases. For more information or to arrange an interview please contact John Kartch at (202) 785-0266 or by email at ###

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