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SugarCRM Integration

SugarCRM Integration

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Published by: minhlam123 on Nov 13, 2010
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SugarCRM Integration

Select the Contacts | Setup Contact Manager menu to choose your contact manager. Select the SugarCRM option. Click the [OK] button to save your selection. SugarCRM URL Enter the SugarCRM URL here so that QuoteWerks can communicate with it. After typing in the URL (make sure to include the ‘/soap.php’ portion), click on the [Test] button to make sure that QuoteWerks can communicate with the server at the URL you have specified. If the SugarCRM URL is empty, you can double-click on the example URL below to pre-fill the SugarCRM URL with the SugarCRM demo server URL. Completion of opportunity to “Closed Won” QuoteWerks provides you with the flexibility to control when a sales opportunity created by QuoteWerks in SugarCRM will be converted to a completed sale. The SugarCRM sales opportunity can be completed by QuoteWerks when converting to an order (File | Convert to Order menu), an invoice (File | Convert to Invoice menu), or Never. Never means QuoteWerks will never attempt to complete the Opportunity, the Opportunity will need to be manually updated within SugarCRM. This provides a greater level of control for sales managers or administrators who would prefer to manually close the opportunities from within SugarCRM rather than have QuoteWerks automatically close them. Use Profit Amount vs. Sale Amount as opportunity amount When QuoteWerks creates a sales opportunity in SugarCRM, this option lets you specify whether or to use the profit or sale amount of the quote for the sales opportunity amount. DataLink Setup QuoteWerks has a DataLink feature that allows you to pull additional information from fields in your contact manager when retrieving the contact information from your contact manager. This data from your contact manager can be used to complete fields in the QuoteWerks quote, such as customer profile, tax rate, terms, custom fields, etc. Clicking on the [DataLink Setup] button on the contact manager setup window will display the DataLink setup window. See the Contact Manager DataLink Setup for details on the DataLink.

Manual Excerpt

QuoteWerks 4.0 Build 47 www.quotewerks.com/sugarcrm.asp Copyright 2009. Aspire Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Release Date: 9-Jun-2009

0 Build 47 www. If you choose to search either an Account Name or Account Phone. Aspire Technologies. When you are finished selecting records. Pulling SugarCRM account/contact information into QuoteWerks To retrieve account/contact information from SugarCRM into QuoteWerks. first select the Sold to / Ship to tab. Use the Test button to verify your credentials are entered correctly.com/sugarcrm. Click on the Ship to or Bill to boxes.asp Copyright 2009. The Lookup SugarCRM contact window will appear. Select the field that you want to use in the search and then enter the corresponding value. select the record and click on the [Sold To] button to use this record for the Sold to information. QuoteWerks then uses this account number to write information back to SugarCRM. Release Date: 9-Jun-2009 . button next to the Sold to. Writing information back to SugarCRM All of the following features require that you have already pulled the account/contact information into the Sold to / Ship to tab of the quote workbook. an additional option to “Also display Account Contacts” will be available.SugarCRM login credentials QuoteWerks needs your SugarCRM Login ID and Password to log into and integrate with SugarCRM. All Rights Reserved. Once you have found the account or contact you are looking for. click on the [Close] button. Inc. When this is done. the results of your search will be displayed. Manual Excerpt QuoteWerks 4. the SugarCRM account number is embedded into the quote. When you click on the [Find] button.quotewerks. You will be returned to the Sold to/ Ship to tab and the selected records will be pre-filled in the Sold to/Ship to/Bill to fields. You can also select a record and click on the [Ship To] button to use this record for the Ship to information or you can click on the [Bill To] button to use this record for the Bill to information. You can enter these on the Contact Manager tab of the Tools | My Preferences menu.

When using SugarCRM. Please note. Creating or updating a Linked Document in SugarCRM When saving a document. a note attachment record that refers to the document you are saving will be created or updated under the SugarCRM History heading.asp Copyright 2009. Manual Excerpt QuoteWerks 4. All Rights Reserved.SugarCRM online/offline status Writing information to SugarCRM requires that you have access to SugarCRM online. it will be automatically imported. However. Aspire Technologies. any quotes saved while offline will need to be re-opened. you can choose to open this attachment by clicking on the “Subject” link under the History heading and then clicking the “Attachment” link in the window that displays. If you check this option. the “Create new/Update existing Linked Document” checkbox will appear on the Save window. you will not be able to write information back to SugarCRM. the “Look for synchronized data in dtf files” option on Synchronization tab of the Tools | Options menu must be checked. Note: This checkbox will be checked and disabled if the “Look for synchronized data in dtf files” option is set.quotewerks. Inc. When you open the attachment and the document does not exist in your installation of QuoteWerks. Release Date: 9-Jun-2009 . it is now easy to still save quotes in QuoteWerks even though SugarCRM is not available. in order for it to be automatically imported. This will launch QuoteWerks and open the document. If you are running QuoteWerks on a laptop and are not connected to the internet. With this option. linked to a SugarCRM contact and saved in order to update SugarCRM online.com/sugarcrm. Note: This checkbox will NOT appear if you are saving a quote template.0 Build 47 www. On the Save window there is an “I’m Offline” option that enables you to save the quote and not attempt to integrate with SugarCRM online.

quotewerks. All Rights Reserved. Status. Note: This checkbox will NOT appear if you are saving a quote template. the “Create or Attach to/Update existing Opportunity” checkbox will appear on the Save window. This option will create a SugarCRM Follow up Call or update an existing Follow up Call in SugarCRM under the Activities heading. allowing you to adjust information about the call such as the Subject. the “Create new/Update existing Follow up Call” checkbox will appear on the Save window. Inc.com/sugarcrm.0 Build 47 www. Aspire Technologies. Once you have pressed the [OK] button from the File | Save. Note: This checkbox will NOT appear if you are saving a quote template. Start Date & Time.asp Copyright 2009. or File | Save As window. Duration. the “Create a new/Update existing SugarCRM Call” window will appear. Creating or Attaching to an Opportunity in SugarCRM When saving a document. Release Date: 9-Jun-2009 . Reminder and Description. Manual Excerpt QuoteWerks 4.Creating or Updating a Follow up Call in SugarCRM When saving a document.

If you have not already created a new opportunity for this quote. If you already have an opportunity for this quote. The Opportunity Name drop down will contain a list of all existing SugarCRM opportunities associated with the SugarCRM contact record you have linked to. QuoteWerks claims ownership of SugarCRM opportunities that were created or updated from within QuoteWerks.This option will create or update a SugarCRM opportunity or attach to an existing opportunity in SugarCRM under the Opportunities heading. the “Create a new/Update existing SugarCRM Opportunity” window will appear. Aspire Technologies. Expected Close Date.quotewerks. allowing you to adjust information about the opportunity such as the Type. the code for CallBackTime schedules the call time for the current time plus 30 minutes.ini file under the [Preferences] section: [Preferences] ForecastCloseDate={+30) ForecastProbability=90 CallBackDate={+7) CallBackTime={+30) Note: The codes for ForecastCloseDate and CallBackDate will schedule the date for today’s date plus 30 days or plus 7 days.com/sugarcrm. By creating opportunities in SugarCRM. Release Date: 9-Jun-2009 . Campaign. you allow SugarCRM to generate reports reminding you to close sales. Tip: Advanced users can set the following defaults in the {username}. This feature helps you estimate your cash flow.asp Copyright 2009. It is not recommended that you manually make changes to the opportunity from within SugarCRM as these changes may be overwritten by QuoteWerks when QuoteWerks is updating the SugarCRM opportunity. Once you have pressed the [OK] button from the File | Save. Sales Stage. Manual Excerpt QuoteWerks 4. All Rights Reserved. or File | Save As window. Next Step.0 Build 47 www. Inc. it will automatically update the existing one to reflect changes you have made to the quote. Lead Source. then here you can select an existing opportunity to update with the current quote’s information. Probability and Description.

All Rights Reserved.quotewerks. For SugarCRM you can retrieve account or contact information. See the Printing and Customizing Document Layouts Chapter for details. For a list of fields that you can use.asp Copyright 2009. Inc.com/sugarcrm. go into the DataLink setup where you add a new field mapping and in the Contact Manager Field drop down you will see a list of all the available fields that can be used.0 Build 47 www. you can insert fields from your Contact Manager into the print layout. Including additional Contact Manager Fields when printing When customizing your print layouts. When you print the quote. Aspire Technologies. Example: ~SugarCRM_Macro (contact->phone_home) Note: See the F2 Lookup section in the Customizing QuoteWerks Features Chapter for more details on the F2 Lookup feature. QuoteWerks will retrieve the information from the contact manager fields and print it on your quote without the data actually being stored in the quote.F2 Lookup Features A list item in an F2 Lookup can be setup to retrieve information from your contact manager. Manual Excerpt QuoteWerks 4. Release Date: 9-Jun-2009 .

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