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Germane: Greetings to everyone. This is Germane. We'd like to thank you all for coming this night.

The title of session is "Fourth-Density Relationships". We would like to encourage you to feel free to ask any questions that are on your mind on the topic. We are going to start out by talking about the transformation from third to fourth density. As you've heard us say many times, one of the characteristics of third density is separation. Whether it be separation from the God source, from each other, or separating aspects of yourselves within yourselves. This idea of separation has been necessary in third density to keep you in the third density experience. We are not saying in any way, shape or form, that the separation that you have been a part of on your world for the last several thousand years is in any way wrong, bad, negative. It is part of the experience that you have all chosen. As you are moving from the 3D into the 4D reality, one of the main qualities of fourth density reality is integration, or reintegration. Therefore, the laws or premises that you have in 3D reality (based on separation) can no longer operate successfully in 4D. If you attempt to carry the premises and beliefs of separation into a 4D reality and refuse to let them go, you can literally tear yourself apart emotionally. A lot of what many of you are feeling in your own growth (whether it be relationships with lovers, family, friends or yourself) is almost a sense of urgency about letting go of certain things that have been carried for quite some time. This feeling of urgency has to do with the idea, literally, that you are moving from one vibrational reality to another. The set of beliefs and premises that were operating in one reality cannot be sustained in the next. So you are feeling that desire to shift beliefs, to shift premises, and therefore shift the way you live. To some degree it is as if someone has handed you a tangled ball of yarn. There it is in your lap, you don't know where to start to untangle it. The only thing you can do is start where the easiest place is to start.

3D Relationships
Bringing this into the topic of relationships, the premises and beliefs of 3D (separation) were necessary to maintain 3D relationships. Let us share with you some of these principles. Principles based on separation can be as follows: Secrecy. This has been a big one in your society. Secrecy is withholding information from your partner or from yourself. Secrecy does not just operate on the level of your interactions with others; secrecy keep you separated from the greater portion of yourself, as well. The idea of secrecy has been very important to maintain relationships in 3D reality, because it is an expression of separation. Fear-based Monogamy. Another expression of separation is the expression of what you would call monogamy, fear-based monogamy. We are not talking about monogamy by choice, we are talking about monogamy through fear. That has been an expression based on separation. The premise basically is that if you can get someone to commit to you, then you thus take yourself out of the flow of having

to deal with relationships and you are safe. You are separate from the rest of the world. Separate and safe. This is monogamy based on fear. Conditional Love. Conditional love has been an expression which has been very vital to maintaining 3D-type relationships. Conditional love means that you will love someone only if they fulfill your needs or conditions that you set out. If they do not fill this, you will withdraw your love. There has been a noncomprehension in 3D reality of the meaning of unconditional love. When you are dealing from a separative framework, the only way you can view everything else is through that framework of separation. And so love therefore (the old definition of love in 3D) is love based on conditions. Expectation. This means that you go into a relationship with someone with expectations in your mind that maybe you are not even aware of. If you are aware of these expectations, you attempt to get the other person to fulfill those expectations. Again, the person is used to satisfy the need of the person seeking the relationship. Manipulation. This is another quality often inherent in 3D relationships. This can be very covert. It is overt in some cases, as well. However, in the classic 3D relationship there can be very deep-seated manipulation plays being done so that each person will get their needs fulfilled or will be protected from their fears. So often the idea of manipulation is carried out to protect you from your own fears. If you manipulate the other person, you can thus not feel your fear. The Need to Control The Need to Control is also a quality inherent in very solidly anchored 3D relationships. This is a mistrust in reality, that everything is happening the way it needs to be, or for your greater good. The need to control says you do not accept that idea. You thus must instead shape the relationship, force it, mold it, because you do not trust it will be what it needs to be by itself. We will stop here because there is literally a lot more we can say on this. It will come out later in the session. Let us go to the 4D idea.

4D Relationships
Since 4D is based on integration or reintegration, the characteristics that were once status quo in 3D relationships can no longer be sustained in 4D. Literally, the vibration cannot sustain separative ideas. Qualities inherent in 4D relationships would be: Honesty (Non-Secrecy). The couple or the unit must have, at all costs, honesty instead of secrecy. This means if you see in your friend or partner that they are doing something that is sabotaging to themselves or to the relationship that you speak that observation instead of withholding it (so you do not hurt the person's feelings), or so that you can continue to control them being in the relationship. Literally we are talking

about polar opposites here. 3D is Secrecy, 4D is honesty. We cannot stress to you enough how important honesty is in a 4D relationship. If there is no honesty, there cannot be a continuation of that relationship in the 4D model. It is that crucial. When we say honesty, we are also talking about honesty with the self. Many of you will at times keep things from yourself to keep you feeling safe. Within a 4D reality, it is very difficult to keep things from the self. You may wake up one morning, and you may suddenly realize that the relationship you are in no longer serves you. That must be recognized for the flow to continue. We are in no way saying, "You need to adopt these characteristics now!" Not at all. You will do this naturally. However, in this transition period now between 3D and 4D, you are being hit with qualities from both. As this happens, you will need to make some choices about how you wish to continue in your relationships. We will state that if you choose the integrative model (the 4D model) and you truly become that idea (not try to become it) you will not feel the pain of loss in any situation, in any relationship. You will only feel pain or loss if you are either in the 3D relationship, or deluding yourself into thinking you are in a 4D relationship. That will be when the pain of loss comes up. Again, we do want to stress to all of you that we are not saying you must do this, and you must move into 4D relationships. Not at all. You have choices. You can make the choices. It is entirely up to you. However, we want to help illustrate for you the package deal you may be signing up for if you make certain choices. It is a package deal. If you make a choice based on separation (a 3D model), and then expect to live in a 4D relationship, it is not going to happen. Recognize where your choices are based. Make your continuing choices from there. Let us go back to the qualities of 3D and 4D relationships. 3D relationships are based on secrecy and 4D on honesty; 3D based on conditional love and 4D based on unconditional love. Every being has the capability of experiencing more unconditional love than they ever have from moment to moment. There is never a limit to unconditional love. From this point, your experience of love has been 3D. Literally, you will need to build your own definitions of unconditional love because it can only be conceived of by experiencing it. We know you've heard definitions. We know that all of you can come up with definitions. But those definitions are partially intellectual. They are not yet 100% brought down to the emotions. Unconditional Love Unconditional love is another vital part of 4D relationships. That means loving someone with no conditions. If they don't fulfill your needs, you still love them. If they do not carry out your expectations, you still love them. You love them for being who they are without attempting to change them. It is an in-the-moment type of experience, whereas conditional love is always based on the past or future, not in the present. Unconditional love is based in the present. Absolute Trust. This is the opposite of the 3D quality of the Need to Control. There is no need or desire to control. It is not as if you must get up each day and say, "I must trust today." It is a beingness. When you wake up each day you are not worried about keeping your spirit in your body. You don't focus on that. It just happens. So, 4D is like that. The trust is there, it just happens. Control vs. trust.

Allowingness. This is the opposite of manipulation. Allow. Allow the other person to be who they need to be. Because only then will you truly see, in fact, who they are. If you attempt to manipulate them, you never see who they really are. You see who you need them to be. Relationships by Choice. This is the opposite of Monogamy from Fear. This means that if you want monogamy, it is by conscious choice. If you want polygamy or polyfidelity, it is by conscious choice. It is perfectly acceptable for you to choose any of these things. All of these things are inherently neutral. They do not have a built in meaning. You ascribe them meaning by judgment. One is "better," one is "worse." All of these choices are neutral, any that you choose can work for you. However, if your conscious choice is to move into a 4D type relationship, you will not be able to do that if you keep holding on to any of the premises from 3D. They will need to be shifted and rearranged. As you shift from a 3D to a 4D perspective, many people will in fact experience fear. Literally you are going through uncharted territory. You can't see necessarily what is over the next ridge. So it is frightening for a lot of people. That is perfectly fine. But if it is something you really want to pursue, let that fear be okay. When you come out on the other side of the ridge, you are going to realize that your identity is not based on another person. Your identity is based on you. You are the only one with whom you can rely on. You will feel that power, that clarity, and that liberation and release that comes form recognizing your own power. It is really interesting, because in 3D type relationships (separation), you have the illusion of separation, but yet you create things that remind you that you are still all connected. For instance, humans use enmeshment in 3D to remind yourself you are still connected. However, the way you've interpreted the idea of connectedness has come out in a way that is detrimental to you rather than supportive. Enmeshment is the 3D version of connectedness in 4D. It really is a matter of the way you look at it. When you feel enmeshed with another person in your life and it hurts, stop for a minute. Take some deep breaths. Remind yourself that the enmeshment is there to remind you that you are never separate from the other person ultimately. Separation is an illusion. No matter how far away you go, you are not separate from the person. If you can begin to emotionally heal the fear that you will no longer be with a person, you are going to start to feel the sense of connectedness that will then replace the 3D enmeshment idea. You will no longer need to create fear through enmeshment. You will thus create connectedness through your expressions in all of your relationships. Many of the dysfunctional symptoms in 3D are your way of reminding yourself of some of the qualities of 4D relationships. But they are translated through the veil of separation. So they come out a little askew. However, they are there as reminders and tools. They are there to help you ease the pain in your interactions with others.

Comments or questions?
What is the energy standpoint from 3D and 4D? We know that integration is occurring on all levels. Seams are coming apart, and other things are forming. We are going to be seeing changes. What do you foresee?

That. is to be avoided in their belief. No one seems to really get the point. let some things out. they are weak and open to attack. Energetically you are going to find that as this change occurs. Divorce is a 3D solution. Change means change. But you are going to find that this issue is not going to go away. no matter what choice happens. you can seek to help them move through changes at the same time as you do. confusion. Divorce is the idea of separating oneself to artificially create the illusion that you are not connected to that person. Some people are going with the flow. you will create more discomfort and pain. Change does not mean they will end. Instead. You haven't known that you could go with the energy and heal it. You may think it is a problem with your relationship. it is going to be very different. but you haven't known what was happening. Much of this is the resistance of the change until there is a snapping point. and never has been. When I talk about these ideas regarding relationships with others. you will continually seek relationships to validate your own being. Some people are denying them. Your points of view as a society on sex are symptoms of the greater dysfunction. That method of gauging can no longer to continue to exist. You started to feel the shift of 3D to 4D in terms of the expressions of your relationships. Trust that the two of you are on the same path. and challenge you. The buttons are pushed on sex because individuals will frequently ascribe another reason to something as a distraction so they do not have to look at the pain. pushes people's buttons because they do not want to be vulnerable. . you are going to start feeling pain. We understand that many people in your society base personal satisfaction or success on how their relationhips are going in their life. If you are resisting change. Separation. Breaking. is inside of you. It is your change inside that you are seeing reflected in your relationship. It is an artificial construct that is giving you artificial data generated by you so you don't have to face your fears. You will see that if you resist claiming your own power. That cannot occur in a 4D type relationship. then your relationships are going to start to change. being that it is an expression of vulnerability. You've seen the great rise in divorce since the '60s. There is no separation. If you are willing to move with it. That was a tool in 3D. they will blame sex. Some people are polarizing. first and foremost internally you are all going to go through changes. This will happen if you are not willing to move with the changes that are occurring inside of you and in the mass consciousness. They have nothing to do with the problem. The 4D version of "divorce" will be the recognition of two people that the relationship is going in a different direction. they think all it has to do with is sex. and that is allowed.For one thing. then you are going to start to see that maybe you will get more emotional for a while. and challenge you until you can come face to face with your own feelings of inadequacy and aloneness and how you have sought relationships to fill that gap. you are finding that everyone is touched by these energies. Each person is reacting to them in the only way they know how. If relationships continue not to work and have conflict all the time. these things started in the 1960s of your time. because you can never be separate. It is not. maybe even manifest all sorts of physical symptoms. It is going to challenge you. the reason for that is that you are still using the relationship to make you feel better. It may first manifest outside of you. Some people are swinging the pendulum in the opposite direction. Energetically. You can then move with these changes and if there is a partner in your life. and that is all change means. they believe. If you create resistance. So. Sex. you've tried to resist the change as a mass consciousness. In 4D. It is a symptom. It is not the issue. If they are vulnerable. You allow the other person to move in that direction. Change does not mean destroy or divorce. first level. Energetically you will create less disharmony if you move with it. Always. at all costs.

So you are trying to act on your excitement. In 4D you are acting in the moment. They are all part of the same family anyway. You do not have to plan for the future. all of the principles we've outlined for 4D come into play. if a 4D woman wants to have a child. then it is only you who chooses not to have sex with others. then in 4D thinking you would have absolute trust that everything from there on out would work fine because you followed your excitement in the moment. You would just trust. Commitment takes yourself out of the moment. You do not demand that the other person reciprocate. not a compulsion). That is the difference. although your society will change. the idea of commitment does not exist. You only make the choices for you and no one else. That idea cannot exist in a 4D reality. she has the child because she wants the child. Meaning absolute trust. with trust instead of control. If you choose to be non-monogamous. Pay attention to when you take yourself out of the moment. she will not have the child based on the hope or desire that the father will be there. If you stay totally in the moment you are thinking of having a child. All the other issues that you've touched seem to be mutually accepting issues that people can accept totally on their own and then share the fruits of those with another person. . So. That one seems to imply some sort of conditional acceptance by both people of a mode to indicate a relationship in 4D. That is what we meant by conscious choice. Absolutely! If you continued to follow your excitement all the time from moment to moment. That brings him in to something that is entirely her creation. Here is an example of what we are not talking about. If we have explained it incorrectly. Do you understand? So the idea of commitment is a 3D illusion. allowance instead of manipulation. The choices are all for you. Let us say that you are in a relationship with a man (or woman) in 4D. Therefore. If the woman is Pleiadian. Because she wants the child. What does it really mean? How many people make commitments and they are not followed through? A commitment never insures your security. But that excitement includes a tremendous commitment with it over time. then that choice is for you. and I will continue this relationship with you only if you agree to that.You indicated that the new relationships are by conscious choice. "I want a monogamous (or polygamous. Let us give you an example of conscious choice. In a 4D type relationship. there is absolute trust and allowance that everything will be perfectly fine. whatever) relationship. No. You say to the person. we apologize. You don't require the other person to make the same choice. if it is your excitement in the moment to conceive a child (and your true excitement. Your mate can do whatever they want. It is different from what you see here. there is no reason to think you could ever not trust. The choices are entirely for you. They have nothing to do with the other person. If you choose monogamy. So you wouldn't think that tomorrow it may not be my excitement to have this child. there is no concern for the future because there is a knowingness that it will all take care of itself. If you have a 4D woman who wants to have a child. In 4D type relationships. How do you act on your excitement and include future commitments? One could decide they want to conceive a child because that is their excitement in the moment. It placates you into thinking you are secure. this is reflected in their society's philosophy." No. It is trust.

and so when that recognition is there. We know this is a big one for most people on your world. There will never be a time where you will say. It looks nice. This is a very good question. That is what I've been finding out. If you are in the moment. For others. "Oh." The friend then freaks out and think you are patronizing them. For some people it is sex. you cannot put that outside of yourself.Exactly. Sex is just one of those lids. But I still want these people as friends. you are in the past or the future. Recognize that there are many lids that cover that box. Some people's issues are not triggered by sex. then after the baby is born. "Oh. We stuff our issues in a box and seal the box with a lid called "sex. Some of you have walked down the street and you've seen your friend. You have voiced the mass consciousness here. there is that child. This means that you be absolutely honest in all interactions and not take responsibility for their pain. in the moment. And also there is an inherent love for your creation. In the moment. In 3D we've been living in polarities and extremes. Very simple. I made a mistake in having this child. you clearly and consciously can own every creation that you've ever had. In the moment. so all the issue come crawling out. express yourself while not taking responsibility for the reaction. One of the reasons why you've had difficulty owning your creations is because you are not in the moment. I'll have to state the analogy and then find the question. and people have been getting upset. It is an equation that doesn't work. One of the greatest gifts that you can give the people in your life is being 100% you. I always find myself not making certain choices because I am sensitive to others. For others it is money. Okay. No effort. Dependency cannot exist in 4D because 4D is integration and not separation. It is very hard to see what it is you've created when you are not in the present. You've all had experiences like this where you've been totally misunderstood. You can say nice things all the time. As near as I can see those extremes have led us into addictions and dependency. Yes. I've finally been making choices for myself. The dependency we feel is that we want someone to fulfill our needs. . we become dependent on the other person. you can love it. It really depends on the individual. Then in 4D. and still push people's buttons. Each person will be able to get at those issues through whatever lid they have that triggers it. You must." Never. Is there a way to get at the issues without using sex to trigger them? Sex is only one symptom. I don't want to hurt other people. sex is a really good trigger. but any reality that you create. If you are totally 100% in the present. is all dependency gone? Yes. Because we open the box and have to lift the lid. In 4D. You say. there is a recognition of yourself as the creator. Not just a child. I would rather not cause problems for them. Therefore." This is why the issue of sex frequently brings up our issues. totally and absolutely. each day. Dependency is a quality of separation depending on something outside of you. whatever is there in your reality you recognize as a part of your creation and who you are. You cannot ever be responsible for other people's pain. at all costs. and therefore always an excitement for your creation? It is just a matter of recognizing always in the moment that it is your creation. you got a haircut.

And let's say that she came into this life to resolve a lifetime where she jumped off a cliff. Good term. If. You can never hurt another person. I've examined times in my communications with others where I've "softened the blow. If she chooses to be hurt. fears. The outcome is the same. That is one of my button-pushers here. In . Those emotions and reactions are never caused by someone else. most of these people have been part time meta-fizzlers.You cannot sacrifice your own growth and the growth of others for a relationship based on illusion. and recognizing the greater spiritual connections that you all have that you have always had. Let's say that a woman is afraid of heights. But in reality. How can you protect yourself from doing that? You can't. Let us give you an example using a fictional model. in the husband's excitement he says. or from guilt that maybe he caused her pain. I don't see there is an exception to that. It is then that each person can take responsibility for their lives. Being who he is naturally is not hurting her. why do you have the right to hurt them? There is a big difference between deliberately hurting someone and being who you know yourself to be. Well. You try to protect other people. I don't think you have the right to emotionally hurt another person. You may not ever know what will hurt your mate. Let us also say that her husband recognizes that she is afraid of heights. The greatest gift you can give in a relationship is to not hold back who you really are. that is deliberately hurting her. he is enabling the wife to continue being afraid and avoid her fears. That is empowerment. and emotions. This is what we mean by enmeshment. disapproval or invalidation. How is she easily going to be able to face what she came here to face if the husband keeps steering her away from the heights? It makes it more difficult. So he makes sure she never is around anything high. That is disengaging yourself from the covert connections you have with people. They all come from you. This is another one of those topics where we can't stress enough to you that the greatest service you can provide to your neighbor is being fully who you are. If they don't ask you to be completely honest and hurt them. Do you want to come with me?" She may just say yes because she recognizes it is something to move through. They like the concepts. But there are no victims. You've lost the boundaries between you and other people. then you polarize between victims and hurters. There cannot ever be victims. At the same time." My partner and I have thought that our excitement would be too much for the other person. Never! If you are not being your 100% natural self. you are really only trying to protect yourself from their anger. What he is really doing is protecting himself from being witness to her pain. then you are manipulating people around you. It is then that each person will be challenged. If you ever believe in any instant that someone else can hurt another person. it is her choice. The only thing you can be is fully who you are. you may take her to one of those cliffs not knowing about that fear. So the husband thinks he is protecting his wife from her fear. "I want to go hot air ballooning. In your innocence and excitement. but they don't want to apply them in their lives. There is a big difference between deliberately hurting someone and being fully who you know yourself to be. He is protecting himself. when that is what she came here to face! The biggest gift you can give anyone in your life is to be fully 100% who you are. She cannot do that unless the husband gives her the opportunity to face those issues. It prolongs the pain. That is then the way you will see the universe. If the husband dragged the wife to the top of the cliff and forced her to look over the edge. We might borrow that one.

it submerges itself. they would never be hurt by the comment of another. If you are continually protected from the anger of another (just like if you are continually protected from the cold). because they don't know who you are. Then they only know you through your lies. we've always screwed up the communication. When you deny and shut off any part of yourself. Let it be okay to start thinking them. This is because you do not allow them to ever fully be who they are. Write them down. You are lying to the other person. reflecting that which you feel within. Withholding your excitement for fear of hurting another is a 3D idea.second guessing what the other person's reaction would be and then altering our natural self expression. Externalize them. If you do not express who you are 100%. It buries itself into your cells. You won't know what the thoughts are. When you hold back that which you are. You cannot carry this into 4D if you want to truly express who you are. This is a no win situation. Be truthful. You can retrain yourself to know who you are and the first step is that in a confrontive situation. They are the ones generating their reality. You stuff it before you can really cognize the idea. To hold this in will be lying to the other person. If they don't agree with you. It is stasis. it is also insulting. You can tell them that. All That Is is neither positive nor negative. All That Is is neutral. You stuff it. someday you are going to have to go outside and because you've never felt the cold. you are not going to be able to train yourself to speak them. What if you find yourself wanting to express following your excitement 100%. If you do not express who you are. not necessarily the things they fear. Many of you don't let yourself think about what you really want to say. You are lying to yourself. They do not know who you are. Let yourself think it first. Your design is built to 100% every moment channel the energy of All That Is. that is their choice. Stuffing these things can cause tremendous pain throughout your life. it is going to be devastating to you. They cannot ever love you for who you are. Literally. Releasing these things will cause ecstasy. But if you are not even allowing yourself to think these thoughts. If you look at a Pleiadian. Those judgments eat you up. you must store those judgments of who you are inside of you. you shut off the very foundation of the energy of your creation. It is. heart disease. You judge that only parts of you are worthy and the other parts are not. It throws you into disharmony. Get them outside of your energy field so they don't lodge in your energy body. You may tell others that you understand what they are saying. and all of those lovely things you have on your planet are a result of your own judgment that you are not worthy to be fully who you know yourself to be. This is because they recognize that they create all comments that happen. You cannot withhold any portion of you. in one way. balance. Write it down. They cannot be victim of hurt. But in one way. You are all divine portions of the creator. honorable that you care about the feelings of another. the more diseased you get. You will be able to learn to tell when what you have to say is balanced an integrated . but to hold it in would eat you up inside. to hell with what the others think. first think what it is you want to say. Say it into a tape recorder. Therefore all of your relationships to some degree have disharmony. You compromise your integrity when you withhold. you are lying. That is an even greater hurt than the truth. The more you stuff it. But we don't believe that most of you really know what happens to you inside when you hold back truth. It starts building painful toxins first on the emotional level. This will naturally teach you to express yourself without the heavy judgment you've had in the past. You protect them from the things that you fear. and yet you find that others are telling you that it would hurt them? How do you deal with those situations in the transition we are in now between 3D and 4D? At the risk of sounding really rude. and then actually on the physical level. Cancer. Get comfortable with who you are.

If they have no issue about being attacked. One of the things I think is so wonderful about relationships is that we can love each other enough to be mirrors for that discernment. We did not mean to imply that every time you analyze it you'll have the answer. Get out that pent-up energy. If you do (to get them to do something. Yes. There are times when you cannot see it. Your relationships are going to blossom and change when you stop taking responsibility for the other person's reaction. you are expressing it to someone who has a belief system that they can be attacked. Sometimes you may find that the desire is to change the other person. I'm just saying that it is our experience that we will not be able to discern. then express it. So what you are doing is providing for the other person a way for them to heal their belief systems by providing that stimuli. and if it is indeed an attack. because that in itself is part of the growth process. Then she will eventually make the recognition because your lack of reaction will not satisfy her needs. I'm not saying that it has to be clean. so it's fine. That is not what was implied. It cannot be any other way. ask yourself what desire you have in the expression. In the expression. "You are a jerk. whether it is attacking or not attacking. All expressions belong in the context they are expressed. Again. If they believe they can be attacked and that is one of their issues. You will learn how to tell the difference.. Let's also say I have no emotional reaction to it. If you think it's clean. There is no reaction that doesn't belong. then before you express get yourself centered and feel if what you have to say is balanced and integrated or do you have a desire to be fulfilled by your expression to that person. "It is clean as a whistle. . then go ahead and process it however way you want to do it. Other times you cannot. She can tell me I'm a jerk. and I don't agree with that." and you express your thought. and she does it after she has thought about it and believes it is clean and is not an attack. In fact. All right. Know who you are. they are not going to feel attacked. let us clarify. whether she thinks it's clean or not. If she has perceived that she is clean on it. In the addictive state. If your wife walks up to you and says. the more you will be able to tell. you provide a way for the other person (the recipient) to learn and to grow. But by all means at least express it to yourself. If that expression is an attack. That wasn't my question. Before you express something. There are not mistakes in creation. If it's not clean and you can recognize it. they will feel attacked. we will not be able to discern what is clean and what is not. There are no wrong things. Let's say my wife walks up to me and says I'm a jerk. then there is a hidden motivation and the expression may not be clean. and the synchronicity of All That Is. So it's essential for her to express that. for instance). You don't know how they are going to react! They may not be triggered at all. We suggest that as you're training yourself to express that you first ask yourself if it's clean or not clean. I understand that.. Your interactions with each other are choreographed in perfect synchronicity. That is not a clean idea." if you feel hurt. times when you say to yourself. I was just picking hairs because I thought you were saying that we all will be able to discern all the time whether what we wanted to say was clean or not.compared to when what you have to say is an attack or is a manipulation. The more you practice. Okay. There is only neutral expression. Listen to your thoughts and feelings. We apologize if the language was misleading. and that's cool. you cannot take responsibility for how the person reacts. then that's part of the synchronicity for your own growth. If you feel you want to take gradual steps into this idea of expressing who you are. Sometimes you can see that.

That is the bottomline intention of creation. You cannot ever know what will hurt another person. and in your excitement if she is truly excited. This in and of itself can be a great freedom. then every action. It will lock your relationship into third density. if you really. every instance must support ultimately that belief. Recognize that the bottomline intention is never to destroy but always to love. Fourth-density expresses self-responsibility and self-empowerment. They can choose to feel hurt. It is not possible. Examine your beliefs. also. that hurts me. "If you have dinner with another woman. You cannot hurt another person. If it's your excitement to go dancing for the sake of dancing (not based on anyone else's excitement). because each of you (like it or not) are totally responsible for your own emotions and reactions. You may walk up to your husband one day. If you believe that actions can actually hurt. He may be feeling absolutely joyous and ecstatic. then it's clean. inhibit that growth and actually sabotage their own life's growth and the things their chosen to confront. and you may say. And every action is based on that intention of learning to love. and it will not hurt him. This was something I was going to ask in direct relation to the earlier question. "You look like a pig today. So stop trying to take responsibility for the other person's reactions! Is all this based on a concept of victimhood? I don't think you mentioned victimhood per se in the third. it's not clean. ever. If your husband is 100% in his Godself and in his joy and excitement. because it's the way to take your power back. you could say the nastiest thing to him in the world. Even the most heinous acts are an outcry to learn love. do you have the right to hurt that person or could you just channel that energy of excitement in another direction? You will never 100% always know what will hurt someone. then you will have matched your vibrations. We are not sure that you are understanding or accepting the concept that we are saying. You can never hurt another person. To do so will actively (if they're in a weakened or unempowered state). Maybe I can help clarify things for the questioner. But if you do. But you can't know. then there's got to be a belief somewhere in there which says that God or Creation can be hurtful. knowing that it will hurt that person emotionally. And to withhold a comment because it will hurt someone is assuming responsibility for their emotions and thus for their growth. What is the fine line of deliberately hurting another individual? If you talk about something with your mate." And if he feels really good about himself. Let's say I'm in my relationship with my husband and I say to him.What if it is your excitement to do something (like go to the movies) that your mate is not excited about? If your excitement is based on another person's cooperation. but we didn't make it a major point. If it's your excitement to take your wife to a dance. No one else in this room is prepared to accept responsibility for another human being's growth. underneath everything else. but your excitement is based on her cooperation. that's not going to hurt him in the least. third-density relationships often express victimhood. it's not true excitement. No other person knows what is going to hurt me. really believe that. Victimhood would come into it. Well.to fourth-density relationships model. so don't tell me about it if you do that . If you really believe that Creation is Love.

then actually." That's okay to ask for that. unconditional love.. reading this. These are threatening ideas for a lot of people. then I need to go back and look at this versus that. Where does the hurt come from and why is it still there if we're in this transition and we should be looking at these fourth-dimensional relationships? Why do we feel third-dimensional hurt? You are looking at the fourth-density relationships. So whenever I feel pain. but recognize that's what you're choosing. You're holding onto something from third density. then you're right. it's fine. allowance. those in the room.because that hurts me and I don't want to hear about it. he has no right to tell me that or to force that upon me. and listening to the tape are groundbreaking these ideas. So it is quite all right to continue to choose third-density principles. In letting go from the third density to the fourth density. no.. so all the other parts of the package deal go with it. But some of you are holding onto some of the third as your are grasping for fourth. many people are choosing to feel the hurt. If you could 100% embrace the fourth-density idea of relationships. but that's secrecy and it's third density. But isn't that also expecting conditional love? [Everyone in unison] Third density! You're making a choice based on third density. exactly. Right? Yes! So it's fine. Absolutely. It's a significator. Many people are using it that way. Exactly. It's all equal anyway. and those who do choose to embrace the fourth-density principles are going to choose to be exposed to the ground breakers. But if you feel that you're really in fourth but there's still this one thing. and you start getting the feeling back in your feet that it really hurts. you will not feel pain. You cannot mix the packages! In all honesty. which an indicator that you are making the change. honesty. do not expect to choose third-density principles and expect the package deal that comes with fourth density. to remind you that you can still feel. It's one package or another package. and that's quite all right. Almost in the same way as when you're frostbite. then go back and examine what premise or belief that you have that is based on third-density separation. However. Yes. If you choose third density. secrecy. there's nothing wrong with it. because the cruise control does not come with third density. and you're feeling the pain. . honesty versus this and find out which concept I'm holding onto. but it's choosing third density instead of fourth. so you can't expect a fourth-density relationship if you are choosing third-density interactions. You all must start identifying yourselves and sticking together! If I have truly chosen fourth-density relationships or to move into fourth-density relationships which are by choice. correct? If I'm feeling pain in my relationship. I won't feel any pain.

literally that means two . What would you like to talk about? As you look into our future on Earth. and many of you will choose to be such pioneers. you are going to see tremendous. Now. Greeting to all of you. some of the understandings.Again. They do not have to bring pain. You will see changes if you start to recognize when you are operating from third-density principles and attempting to bring them into a fourth-density relationship. what probabilities do you see? From the probability that we view. you will begin to see changes in yourself and in your relationships. So we're going to let you orchestrate this part of the evening. Now. It doesn't have to be through pain that these changes are brought about. and those changes will bring ecstasy and joy. as you apply some of the tools that were given to you this evening. if your belief system says that you must grow with pain. The external things will just be symptoms of the change. Yes. Germane gave you quite a lot of information and this information that he's given you are the tools you will now have and carry into the future relationships that you have in this life. But you are going to see changes in this lifetime. but of course within the next 20 years there need to be pioneers and groundbreakers. We cannot stress to you how much we mean what we said about that. It's simply different. Sasha. And within the next 20 years we perceive first more stress in relationships that are fighting change. Sasha: All right. Do not be surprised. Third density is the density of polarity. this is Sasha. we will have a short break. what will bring about changes in your relationships will not be these external things but will be the internal momentum of your change of energy. with respect to your channel. absolutely 100% guaranteed. necessity meaning single parents. but as you know is a very solid foundation of Pleiadian thought. However. it's an expression of who we are. And you will begin to see. After that. the way we see the changes in relationships happening is that the next 20 years is the crucial point. you will begin adapting with less resistance overall. just as a model so that you can be presented with a different way of having relationships. then it's more than likely you will manifest it. and we're just going to throw out to you that some of you have expressed some interest in the past about knowing personally about some of my relationships. Do you follow? So the next 20 years are the most crucial in our estimation. overall. exactly. powerful changes within your life. If you are feeling any pain in a relationship. Our way is not any better or any worse than yours. we would like to talk about the idea that is threatening to many of you. not necessarily in every single relationship. and that is up to you and your personal choices and your agreements. we'd like to take this opportunity to just be available to you for questions. let me repeat myself. The actual overall societal change of relationships may externally seem to be a change brought about by necessity. of course. Now. When you start recognizing that and you start changing yourself. And that idea is the ability to love more than one person simultaneously. it really does not. Now. then I am desperately trying to hold onto some third-density concept within that relationship. It's a pleasure to be here with you and especially talking about one of our favorite topics. We're going to lighten it a little bit in the second half. That information is certainly available tonight if you would like to ask. but you don't have to manifest pain. Greetings. perhaps with the shortage of a certain sex in a certain age group.

That dynamic cannot be broken in the density of separation and duality. So therefore. And that is the difference between thirdand fourth-density relationships when you're talking about the ability to love more than one person. because using the paddle idea. As you move into fourth-density type relationships. It will simply be an adding of another facet through which the energy can travel." Do you follow? Now. and then you bring in another mate. fourth. Absolutely cannot happen. because there are many fears in many of you about the idea of loving more than one person simultaneously. and these fears are based in third-density premises so they cannot be applicable in a fourth-density reality.ideas are present. as equal to the love that is now felt between myself and my one mate. honesty.comments or ideas or questions on this? In third density it is so hard for me to see past the element of time. . When you're used to having a mate and therefore spending a certain amount of time with that mate. are present. I am deprived. Do you all follow? Thoughts. If another mate comes into my relationship now with my mate. we're not saying. there's a certain amount of time spent with her that in my mind I perceive isn't spent with me. you're going to find that this rigidity is not necessarily going to work for you. it takes away the love they can have for you. like two ping-pong paddles with a ball in between. these things are going to begin coming up. In a fourth-density structure (which has been outlined by Germane). most definitely. It is not time. living in the moment. I get caught in the time factor. back and forth. back and forth. you must just go for it. You are batting this ping-pong back and forth. fifth or millionth person entering your relationship can take away from the love that a mate can feel toward you. the intensity of the love between the individuals was as strong. The basic structure of fourth density is set up to experience multiplicity. so if I don't have this. if you in third-density. These 4D ideas do not support the idea that a third. And that is something that we would like to address. "This is better than this. Well.. The dynamics will have to change. but it might not necessarily work for you. the ideas of unconditional love and trust. It cannot happen. That is a third-density idea. if spending time with your mate is equal to the idea of you not spending time with your mate. It is your identification with something that is equal or unequal in your reality. you have a finite amount of energy that you're batting back and forth with the ping-pong ball. you are going to affect the energy between the two paddles. So when I spend time with my mate. and in this mated group. I don't feel the one is equal to the other. so because of the aloneness. that you must at all cost heal this. back and forth. There is a finite amount of energy expended between these two because there's no expansion. then the time spent with your mate will be equal to the time spent alone. those of you who have spoken to us at length are aware that presently I have a single mate. as Germane was not saying. When you love yourself unconditionally. Now. There is an inherent inequality within the emotions that is saying. it will not be a break in the flow of the energy. It can. Now. Make your choices. When I'm not with my mate I'm alone. etc. the amount of love is never less in a fourth-density relationship. back and forth. I'm not alone. And so the introduction then of a third or a fourth or a fifth person is going to change the dynamic totally. there will be no problem here. But recognize where the time element comes into it. As you start choosing how you want to live. I was also in a mated group. The basic structure of third-density is set up to support the idea of duality. One of these premises is that if your mate loves another person. Period. again. back and forth. as intense. insert a third variable.

at least right now. Both companies are appreciated. the recognition is there that you are the generator of your happiness. Do what you can. and the same thing with the Orions. you cannot be responsible for enlightening another. And so when that recognition is there. The critical mass is going to happen. through who you have been as a species. but the transformation to fourth density is going to happen. one of the other trouble areas in relationships is that a lot of third-density relationships have been based on really feeling like you own or you possess the other person. when your mate is not there. And when you see your mate. which is open to all. We have a lot of barriers in our society toward this information. when you lived with a group. The shift is going to happen. it's exciting in the moment. Either way. And then the third environment is the entire community environment. some of which are religion and societal conditioning. There were basically three different phases of environments. Both are equal. It will take longer if they resist it. you are excited in the moment with yourself. that is when it is equal to be with the mate or to be with yourself because you love yourself as much as you love the mate. if you will. as Germane was saying. Sasha. Question. We did live in one dwelling that is very similar to the one I live in now only on a larger scale. . because the way that you will heal this is parallel to your identity as a species. Can you help us learn how to share this information with the public and teach a new form of relationships? Just like you cannot be responsible for hurting another. the Pleiadian viewpoint on the relationship issue came about because of our past and who we were in the past and through this evolution we came to this point. I was just curious about that because. But don't start any more crusades! Each way is really different for each civilization. no. And that is up to all of you and whether you choose to take the bull by the horns or whether you choose to run from the bull.Exactly. Yes. I assume in fourth density that is completely absent. And again in fourth density. Or comment. One were rooms of privacy. did you all live in one dwelling? I know now you two have separate dwellings. It's just a question of when. It is going to happen quicker as people consciously make choices to pursue these things. invited guests you may call it. that there is a method by which to communicate with Earth humans that is any more thorough than what we have begun doing with you. Now you on your planet. that only we entered. it is still going to happen. We do not perceive. will develop your own personal way to make this transformation. The same thing with the Essassani. Did you each have your own rooms in that dwelling? Yes So that you could be by yourself as much as you could be with someone else. Then there is a secondary room where you enter with a specific group. You are it. Did you want more on that? Well. Sasha. So for instance.

The change that we are experiencing has more to do with our change in our relationship with other species in that to some degree. and the time that you invited Bashar [an Essassani] and Harone [a Zeta] to your dome.What happened?! Harone was baffled to say the least. We are opening up possibilities of relationships with all different types of species. that since the Dawn they will be reevaluating. You know those Zetas. but we have often preferred relationships with Pleiadian entities.That feeling of ownership or possession is the idea that Germane was talking about. one non-Pleiadian and six Pleiadians. very rough. Several of the individuals wanted to go off the planet and explore. there was no fighting. yes. it was simply a recognition that the excitement of the individuals involved in the group had changed. that's when I was in the group. let us say. It was a recognition that the next step was to move in this direction. rethinking their entire concept of relationships not based on conflict. We know that the Orion relationships are changing. I would assume synchronistically that your civilization would also going through relationship transformation. If that's true. It's a little bit different. After puberty I did a lot of studying and traveling and had relationships that you might call "flings. Of course! Did you go right into this group from puberty? Again. there were no tears or anger. there was no resistance.. having to deal with the need to control. it was a natural movement from one state to another. you seem to be willing to talk about your own history tonight. and some chose to go into a more quiet time. and therefore for instance. but it comprised the greater portion of my relationship experience. what is the nature of that transformation that you're experiencing as a culture? We're not so much experiencing a change in relationships as you are in the same way. to give you a very dramatic example. Just with a different twist. And because we had not anchored the past or the future into this relationship. We are learning the expression of that sexuality and that love in other ways. let's say there's a species who is so nonhuman that the sexual expression becomes impossible. or not even that different. Is there anything further that would be helpful in terms of how and why you left the group? I assume the group itself also disintegrated. One last question along these lines." But when I came back to my planet and built a homebase there. And we've discussed before that there were seven members of this group. So it's that issue. . the line of puberty is not as defined as it is in your culture. Sasha. not out of a sense of prejudice. So when the excitement to change the relationship was recognized. We are going through relationship transformation. We knew you would be the one to bring it up. You follow? Yes. So you were with the group 10-12 years or so? Equivalent. Yes..

But that's the kind of thing you're discussing. because literally the past does not hold your answers. There is simply one expression. we are all supposed to be skinny body types and physically in shape. We're not talking about the sex act. there is so much emphasis on body types. And we tone it down quite a bit!! [Laughter] Generally. We're talking about the natural flow of energy in creation that is sexual/sensual in its nature. they may be very threatened by our type of energy. someone else will be attracted to this body type. the non-Pleiadian was Essassani. Maybe. Now. I will be attracted to a certain body type. regarding the group that I was involved in for that amount of time¾we've said six Pleiadians and one non-Pleiadian. the present holds your answers. In third density. Right now. Now. What is interesting is that we have had encounters with females in your society (through this channel) who have found us threatening because of the sensual energy perhaps that they are perceiving in us. can it? Exactly. but I haven't met a man who hasn't sat here and said. That was kind of a landmark. So because the children in our society are literally the children of all¾which is something we do share with the Essassani. The idea of some individuals feeling the desire to know their true parentage is a reflection of the society's or your mass consciousness's need to gain your identity through your past. But in the transition that we're going through we have not developed to the point where we're always aware of that. no child feels unwanted. It cannot be used for control or manipulation. any man that I've been around. That was not so much of a challenge. it seems like it becomes very important to many of them to find out who their genetic parents are." I mean. No child feels the need to find their identity through their past. that becomes irrelevant. sex does not become a big deal. etc. They are very secure in their identity in the present. but he taught us a thing or two. etc. We are therefore threatening to them because perhaps we may gain more attention in a direction they don't want to look at within themselves. there is no sexuality/nonsexuality. all of a sudden this is the ideal sensual package that they all think they've been searching for. Again. and if that is the case. we have a situation where when children have been adopted out for example. that I've ever spoken to about being around your energy. Not only that. On our planet and in third density. A lot of this searching goes on. It is of a creative vibration. If sexuality is allowed to have its natural place which is everywhere in everything you do. "Hmm. if people judge their own or others' sexuality. Does the child always knows who their mother and father are? Does it become important for the child to know? No. going to bed with Sasha. And if you were to live in the moment. it can't be used against you. In fourth density or in Pleiadian reality.. Again. in your situation you have enough control over your sexual activity that you know when you are being fertilized and when you aren't.. but that represents our reaching out to other species more than we ever have. and we're not supposed to have extra weight on us. sexuality is not sex.. and that is simply that we allow that energy to flow. We never said that inviting them to the dome was a sexual experience. many people have made the comment that they feel the sensual energy from the Pleiadian entities.. a different developmental structure. is there any attention at all on physical body type? .

but the preferences are so unimportant. there is no attention on body type. So basically there is a separation on many levels of ourselves and so we need to keep looking for relationships to fill the void. you feel vibrant. But one of the reasons why you perceive that you are not all gorgeous is that being in third density you still must create ways to separate each other from each other. If you are so together and whole. So you come up with wonderful excuses for separation such as. so they will have a series of unsatisfying relationships. Conditional love. When you do not need something from another individual. I know. no one else will ever fulfill their needs. So what is the need for a mate? There is no need per se. But those differences are not from the result of trying to keep ourselves separate. why is it there is a need to have another individual as a mate? If you are whole and not separate. When you learn that you are the only one who can satisfy yourself. Exactly. If you all felt that way. So you as Pleiadians can enjoy the differences in each others' bodies? Oh yes. They are natural diversifying characteristics.No. you would have all that male and female inside your body. they're too ugly. Well. Do you see what we mean? Enjoyment. all of your relationships become joyous and ecstatic. if you're all gorgeous. Most definitely. you feel beautiful. It is that together we play and we rejoice our own individual connections with the Creator. that you are the only one who can fulfill yourself. It always seems in our society that people have relationships out of needs. you can enjoy them for who they truly are. it is not that they fulfill a need for us. conditions. . When we express ourselves sexually with another entity. When you move into fourth density." Oh. And that is the cycle. we may have preferences. But it is not a need in any way. in the sense that we do not need to seek this idea. You all feel wonderful about yourselves. that is a third-density idea. Exactly. That is very accurate. Now granted there are not a lot of differences in our bodies. If individuals keep looking for someone else to fulfill their needs. they're too tall. but we can certainly appreciate those differences when they are there. those symbols will change because you will change. Most definitely. "I can't be with that person there because they're too skinny. you would all be "gorgeous" also. Separation. Those symbols have been necessary for you to maintain the third-density identity. then why make a differentiation! But do you know why we are all gorgeous? Yes. Now. We may choose to have the idea literally for reasons of enjoyment and fun. you feel healthy. Yes.

the ones that we're heading toward? Because the visualization of these relationships¾if you take it past just the intellect. Recognize the need. Just visualizing a relationship that wouldn't fulfill my needs would scare me. if you're going from third to fourth and seeking to become whole. triggers a tremendous amount of fear. so you cannot imagine it so you cannot be threatened.It's almost like a paradox here. separation is all the ingredients to make a soup sitting separately on the counter. fun and excitement instead of need. The recipe needs those things. Sasha. If you do not want to look at your needs. They have no value except what you ascribe to them. you must first recognize what the recipe requires. you will not know the recipe. pain and struggle to eventually try to make up the recipe in a dark room. Do you follow? There is a fine line. Fourth density is integration. so for you to recognize those needs will allow you to chop them up and throw them into the pot which will then become the true expression of who you are in an integrated way. but do not reject it because of the need because you'll keep creating relationships of need that you need to reject. they can have a relationship with none or one or many people based on joy. yes. exactly. Work with it. How can you judge the carrots being wrong? It is your needs that are those . Can be. There is a difference. and so the fear will reach out for protection and will often put a wall down. having¾this individual and this individual and this individual¾and finding you're able to love all these individuals. If the person is looking for things that they want inside of themselves in someone else and so they have all these different relationships trying to get those things into themselves. You cannot judge those carrots on the counter as being wrong. and it will take a lot more energy. Now. then it is out of need. Could you offer us an interpretation of these needs as pointing to our eventual evolution into fourth density? Yes. It's quite all right to be in a relationship out of need. Do you follow what we mean? I'm thinking of multiple relationships at one time. Isn't that being loving out of certain needs and out of the separations inside the person? Does not have to be. Integration is the entire soup itself. How can you really tell that it's not out of a need for joy? How can you tell if it's just for joy? It's a good question. The recipe requires carrots and celery. and in no way would we ever say to you that if you discover a relationship is out of need that you should disregard it and throw it away. don't swing that opposite way if you discover that. you will not know how to cook the soup. recognizing your motivation and living it and healing through living it rather than rejecting it is going to be much more helpful. So discovering it in this particular case is not necessarily a way that is going to change it. So your needs in and of themselves again are neutral ideas. we would say. why do you think it is so hard for us to visualize the relationships that you are talking about. To use an analogy. Living the relationship. But if the person possesses all those things inside of them and is operating from total joy and ecstasy. In fact. You see? The needs are important for the eventual outcome of integration. Because that's what I'm in it for! Yes. Third density is separation.

recognize what you get with that choice. And the trick is to not expect to get the carrots from your mate. or you don't have that particular expression of anger? We don't have the expression of anger in the sense that we attach it to another person. But if you choose personal growth. Do you want to comment on that? Well. personal growth will always have to suffer. but don't expect the fourth-density package deal with that choice. In the way that relationships are set up now where it's based on needs. the way we will comment on it is that in one way there is no must in the sense that you are very welcome to choose relationships over personal growth. Then in fourthdensity relationships do you not have anger. Go to your own garden. and the anger that is felt from that is not externalized. you are making a fourth-density choice and then you can accept the fourth-density package to go along with it. . If you choose personal growth over relationships. as dysfunctional as they may be. in the book "Messages from Michael" in the first few pages Michael was discussing the fact that one of his purposes for channeling information was to get us off of this attention on relationships and help redirect our attention on selfimprovement (that's a paraphrase). You're not attacking someone. we're talking in ways that are different than you. So neither one is wrong nor right. We do not have that particular expression. If you want to choose a relationship to be more important than your personal growth. It seems to me that part and parcel of thirddensity relationships has been that the relationship would take precedent over all else and that one of the things that we're going through is the realization that personal growth must take precedence. however. Exactly. Now again. I become angry. then you can use your relationship to enhance that? If you choose personal growth. Nothing exists without a purpose. where we will recognize that we have embraced a reality that we don't prefer. and obviously I think I'm angry at him but I'm angry because I'm not getting my needs met through my own efforts.carrots. There are times when we recognize. which will eventually become a very valuable thing. are still eventually part of that soup and therefore very valid and very important that you read those lines in the recipe and chop up those vegetables and make them a part of the creation you are attempting to bring forth. everything in your life (including your relationships) will enhance that. and your needs. Exactly. They are ideas that will eventually be put into the pot. if my mate does not provide the needs that I expected my mate to provide. Sasha. As long as the relationship takes precedence. then recognize it's a choice of separation and that with that choice comes the package of third density. We are simply saying in terms of your choice. you are choosing to integrate yourself. You have to be the one to go out and get the carrots. that perhaps we have not been true to ourselves.

but there is. but why does it seem to be my choice to feel like I'm doing that? That's my question. I'm pursuing or engaged in a relationship by intention at the fourth density. And like we say with the soup. it's their choice. Well. You cannot deprive another person. Because you are making the transition from third to fourth. Ahhh." then I start sometimes feeling guilty that if I'm involving the other person totally at a fourth-density level. But it came into my life suddenly. I have one question. and I find that there's a tendency to go back and forth. The intention is to maintain the fourth density. And even if I'm able to say. I think you are because you answered it perfectly! You said that when I recognized the need that I would then put them in the pot. but would you narrow the question and ask it again. We are sorry. that need is okay. What Sasha is not saying is that you cannot satisfy those needs of another person. All you are responsible for is what in your integrity you would like to give to a relationship. or just recognizing that her needs exist? Her needs? Yes. pulling yourself back into third density. the bottomline question with that as a set up is I don't understand why I even feel concerned that I'm depriving them of getting their physical or physiological needs met by another person. getting the package deal there. then there's no room for them to get their needs met by somebody else if that's their choice. or do you want to pursue it from the fourth-density relationship and getting the package deal with that? So yes a whole new world has opened up for you which can do nothing but enrich you in the long run. But that still doesn't mean that I would then meet those needs? Just recognizing them rather than meeting them. from my thirddensity perspective. There is a part of you which still needs to feel validated by providing for another. You are not responsible for whether her needs are met or not. and if I don't stay conscious of that intention really clearly. If they feel deprived. But you can play out that game. I guess. But does that mean that I would then be physically satisfying those needs. Back in this needs issue. So your seeing that in yourself is very important. That is all you are responsible for.Recently my relationship changed with my mate and I went on vacation. I follow. You have given yourself an opportunity now to make a conscious choice. then there's a tendency to think I need to fall into third density and fulfill needs for the other person. and you're recognizing the specific areas that you would like to clear. It needs to be seen and put in the pot in order to transform into the soup. Do you want to pursue this relationship from a third-density perspective. and I can tune into it. Well. The last thing on my mind was a new relationship. I appreciate that. I refuse to do that. and I feel it's a very good answer. "No. We're not understanding the exact question. . That doesn't matter. if that's the case.

Now. and it started out. sometimes they don't even know themselves on the conscious level." and then I realized about two months into it that I couldn't say that anymore. You cannot know what the other person's needs are. you're not in fourth density. Seventy-five percent. and then they will be angry. there has not been time yet for the new person to fulfill or not fulfill your needs. ecstasy. In other words. but he didn't know that that was what I wanted. Is one of the reasons that new relationships are so delightful is because we haven't started manipulating the other person? Yes. That is so correct. So this now leaves us with one more need: the need for somebody to be with us that maintains the fourth-density intention also. Now the Pleiadian relationships framework can be likened to the beginning of your relationships when your expectations were very low and you are truly in the level of enjoyment. If you try to get caught in the game of satisfying those needs. They will not verbalize them. You can never second-guess another person. nearly nonexistent. Period. My husband tried to provide that safety and protection for me. whether you're trying to protect them from their emotions or you're trying to communicate to them. and let it be whatever it ends up being. Am I on track? Yes. starts setting in. If you have that need. You are still playing the thirddensity game. One of the things that we ran into was that I finally started examining what I felt my needs were. imagine what a relationship would be like if you did not need to be fulfilled by another. So when you have no expectations . and my two basic needs were safety and protection. and that's when the manipulation and the control begins. but he would have no idea how I want that provided. because I was just thinking about the new relationship I was in. you cannot know. the anger. and because the person is seeking to have needs met outside of themselves. hostility. I remember saying. whether covert or overt. my idea of safety was for him to put his arm around me every time we walked into a room.which is exactly what I do not want to do. So all I can do is present myself at my fourth-density awareness. That taken 100-fold deeper is what our relationships are like all the time. so the only thing that you can do is be 100% who you are. "I don't expect anything from it. play. But sometimes I seem to feel that I could just get out of the way and she could get her needs satisfied whatever way she wanted but that's depriving the potential of the fourth-density relationship. And just be pure in my own intention. very low¾hidden anger. they will never be satisfied. For one thing. you will get caught because it is a game. Obviously that is a trap. caring and sharing. However. as soon as they either start fulfilling you or not fulfilling you. Exactly. That's why that sense of ecstasy is there. the level of anger would be very. I expected a few things! If the excitement and the romance does not peter out by its own nature then it's simply sabotaged to death. Exactly. Literally 75% of anger in relationships stems from one partner or the other believing or being angry that the other person is not fulfilling needs.

much. We would like to honor you and acknowledge you for taking a path that. Much love and goodnight. and it is our sensing that we will speak again on this matter shortly. it's not a light switch going on and off. what a load off your energy. that idea cannot exist. that makes a lot of sense. So we don't have to wait for our needs to be gone for us to experience this love? Correct. that you're angry at. and we truly are excited to watch this happen because you will start to begin to see your divine connection. you can truly experience unconditional love. You will start to begin to know truly the beams of love that you really are. yes. It's a gradual movement from third. It will just automatically start unfolding. when you stop expecting another person to make you feel whole. that you judge. Yes. you will soar. That love that you will contain will be beyond what you can now conceive. for like the analogy of the soup and the carrot. 1995 by Royal Priest Research. they will transform. If you judge them. they will stay there on the counter. But we would also like to remind you that if you were incapable of taking the path you never would have chosen it. and they will always be an issue. But if you allow them to exist and you take them with you in your growth. whether diving right in or taking it baby steps. you then know there's an issue. I know a lot of people right now would chuck the whole fourth-density idea if they thought they had to manually clear all their needs before they got there. you can't feel the ecstasy. Much. . "If you can't feel the pain. The conditional love that is felt in third density is the love you will give if your needs are met. yes. and those of you who choose to embrace the fourthdensity idea. so then you can actually go through it by turning that around to unconditionally loving them in spite of the issue. You all have a tremendous amount of love and joy locked within you that will begin to blossom when you stop expecting another person to validate you. much love to each and every one of you.to fourth-density thinking. Copyright © 1993. By recognizing when you are conditionally loving someone. All Rights Reserved. what a load off your mind that is. The joy will start to grow. and you're going to start feeling changes inside of yourself." In third density. In fourth density. What wonderful things await all of you! We know that your relationships are painful. It has been an absolute joy to have been a part of your gathering this evening. and if your needs are not met you don't give that love. You can enjoy yourself. Once that idea is relinquished. The pain will start to subside. going to start seeing changes.about the other person fulfilling your needs. are so valuable because they make up the soup. Can you begin to experience that love while still having the needs and recognizing them also? Absolutely. and we've heard comments that humans have made such as. we would like to close this evening with that acknowledgement and recognition of all that you've chosen. the things that you see now that you don't like in yourself. And so. is difficult. Again. You are moving in that direction.

have connections with the Orion civilization and have come here in order to break certain cycles. incarnationally speaking. That's the general dynamic of the Orion civilization. recognize that these particular civilizations we are talking about represent either your physical forefathers or forefather energies. very long time to realize that all they were doing was holding a balance through the amount of negativity each group placed on the other. you have a good possibility of adopting in adulthood.ET History and Sexuality Category: Channeled. In a tug-of-war.they did not want to be found. the Black League Stalemate So you have the active Empire individuals. Now one was the idea of the sexuality of some of the races that are very close to you. We're going to talk a little bit about how their societal structure affects you on Earth at this time.galactic heritage and sexuality. certain patterns of conflict. For any of you who have seen the Star Wars trilogy. Since there were two subject matters advertised for this evening. the Orion civilization was based on the idea of conflict. "Black" is not meant to be negative. lose your identity or your memory of Orion and start again. We're going to begin first with a civilization called Orion . This is the energy. Thus you can see the dynamic.that is how you see it from your Earth plane. They were one of the areas of your galactic family that was committed to resolving polarity or conflict. So the general dynamic is as follows: The Empire was the dominant force within the Orion civilization. That responsibility often meant they would use force and other methods you would perhaps think did not have much integrity. you have individuals who were the subjects of the Empire and you have a very widespread underground group who resisted the Empire. for instance. Many of you on Earth. It took them a very. they would be annihilated. These individuals we've called the Black League. This is Germane. Orion Civilization . The Empire vs. What we're going to do is to talk about some of the sexual belief systems of several races that are close to you. we will integrate them together. in your galactic family and another subject was that of galactic heritage. First of all. who were the freedom fighters. These resisters were fighting the Empire and both the resisters and the Empire were using the same methodologies with which to bring about their desires. Basically we'll outline to you the philosophies of the Orion civilization. So let us start with Orion. First. As you know. This Empire took it upon itself to be responsible for its citizens. If they were found. whatever energy you are exposed to as infants. it simply means the idea of absorption or being hidden . The idea . if the weight is balanced on both sides.Conflict We might as well begin with the polarized point of view. This will also illuminate the particular societal structures that each of these races have so you'll get a little bit of both . the Empire in the movie is kindergarten compared to the actual expression of this Empire energy within the Orion civilization. the belief systems that you as a civilization have been exposed to during your infancy as a species. neither person is going to win. Earth was a place where you could come.

Again. This is the opposite. because it's definitely a two-way street . at least for now. but it's not necessarily the way it is on your planet. When an Orion is the equivalent of a teenager at puberty. During the period of time when one is seeking a mate.your civilization included. This is because of the societal dynamics within the Orion system. There is no "sneaking around. When you're chosen as a surrogate . they already have their antennae out looking for a mate. The relationship between Orions and their mate is of number one importance in the lifetime of the individual. and even a bit scary for some of you. there is no (to use a colloquialism) sleeping around. This is for a very specific reason. This surrogate relationship is for the purpose of releasing energy through sexuality. When one is chosen as a surrogate in the Orion civilization. So when the mate is finally found. In your civilization you are attracted to someone first and then you decide whether or not to make them your mate. So this is the one we will talk about. it is expected of each of the mates to take a surrogate.of losing your memory has actually been something that's worked for you rather than against you.when two people come together who are to be mated. to release emotional energy. The relationship dynamic is primarily that of the Black League civilization (the resistance groups). Very often other forces infiltrate their reality. This means that the Orion relationships were a product of their dynamic of conflict. is there ever infidelity in the Orion system? It depends on your definition of infidelity. Orion Monogamous Relationships Now let us talk about the relationships in the Orion civilization. you ask. The Orions have what we could call monogamy.and you choose to be a surrogate. the entire dynamic is a result of the structure of their society. because if you had kept your entire memory intact. very close to them. resonate with the most. very intense in a certain way. because this is the energy that you on Earth. There is no competition between surrogates and primary mates. Surrogates So. But if someone has to go on a mission or travel away from the mate. So you can imagine that the Orion relationships would be very. the arousal and the excitement come because the person is their mate. This is why an individual is excited only by the mate because they literally cannot allow themselves to be vulnerable with anyone else. There's a recognition . although it's different from the monogamy you have upon your world. That is the energy dynamic behind how their relationships are structured.the relationship becomes as mates. for an Orion is not aroused by anyone who is not their mate. The mate is literally the one person with whom they allow themselves total vulnerability. it's a tremendous honor and privilege. some of the memories (especially the Orion memories) would be quite intense." That is not an idea that is compatible with the Orion philosophy because of the idea of vulnerability. So you can see that the entire expression of relationships was from your point of view perhaps a little limiting. born out of the conflict of their civilization: They have learned through thousands of years not to trust. to release the energy of conflict.an instant recognition . and there's no doubt of that recognition. You will find that the nature of personal relationships in any society is a product of the dynamics of that society . but there is an understanding that the surrogate relationship is temporary. and so they've learned never to allow themselves to be vulnerable except with individuals who are very. to say the least. but also through nonsexual intimacy. The Orions mate for life. but from their .

they moved very slowly. for instance. one is for exchange of intimacy. is that the Orions do not know the concept of sexual fantasy. and the other is the expression of sexuality as a raw energy form. One thing we would like to say here. After awhile it's no longer control . Because of this.point of view extremely fulfilling. It is channeled through discipline and released through sexuality. so it's not a repression of anything. they started thinking of different ways to express their relationships. we will compare this idea to that of the Vulcan. and those types of thoughts were simply less and less necessary. The Vulcan is repressing. When the conflict was eventually resolved and they had to learn to live differently. So it would depend on which period of time. another mated couple may take in the remaining spouse temporarily to act as surrogates until that spouse finds another mate. thinking about how nice it will be to take the mate in her arms. there are basically three different types of sexual expression that the Orions used with their mates: One is for procreation. yes. before the conflict was resolved. Fantasy with someone you saw walking down the street. Experience does change genetics. does not exist. many thousands of years long. that is the way the stress is released. Q: I was thinking about how they had to learn to control their stress reactions because of the conflict. Q: Is it totally a cultural thing? Or has it been encoded in their genetics after awhile? It is encoded in their genetics after awhile. Any fantasy or any thought of intimate expression can only be expressed . which also points out the difference between you and the Orions. it is eventually genetically encoded. how they're excited? We have talked in the past about this and Akbar has given the information in the book. etc. it takes a force to repress the emotionality. there was a lot of genetic change. Because they did not have the idea of fantasy outside of the idea of mates. But. It's simply the way they are. This is not anything that is imposed on them. Let's stop for a minute to ask if there's something you have a comment or question about.even in thought . They did find it to be extremely satisfying for their civilization. So the closest thing to an Orion fantasy would be a female thinking about when her mate is coming home. But that was a difficult one. for fantasy simply does not exist. This is why it is of primary . They are extremely disciplined in their mentality. It is simply the way they've rewired themselves to channel emotional energy. But generally speaking there is a lot of rigidity. those of you who are familiar with some of the Star Trek scenarios. However. If one mate was killed. Q: What about their glandular system and the way they react to stress? Does that have anything to do with the way the react to their sexuality. The Orion civilization was many. There were some situations of group marriage that were usually temporary. societally speaking. for instance. so it would depend on which era you're talking about as to how genetically coded it was. they repress fantasy. Now. During the times of the intense conflict. When one is under stress. Through eons of time they have been disciplining themselves.it's second nature.in the direction of the mate. yes. That is an undisciplined thought. The Orions have gotten to the point where they are not repressing.

" which is simply taking the monogamy idea and expanding it so instead of two people. The Pleiadian Civilization . We would consider that to be nonmonogamous according to your definition of monogamous. the Pleiadians were very desirous of maintaining positive energy in their reality. That's their idea of monogamy. The person they're with at that moment is the only person they are with energetically. They have ceremonies. many of them do. because there are other ways of channeling energy. This is a direct connection to what we are talking about regarding the channeling of certain primal energies. the expression of love and sexuality at that moment is literally so complete and balanced and whole that there is no need to attach themselves to the other person and drag them through eternity. These marriage units are very loving. marriage rates increase. you may do some research. one on one .and that is how they choose to live their lives. but when they pledge their love to a person. they're monogamous in the moment. They are instead pledging and celebrating their love in the moment. This is. very connected. pledges at the altar do not guarantee that. There are also married groups.some from Orion and some from other civilizations. recognize emotionality in the moment . This brings up a lot of insecurity in some individuals we've talked to. The difference is that they recognize immediately when it's time to .in themselves and in their expression of their sexuality. they feel secure . So if any of you wish to examine that further. At this time they did not understand how vital negative energy is when you balance them and channel them. ancient Pleiadian past. You don't have to be as disciplined. which you have here on your world called "polyfidelity. there are three or more.Positivity Now we're going to go on to another civilization . We do not know if this has been studied or not on your planet. an opposite energy to the Orion civilization. But as you know from the statistics on your planet.what you would call marriage. very committed to each other. So what the Pleiadians have done is to recognize spontaneity. In the ancient. Present-Time Monogamy There are primary relationships within the Pleiadian system .the Pleiadian civilization. Because they have so many of these whole and complete interactions. a lot of their relationship structures and their beliefs about relationships and sexuality came from this desire to not look at negativity.but it's a little bit different from what you have here on your Earth. During times of peace other things are looked at.importance that each Orion have a mate. From their definition of monogamy (and they've kind of twisted the definition a little bit). If you are in a Pleiadian civilization. But you will find that in history on your planet during wartime. their methodologies of relationships and sexuality was born out of their environmental conditions. to some degree. This does not necessarily mean that they never live with one person or never have a type of marriage relationship with one person. but you will find that mated relationships become very important during wartime. As with the Orions. Because of this focus on positivity. they're not pledging their love for the future. the Pleiadians are much more open and flowing with these positive emotions. You on your planet have a combination of sexual attitudes . because many individuals on your planet desire the security of having someone that you know is going to be there when you're 80 years old and in your rocking chair. Whereas the Orions were very rigid and very disciplined in the expression of their emotion and their vulnerability. So they were intent on repressing negativity.

kind of like the . We would say that true monogamy is when two people choose that idea of expression from an excitement and a willingness to play off the partner for personal growth. When you are in a monogamous relationship. instead of your parental or societal conditioning. What he said was that many of us base our decision to be monogamous on insecurity of the moment and of the future . will show a lot of pain. When monogamy is chosen consciously instead of as a denial of something else (which we'll talk about in a moment). certain fears. a conscious choice. it's very. very safe. The definitions don't even say anything about sex. It's because they do not differentiate between sensuality or sexuality and life. that would be expressed as true monogamy.but when it occurs on that basis is where the problems are. you may feel that there's a lot of sensual energy coming from that being. my mind thinks of monogamy as not being sexually committed to just one person. you don't have to face certain issues.it does . Not that it does not occur here . On your planet. This allows relationships to be very fluid and the sexual energy within the partners is not held or blocked but is channeled through their entire body and into their lives. "This has been an absolutely wonderfully fulfilling relationship for me. etc. not having sexual relations with another person. the mate quite often will be very hurt. and there is a disconnection. total respect with no personal pain withheld on the part of the other person. Monogamy Defined The definition in your society of monogamy is two people committed to each other. however. the idea that most people on Earth at this time do not practice true monogamy. However.fear and unwillingness to do what you think is right.move into something else. This is changing now. Stephen said something very interesting yesterday about true monogamy." there's total understanding. you get used to the partner. will attempt to latch on to you. They express their sexuality only when they're with their mate in a certain disciplined time period. They recognize that it must be the time. it's the complete and full channeling of that energy through their embodiment. So if you have an interaction with a Pleiadian. The Pleiadians allow their sexual energy to permeate every aspect of their life. When you on your planet are in a relationship and feel that it's time to leave the relationship and you go and tell your mate. Sensuality or sexuality to them is life. Q: What's the definition of monogamy? On what planet? Q: From the definitions I've looked at. That philosophy is brought into their society by how they structure their relationships. It's just that one person may not be recognizing it. and you can go about your life focusing your sexuality in a very tight beam. or may be living in their own type of creation and cannot see what's really happening. I feel now that it's time for me to go to the other side of the planet and do something else. Within the Pleiadian system if the woman comes home and says. One interesting contrast is that the Orions do not express sexuality in day-to-day life. And that is not a valid choice for monogamy. as all of you are committing yourselves to your own personal growth. there are individuals in your society who choose monogamy for other reasons. both of you have. 100% of the time when one of you feels the relationship is changed.

We really didn't want to talk about this tonight but. As your consciousness raises. since we've already opened our mouth. Now. So back . so that you can choose whether you want to embrace them or not or learn from them and create something for yourself. this inner truth is not to stifle sexual energy whenever it is felt just because they have a mate. when they are denying and repressing. any more evolved. it's because the structure of relationships on your planet is changing. That's what's occurring now. deep level. This is not because there's disease and terrible things going on in your society. Dis-eases. as your consciousness is raising. we'll finish what we're saying. none of these civilizations are better than yours. No one here is any better. In your society now. Many of you are seeing that the divorce rate is going so high. If you don't choose to expand that beam out of fear. True monogamy would be rather Orion-like . So you're running around and reshifting yourself to see what works for you. It's important that we say this. because you on Earth will eventually come up with a system of relationships that is perfect for you. They could no longer hold that well of negativity within them. True monogamy would mean that the idea of extramarital relationships does not stimulate you on a conscious. you are going to be able to make some conscious choices for yourself. What they manifested were dis-eases very similar to your AIDS disease. For the Pleiadians. Right now you don't know which direction to go in. They are different. But you are already beginning to create it. But neither of their expressions are better. It's simply a matter of choice. yet how many actually have extramarital relationships? The idea of extramarital relationships is not a choice of true monogamy. Eventually. So what they learned from that is that when they are not being true to themselves.Orions. to find out what your own inner truth is. The mate is not threatened by expressions of sexuality from their mate. bits and pieces of what is inside of you. you don't know how to do this. It will work for you. the structures of your relationships are going to begin changing. will not have pain and fear. it causes dysfunction or disease in their society. they've taught you a lot. we're giving you bits and pieces of who you are. You're going to be able to make choices as to whether you want to choose monogamy for reasons of growth or for reasons of hiding fears or latching onto security.when that is actually what they are excited by. but will be one that will be birthed from the type of environment you had growing up as a species. There is no idea of threat or negativity from sexual expression within the Pleiadian civilization. You have parts of them in you because they have been your energetic forefathers. that system of relationships will not have denial within it. then is that true monogamy or is that choosing from fear? You already know that many people on your planet choose monogamy. the Consequences of Repressing Negativity Q: Do the Pleiadians have AIDS? Are they creating AIDS? Very good question! We were telling you a little earlier that the environment that the Pleiadians were birthed out of was an environment of the repression of negativity. It's very important that we say that. when they are not channeling both positive and negative into their lives and using it for growth. So when we talk about the sexuality of your galactic family. In ancient Pleiadian history there was a period of time when they were repressing so much negativity that it had to bleed out in other directions.

and anger and pain lie. many dimensions to it. that does not constitute separation at all. The dimension we will choose to talk about for now.it's a partnership. It's a matter of resistance and flow. or clear the energy so you can stay. very deep levels . so when you talk about the Pleiadians bringing a relationship to a conclusion and moving on to another one. to understand where your fears. Repression of Sexuality The issue of AIDS on your planet now has many. when we feel that a relationship might be over. they separate into two wholes instead of two halves. They recognize that when they separate they are separating into two wholes instead of two halves. If you try to leave and it's very difficult . When they are having a relationship. Whenever there's resistance.then you're going to find that you are not looking at something. We understand it's not necessarily a sexual disease. There's no competition for one to get something out of it and rip off the other person.levels that you've not wished to look at before. is that ultimately the reason it is occurring on your planet now is indicative of the repression you have about sexuality . examine your motivation.your own and others'. Because of our inability from time to time to clearly see our own issues. that you're only whole when you're in a relationship. with your question.meaning that you get a job on the other side of town or things flow . If you really feel that .you're going to find the motivation is because there's a need for growth and you're following that path.then they did have some disease. they're a mirror image of themselves.things just don't happen to assist you in leaving. AIDS. if you say AIDS to a roomful of people. think about taking action. and only now in the last fifty years are allowing yourself to begin to look at. Correct. and to release that. The reason this comes about is that they recognize the other person is a total. Relationships on your planet are frequently looked at as half a person coming together with another half of a person. there's no flow . are directly connected to your state of emotionality. There is an agreement between the two people in the relationship that they are together because they will initiate their own personal growth and help the personal growth of the other person . Leaving a Relationship The way to discover your motivations in wanting to leave a relationship is by examining the flow in your life. they recognize their wholeness as separate beings and come together as a whole being as well. thinking separation is a solution. Q: Separation is never a solution. Whenever there's flow. If. more than any other disease you have on your planet. AIDS and cancer. So when they separate. Q: You've spoken about Pleiadians being able to separate freely. There are some people who are choosing to manifest the AIDS virus as symbols for the world instead of ways to let out some of this energy. absolute reflection of themselves. yes. what's the first thing they think? Sex! So it's coming up on one level only (there's much more to this) as a way for you to examine your sexual premises. for instance.how can we tell whether our feeling a need to separate is from ego-generated issues of fear. However. It was entirely a product of what they were repressing. because they're giving the opportunity for your planet to heal itself on very. Something needs to be resolved which will either clear the energy so that you can leave. or whether it's a true excitement. you want to leave your wife or husband and it's very easy for you to do so . But each person who is manifesting it is doing a very great service for your planet.

body. Unfortunately. the male has complete control over an erection mentally. two legs. The female breasts are used for lactation and child feeding in both civilizations. you would all turn and remark about how they look (they look terrific). you will separate as half a person and you'll seek out another half-person to make yourself whole. You'll only draw to you that which you are. Akbar [the one Lyssa channels] lives on a desert planet. then when you separate. because the idea of being one and a half is a little bit too much. It is in the same location but it retracts back into the body for protection. That's a perfect form of birth control. Their skin is very different. Ejaculation will occur only when that agreement has been reached. head. Sexually. You will seek out a half. anyway. Are they divided as we are into male and female? Sexual Anatomy of Pleiadians and Orions Very good. the Orions do not consider the female breasts to be anything sexually arousing although they may use the nerve centers during the ceremonies and during the sex. this is a terrific thing! You could play baseball without wearing a cup! You can still see it. It is humanoid. That gives you a general idea of the body types. There is a lot of ceremony on Orion concerning sex. Now."I'd like you to meet my `better half. the Pleiadian ears are somewhat lower than yours. so they have four very thick layers of skin to protect them from the harsh environment. so they seek another half to complete and on the cycle continues. That is why when they separate. . There goes another expression I can't use anymore . it doesn't completely disappear. it's olive-colored . Each person is not complete within themselves. two legs. and complete control over ejaculation.way inside. same thing). That's how similar physically and genetically they are to you. You will find the two civilizations we've talked about are both anatomically similar to you. If a Pleiadian were walking down the street. how much do you want to talk about this? [laughter] Two arms.'" Nobody really means that when they say it. the difference is that in the males the penis is retractable. A couple of other minor differences. Their hair has a greenish tinge because they have copper in their blood. Tantra Q: We have a practice on our planet called tantra. You won't be able to seek out a whole person. You would notice that they're different but wouldn't necessarily consider them alien. The Orions are somewhat taller (two arms. which is a higher form of sex where the energy is balanced to a certain extent to create a more powerful union. It's like some of your animals. It is your galactic family. Do you follow? Q: Yes. The women have similar control over ovulation. but Pleiadians are so much genetically like you that they consider you to be their cousins. Now. In terms of getting aroused sexually. So pregnancy occurs only when there is an agreement between the male and the female that that is what will occur. relationships are frequently not completed.a brown base with a greenish tinge. Comments or questions? Q: I have a couple of questions: One is about the actual physical manifestation of the sexual act. Thank you.

are both highly ritualized. including chocolate ice cream. but it's not a conscious. But this occurs all the time. It's part of who they are. One. similar to a Japanese tea ceremony. in a sense as a way to remember your heritage. Their forms of sexuality are both physical and nonphysical .because it's something you all know how to do on certain levels. In the Pleiadian civilization it would be the same thing. when the woman came out of her shell. The processes that they go through in a sexual exchange can be likened to tantra because it certainly does utilize the chakra system. one for procreation and one for intimacy. You see the difference? And again. You're also tapping into that understanding that this will be something available to you in your future as you learn about your own sexual nature. Q: Can't tantra also be used as an escape? If the consideration is that normal sexuality has something wrong with it.Do they have that also? Is that something we've inherited from them? We would first say that in the Orion civilization the first two forms we were talking about. let's do tantra today. This doesn't mean you have to study tantra in order to achieve this." The Orions are not aware that they are doing anything except their ritual. none of this is better than . For instance. Another level has to do with other civilizations who do utilize that form of sexual exchange. you very often come together for this integration and this sharing. but for right now you're not choosing to do it except in the context of astral journeying. for the Pleiadians that is occurring but they are still doing it physically. their sexual act is not a tantric exercise as a discipline but an expression that encapsulates the philosophies of tantra without their even having to think about it. There are some people on your planet who may use tantra as a way to escape their sexual pain.it touched a lot of people in your society . then tantra is better. It's not as if they would say. "Well. So it touched you .deliberately nonphysical. like you saw in Cocoon. That is one way. yes. Q: Is there any type of nonphysical sexual exchange while we're awake and in the body? Doesn't something like this occur sometimes when people are fantasizing on some level. But you will find that in the Pleiadian expression. maybe not visually but emotionally? The situation in Cocoon was that you had two people focused on each other. If you're fantasizing alone you may be doing that and getting the attention of the person you're fantasizing about on another level. so to speak. You would find that within that ritual there would be practices very close to tantra. So when you are on your nonphysical journeys. That's one level of it. because it is a God union. Well. eye-toeye recognition. all of you are extremely sexually active in your dream or astral state. There is a civilization called Essassani who represent (and we don't mean this as being better) a future evolutionary path for Earth. in her light form and they had that powerful integration . That type of exchange occurs very frequently. Q: In the movie "Cocoon".that rang true on some level as if we'd known it before. several different levels. On Earth a lot of you are implementing tantric practices. So it would depend on the motivations of any given individual. Anything on your planet can be used as an escape. It's not necessarily considered sex per se as it is what you'd call an integration.

We knew this was to occur.anything else. The Zeta Reticuli Civilization . we also knew that we were becoming sterile. Our females were not able to adapt to this cranial increase. that there was to be a species crisis. The Human-Reticuli Agreement for Species Transformation It is our understanding that you as a species have agreed to assist us in our transformation. Yet we know an agreement has been achieved and we promise you that we will uphold . We recognized that we were literally having a species crisis and so we prepared ourselves for survival. so we were called. We had war. then. Within our civilization we had much diversity. we have come to realize that what we wanted to achieve had a lot of forethought. We know you have many questions. At this time most are simply attributing negative scenarios to us. Sometimes the birth would even kill the mother. a way to incorporate into ourselves new genetics so that our species will survive. balanced and nonviolent in every way. We were born from conflict. Due to severe radiation. we had differing belief systems and we also eventually had severe toxicity that was brought into our environmental system through individuals on our planet who were progressing technologically at a very rapid rate. It was understood by us. and that is not the case. Throughout thousands of years of cloning. It becomes dimmer. we could control the future of our race. We have much to share with you. Our unique way was to begin preparing underground facilities that we could go into. less complete. At this point in time. We will tell you briefly about our historical evolution so you can understand some of the orientations we have that you interact with in your present time continuum. we were born from crisis. First we will say that in no way do we orient ourselves as being negative. We in turn have agreed to assist you in yours. the majority of people on your planet are not aware that we are assisting you.Group Mind This is Harone. You are learning and growing. and so there were many of what you would call unsuccessful births and stillbirths. it becomes less likely that the original image will continue to exist. We learned cloning abilities and this was of great excitement to us because we realized that then we could control the conception process. Thus you have the beginning of the race that you have called the Zeta Reticuli. but we made great errors in how we went about achieving it. Over a period of generations we recognized that the cranial size of our infants was growing larger at a marked rate. to clone out the wide range of neurochemical responses in our brain so that emotionally our state of being would be consistent. We gave much thought to this and chose. We adapted ourselves to this crisis in the only way we knew how and thus you have the species that you see in your present day. who we've been talking about. We now have so little variation in our species genetically that it is as if you are taking a photograph and xeroxing it time and time and time again. You have been talking about us. and we cannot share this with you from our present state of being. We needed. We are Zeta Reticuli consciousness. are also learning and growing. Our definition of negative means that we would have selfserving interests only. as we saw the birth rate decrease. once we were underground. Your forefathers. since our environment was going to collapse. Millennia ago we were a thriving civilization much like you. We will begin by telling you a little about our work with your species. There is much to share with you.

we are told that their numbers are quite small. That we will assist you in triggering latent genetic codes that will propel you into an accelerated state of genetic evolution. we will carry out this agreement of assisting in this species triggering. It is also a great honor for us that you have chosen to play a role for us as well. Even though we do not understand why. These codes were placed in you by your forefathers and were designed to be triggered when you achieved a certain vibratory rate. we have joined hands and we are transforming together.we are not separate . We have been told by others who interact with us that your species' goal at the present time is in expressing and then integrating your fears. many generations until now you cannot tell us apart . Our end of the agreement is as follows: 1. We are also told by other entities that there are others who are genetically connected to us who are deliberately promoting fear in you. This vibratory rate occurs when your consciousness accelerates. It is a great honor for us to play this role for you. but those we interact with who are guardians to you tell us that your confrontation with your fear is of vital importance at this time in your development. However.our end of the agreement. we also desire to learn how once again to connect with our humanity through the idea you call sexuality.males from females. when we went underground and began cloning. In our work with you. we will have physical facilitators. Our organs began atrophying over many. That is what is occurring now. although on a chromosomal level we are still either XX or XY. Some of them can be activated from the etheric level. We are taking a species leap together. We will become much more individualistic. you will become more unified. when we interact with you either physically or etherically. We seek emotional understanding and we also understand that you express your emotions in a sexual nature. Simply put. 2. In no way do we perceive we are being intrusive. other extraterrestrial beings who help to facilitate this process. They would have you think they are much more numerous. we did away with the idea of physical procreation as well as the sexual act. As we have agreed to do millennia ago. Though we do not intentionally desire to trigger your fear. You will find that as evolution occurs. we will become much more similar. This will provide a way for us to finally open communication so that you may begin unfolding your memories of your species heritage and of the galactic family of which you are a part. There is a recognition that neither our species nor yours can continue indefinitely the way it is. Zeta Sexual Orientation When we communicate with you in this fashion through a physical channel. We are infinitely entwined . Because we have lost this ability for so long.though our realities may say we are. these latent genetic codes. Recognize that from our point of view and from the point of view of your mass consciousness. So we are fascinated by the sexual act that you have upon your world and the emotional processes that you encounter during these acts. Even though we do not understand the concept of emotion we seek to understand it and we watch you in order to do so. we work with these genetic structures. we are made aware that our interactions with you do in fact trigger that fear. for from our point of view we . It is not our desire to promote fear in you. We have joined hands together with you in order to bring about this species evolution for both of us. some need activation on the physical level. we understand that our interactions with you promote fear in some people. We are very connected and for that we send our gratitude. We are told by them that you desire to hear about our sexual orientation or lack thereof.

what was happening in your culture. We are not deliberately doing anything to you. When we interact with you. the natural tendency was for the cranium to grow so we would recognize there was a crisis and would then examine this crisis and recognize the gap between spirituality and technology. You see this on your planet now when you demand proof for everything rather than recognizing a flow or a connectedness to all. many of you have come to our reality. You manifest this now in a way much less dramatic than the way we did. which is a complete and total merging with our one identity. We're afraid of being vulnerable. even more than upon your world today. Unfortunately for our development.recognize you have given us permission. Your interactions with us will not be from a fear-based orientation. Many people experience that idea being violated during an abduction experience. Q: What did the enlargement of the cranium symbolize? You could have manifested any number of physical difficulties. In exchange for this gift that you have given us. and we would like to take this opportunity to address those if you would like to ask them. If you as a species look in these dark corners where you are afraid to look. It has been an honor that you have agreed to come and share this with us. Our interactions with you represent evolution. We learn what we desire. Evolution requires the one evolving to look deeply into the mirror of self and choose what is undesirable for the evolution and to relinquish it. Intellect! An imbalance of intellect over spirituality. Q: At the point in time in your history where children's heads were getting too large for birth. so we have erected a lot of psychological and emotional methods to protect our sexuality. engage those fears and move through them. your civilization. Our mass consciousness desired a way to communicate the importance of this recognition of the gap. Can you speak to us on how you view this? What are you exploring? What are you learning about our sexuality? And what is your intent? First of all. this is an equal exchange. There are times when we will view you when you are having sexual exchanges in order that we may somehow learn how to initiate this within ourselves. your interactions with us will change dramatically. This translates into your consciousness as threat because it requires you to look at yourself and relinquish things you have been carrying as a part of yourself. recognize we have no intent. we did not recognize this until after we had begun cloning. It was even more pronounced in our civilization. that this would manifest itself symbolically? Our technological abilities were not paralleling our spiritual progression. which tends to cause a lot of trauma. So in terms of symbolic expression. as we have stated. There became a very marked gap between spirituality and technology. We recognize there may be questions from you. you learn what you desire. Our interactions with you push buttons. You are resisting . you feel the tide of evolution. Sexuality in Abductions Q: Can you talk about your interest in our sexuality as experienced by people who are abducted? Our sexuality is something that our species protects. to change you. to our crafts and you have viewed us engaged in what we call our Oneness ritual. From our point of view. Our interactions with you bring up this in your consciousness.

It penetrates all of them. those are the ones who work directly with your reproductive functions.evolution because of your fear. how do you personally perceive this? How do you respond to those strong emotions? It's my understanding that you almost can't bear them. and from their perception puts the person in a powerless situation. of what procreation means to the person. Q: When you are observing people in the sexual act. that you are not part of species transformation. Very often some of us will have protection. We are extremely curious about your emotional selves. to the One. eggs. those groups will focus primarily on the head and the neck areas. Our way . not of what we intend to do . you are open to All That Is. you merge with the One and thus become an active force in the tide of evolution. what is of most interest in viewing the sexual act are the biochemical fluctuations. Q: Can you comment on the mechanics of what occurs during an abduction? Many people have their sexual organs examined and probes put inside them and samples taken. not as if we were invading . You let your guard down. It is a matter of shifting perspective. We are divided. You cannot connect fully with your Divine Creator or Self unless you become totally vulnerable. skin samples and also an understanding. If you surrender. that's what I was getting at. but we do pay attention to them. This in itself causes a violation of our systems of protection. samples would be taken from all portions of the body. it really depends on which group. Some are interested in reproductive research. There is no arousal.again we speak of the dynamic. So biologically speaking. secretions from prostate. and until that fear is confronted and released. energy shielding.but relinquish your resistance and recognize yourself as a co-creator in this. It is also an opportunity to look at it as being in a vulnerable situation instead of a powerless situation. Some are entirely focused on neurochemical research. We may not know how to understand your emotions. Some are interested primarily in genetic research. There is a tremendous amount of curiosity in the biochemical secretions in the brain that are occurring during the sexual act. and in that case.not in the negative sense of weakness . or disempowered vulnerability.that is not what is meant . When you are lying on an examination table. I was asking for a description from the point of view of an abductor. It is not just cold research.sperm. Perhaps it would not take too much imagination to know what we seek . as you know the term.you are given the opportunity to look at the situation either from a point of empowering vulnerability or from a victimizing vulnerability. the choice is to either feel victimized and to hold and repress that pain of victimization in your life or to confront that feeling and then surrender.but vulnerable meaning empowerment. you will feel the pressure of evolution. whereas each and every one of you is part of that. when you are vulnerable. shall we say. When we interact with you in an abduction situation . a mind link. because the emotions are very intense for us. That is. into different groups that have different purposes. Vulnerable . And you see that in that choice there is no pain. as you would say. Well. you then become vulnerable in an empowering way. There is only pain when one chooses to focus on the idea of disempowerment. Are we being too philosophical for you? Do you want to know what we do with you? Q: Yes. saying you have not created this somehow.

or without emotion? Are you capable of what we would call a smile or would that be too emotional in nature? We would have to explain something. it is the only form that we could say approximates a sexual exchange in our reality. We are also interested in the physical methods of touching that you use not only in sexual acts but in acts of affection and maternal and paternal demonstrations to your offspring. Q: Would it be a sensitivity or a connectedness that would come from the energy that you have? Yes. Q: Would that have a tremendous quality of sweetness to it. Now that may be inaccurate . certainly. When we were speaking of our ritual of the One. and could it be radiated forth from your physical face or from your body? Yes. we can enter your reality in a light state. You've done your research well. We cannot deal with it from an emotional base. Q: Do you ever express any countenance other than what we might call deadpan. We interact with you on every level we can. And we thank you for being a part of our gift that we give to you. You would not necessarily see it as a smiling. We are capable of joy or ecstasy as a group.but right now that is the only way we know how to do it. that can be seen as a light form? And do you use that form to help us trigger some of these genetic memories whose time it is to come forward? Can you project that in various wavelengths or colors through the use of sound? Could it be detected and interacted with? Yes. and your consciousness will translate our energy into a shape that will tell you the identity of the energy that you are sensing.of understanding emotions is by first understanding biochemically. . We are not capable of a smile as an individual. which is very uncomfortable. Our love to you and goodnight. Other Zeta Forms Q: Apart from the physical form that you maintain. Each and every one of you have your own gift and we thank and honor you for those gifts.perhaps many of you would think it is . That is also something of primary interest to us. and soaring to heights of ecstasy of the One. it would be a sensing more than actually seeing the movement in the face. At this time we will honor the vehicle and depart. Sometimes when we are working only with etheric DNA triggering. Sometimes when more physical samples are needed. But we thank all of you as individuals and as a group and as a planetary society for the roles that you have played in your planetary evolution. We must deal with data. we must densify ourselves. Some of you will sense our energy. It is basically standing in a circle with others and holding hands or joining energies. do you project something that is not as dense in its reality. Do not ever underestimate that your coming here has not assisted.

the primary change is in the electrical system of the body. The electrical field of your body is literally the energy that translates spirit to matter. Not just the ingesting of it.Copyright © 1992 by Royal Priest Research. preferably water than is not from the tap but purified or reverse osmosis. Now. Also. but anytime you're feeling fatigued or raw emotionally. the voltage is going to be upped. so the electrical current is always running through your body. imagine yourself as being a river. So our suggestion then would be that you drink as much water as you can. but you will know what is right for you. Tools for the coming Changes Category: Channeled. Germane through Lyssa Royal. allow yourself to feel fluid. Let us first address the physical level. plan accordingly. What kind of physical changes can you expect? What can you do to help facilitate the process in a much more easy way? Well. So. The human electrical system is one that you don't necessarily consciously know is operating all of the time. This means that water will become perhaps more important to you than it ever has. but the submersion in it (whether it be your baths. You are 90 some-odd percent water. Remember to eat foods that have a high water content. your showers. either in your auric field or in your sacred space (your home) is essential. All Rights Reserved. We would recommend distilled or purified. The more . Also. That will be fruits and vegetables. This is rather abstract. your jacuzzis) is becoming very important. whatever your choice is. a current. the presence of water. We have been talking about some of the physical changes that your bodies are going through and will go through as your vibrations accelerate.

you are in reality assisting the planet to melt the icecaps to get the water it needs. Your planet is also a consciousness of which you are a part. Actually. very helpful for you. or very specific types of strict diets. is to keep water close to you if you can. So. If you can't do that. but it can slow the detoxification and healing process if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer every day. the more you're going to facilitate the electrical changes that your body and the planet are going through. for instance. You can get one of those fishtanks.you can imagine yourself fluidly moving like water. there are several options available to you. You may also sit by a lake. The closer that you can get to the water when you feel you need recharging will be very. wear some of it. You may even want to get some fish. You're clearing out the toxins of the third density. Now. Showering and bathing is also a wonderful way to get your daily dose of water. (No need to get neurotic about this. put your feet in the water. fill it with water and pretty stones and crystals and whatever you want to put in there. Many of you already are on programs of detoxification. and these can be put over your CRT screen and they can significantly reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to. and you can feel the environment of that water. If you use a computer a lot. When you bathe or shower. The radiation is not going to damage you. LCD screen. It will be a conversation piece as well. Put it next to your bed or put it somewhere in your home where you can look at it. we guarantee you. That's an optimum situation. it's all connected. your planet also recognizes its need for water. There are foundational qualities of 3D that are going to be transformed into 4D as you become clear. You are symbiotic. That's one idea. it's going to be a tremendous boost to your body and to your electrical system because there will be less interference. If you feel attracted to that. Use your imagination! You may also use the sound of water. can significantly slow . since your sense of hearing will trigger you in the same way. that incorporates water. you see these on your laptops. We cannot tell you how much this will benefit you. it helps to release emotional toxins which will then help to keep you clear. Along with water comes detoxification. if it does any at all. Several of these ideas are ideal if you live in an urban environment. So. that might be a little bit much in terms of energy. You may want to create in your apartment a small water environment. Another suggestion (other than ingestation). The body is going to respond well to this water in your presence and continue the process of cleaning itself out and boosting the voltage of the electrical field. We have often been asked if electrical appliances are harmful to human beings. Even though it looks like you all are creating this horrible hole in the ozone layer. Toxins can be seen as electrical interference. If you want to put crystals in your bath. so that it feels like a peaceful place to you. if you're living under major power lines. But in the long run. Approximately four hours at one sitting at the computer (without getting up). Many of the fourth-density planets have very large amounts of water. or fill your bathtub. And you reflect each other in your own transformations. If you are a normal person with a normal television and a normal microwave. on the market there are radiation screens. your planet is somewhat unique to have so much water in a third-density reality. It's very beneficial to you to go through some type of detoxification program (whatever one works for you). again. There is some jewelry. The water will then be in your auric field. it's not going to do enough damage that you would even notice it. whether it's colonics or juicing or fasting. You could get a computer that has a liquid crystal display screen. of course. it's up to you. because nothing will happen to you if you don't do it). Your planet is also going to be doing what it needs to do to get the water that it needs. that's perfectly fine. The water will clear out the electromagnetic field.

But what we can say is that it is valuable that it be said. Your self-responsibility will set you free! Sacred Sexuality. and it's certainly not going to do anything. when this type of fearful information is given. no computer creates that. that is for others to answer. We have always said that information is meant to be taken as information only. where you are the only creator of your reality. No television. As soon as that is recognized and owned. Many say to throw your TVs. and the ultimate voice is your own belief system. ever be affected by anything outside of you unless you hold a belief system that it can and that you can be victimized. and that's very important to stress. you are faced with an opportunity to think about what you really want to believe in. Information that we bring through is not channeled so you will believe us. but so you will take what is given and learn to grow from it by discovering your own truth. information to make you think. This is about learning sovereignty. . Now. And so this is about processing belief systems. then absolutely anything can hurt you. Each entity and each channel has their own belief system through which information comes. then you can live under a power line and sleep with your computer. From our point of view. Information that is fearful and negative allows you to process your own fears. these are guidelines. If you truly believe in the idea that you create your reality and no one can be a victim. information to be added to your storehouse. because it makes you think. computers and microwave ovens away. Now. And certainly no evil government with a sinister plot! The power is within you. instead of listening to an outside source without checking it with your own self. It is not our understanding that you will ever. If you really don't believe that you create your reality and you believe you can be a victim. as to why that fearful and limiting information is said.your own healing abilities. we do have to state here that we are talking in generalities and that all of this is dependent on your belief system. and no more sinister plots. We have gotten questions from many people also about the teachings of other channels and health practioners. there will be no more victims. If you truly (on all levels of your being) believe that nothing outside of you can effect your health. then you cannot subscribe to the idea of something outside of you affecting you. Category: Healing. It's got to be one or the other. So. Look at the different things that you have learned in your growth.

.sexual union naturally also means the union of the continuing practice and its realization. The discovery of the key to the union of spirituality and sexuality is at once a path to. It is instructive to ask just how we ever came to feel so bad about even thinking about feeling good. and our most basic instincts. ironically. is the opportunity for ego-loss. tantra means more than embracing your physicality: all action. The heightened intensity of the sexual experience soon persuades us that it is the most important one in the world. the Western Judeo-Christian. It turns out there's nothing unspiritual about pleasure. People get carried away. and generally disavow as best we could any feelings below the waistline. the world's greatest aphrodisiac is selflessness. It inundates your entire being. and a gift of Enlightenment. A transformation occurs which evolves from desire and passion to a level of total and perfect bliss. the body. save dying. On the direct path of conscious awareness . but the game is over. climaxes as a shared soul-merging experience of Eternity. authoritarian male-dominant strategy for handling the emotions. transformation and transpersonal realization so prevalent and powerful as in conjugal lovemaking. It transcends the trap of the ego-self: In effect. Freud said that empires were built on the resulting sublimated energy.By the same acts that cause some men to burn in hell for thousands of years. pleasure. and begin to believe that the next great orgasm is the only important thing in life.The Path With No Obstacles . It bestows upon the lovers the experience of a spectacular breakthrough to the Infinite . thought. Spiritual merging in love is the elusive prize that everyone seeks when they lay down with another. but concurrent with our everyday existence. they enslave us and we enslave others.body and soul . Yet.Tantra For a thousand years. yet all the while the heart seeks nothing less than to lose itself absolutely in love. This is what the west has come to refer to as Tantric love. whether they know it or not. otherwise rarely known in human existence. People use each other for lust. (Ultimately. When we can't handle our attachments. What begins as duality and polarization within time. Lust is only a call to love. and be consumed in ecstatic union with the beloved and the Universe. We may think we are content giving and taking personal gratification. through no other human activity. The ultimate consummation of physical love-making is complete transcendental Union. No one is better than the Bodhisattva in bed. and realization becomes spiritual liberation itself.to unimagined heights of ecstasy. How to achieve such divine deliverance through one of the most common "animalistic" functions we perform is the secret known to enlightened lovers as the direct path of Love. The passions are so overwhelmingly powerful that religions have been warning you away from them since the dark ages. The most extreme instance is called rape.) The high art of making True Love is mystical and miraculous beyond comprehension. The point of giving her sexual pleasure is to awaken the bliss that she will then . and it's good for your health.beyond. It delivers you . and many have yet to answer it. was to keep them well in check. the Yogin gains his eternal salvation.

one should certainly refrain from using one's hands (not to mention lips and tongue). the single most compelling human urge after breathing and eating.D. rituals. Of course men and women compromise their morality and good judgment all the time for sex (although probably no more than for love." Certain religions contend that sex must be solely for insemination and procreation. after all. while at the same time engendering the proper reverence. money. Copulation as high communion? Is there any better way? SEXUAL SPIRITUALITY Many in today's generation are beginning to re-learn the sacred approach to lovemaking. innate sexuality.despite heroic efforts to curb our "lower appetites" . how can we transform the trap of addictive physical appetite to the ecstatic realization of Divine Union? It all depends on your true and underlying purpose. incense. mystical rituals. power.(Princeton University Press) SURRENDER The paradox of sex is that the same act can both liberate and imprison. and post-sexual-revolution "high monogamy. Let us celebrate and make sacred our natural. candlelight. It calls for constancy and commitment to the ultimate goal of Enlightenment. and get it over with as quickly as possible.this most universally accessible mystical experience of orgasm is debased into something dishonorable and dirty. and the total fulfillment of your partner. A truly relevant and realistic religion would teach us how to consecrate our sexuality. and conditioning. By that logic. ceremonial objects. accompanied by feelings of hunger and shame? Ironically. Respect for that very danger should make us take care as we take pleasure. The great enigma is." Cultures much older than ours have evolved ways for seekers to include their physical bodies within the context of spiritual practice and the enlightened life. Why is the divine gift of lovemaking so often little more than a desperate groping for glandular stimulation in dark rooms. and all too often .we find ourselves indulging in what is. when . even as we realize what a guilded cage it could very well become. Shame is taught by "authorities" who can embrace neither their animal nor their spiritual nature. or fame). the thrill. . state of mind. Sufi and tantric couples practices.combine with meditation on emptiness in order to attain enlightenment. But anti-sex admonitions in turn only give rise to guilt. .when people use each other uncaringly . Obviously the Good Lord made this procreational pleasure-drive far more powerful than most individual's (and any church's) power to control. Meditation. invocations. Passionate Enlightenment: Women in Tantric Buddhism . breathing exercises. Such careful preparations tend to quiet the neurotic mind and increase sensitivity and sensuality.Miranda Shaw. The essence of this conscious sex approach is to transform the very energy of your appetite for personal pleasure into one of cosmic realization. Ph. They fear one and fake the other. music. as in indigenous tribal customs. We might even say that repression of this primal biological imperative creates rapists and pedophiles. by harnessing your own desire to the happiness. and potent libations have been used to create a special environment and mind-state in which to sanctify sexual union. depending upon one's intent. Sex can drive you either towards or away from Enlightenment. But the inherent dangers are hardly reason to avoid the experience. or it is devil-worship. not deny it. and call this "correct. We need to unlearn our guilt about wanting sex.

Everything matters. The senses are magnified a thousand times. by making her (or his) ecstasy your own. The after-glow of such a cosmic physical union endures for days. Worship your lover. Gaze into each other's eyes. and time stands still. . Meditate. long and deep. Begin motionless and in silence. Invoke the Goddesses of Love. Die as a personality. Reside always at the beginning. Purify yourself in body and mind. Dedicate the experience to your highest purpose. all fulfilling. Surrender continuously. all purifying. Give voice to your feelings. and the climax is an exquisite release of the body. Listen for Inner Guidance. Foreplay is truly playful. Wait for the perfect moment. and you two become One. the animal/emotional/spiritual crescendo of love lasts forever. and it all conveys tremendous meaning and potency. Make love with your whole being. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Consecrate the setting. the heart and the soul in a spectacular shared revelation of the Universal Self. The experience is healing and unifying in every way. weeks. letting hers become yours. Breathe together. Use all senses Read your beloved's mind/body. EXQUISITE LOVE To lose the self in love. to the sacred fire within. Your partner becomes a Goddess or God. ours. Be born as pure Love in the Universe. all consuming. Transpose taking and giving. Trust your body's deepest impulses. die into love. Every touch is The First. You notice everything. The transformation from ordinary mechanical. Decelerate until time stands still. Move in slow motion. Opening all your centers. from passion to compassion. look always to the beginning and keep to the beginning. Time itself disappears and the Holy Universe becomes self-evident. Touch only in awe.Thus you achieve Unity through duality. The pleasure is immediately and continuously perfect. the passion intense and profound. animal to divine. In slow motion abandonment of time itself. Transcendent love is a religious experience. with reverence. confused. Spiritualized sex opens you at all centers at once. Give only pleasure and love. Giving and taking merge. Fall in love. unconditionally. Worship each other's pure essence as Goddess and God. Abandon all gain and control. engaging all your faculties. breathtakingly tender. Make it Holy. HOW TO MAKE ENLIGHTENED LOVE. whom you worship in awe. stay in love. guilt-ridden sex to the profound gift of natural/spiritual lovemaking depends upon a broadening of one's focus from the genitals to the heart..

" by Lonny J. .D. Ph.From "Enlightenment in Our Time. Brown.

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