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The aim of this project is to determine ways in which

cross-hybridisation of genres can enhance popular

music production
Aim and Overview

1.0 Compare and contrast 2.0 Discuss the historical 3.0 Create an album of popular
Project Objectives examples of genre-purist and future context within music using cross-hybridisation of
and hybridised popular which popular music
abstract genres to enhance the final piece
music production occurs

Project tasks 1.1 Research the 1.2 Research 1.3 Research 2.1 Research the role 2.2 Research the 2.3 Research the 3.1 Write and 3.2 Record all 3.3 Edit, mix 3.4 Organise
study of genre in examples of examples of of the record role of changing face of score songs for songs main and master Album artwork in
popular music. genre-purist hybridised company in popular independents in popular music the album parts and individual light of the
popular music popular music music production popular music production in bearing in mind score extra album tracks album concept
production recent times the aim of the parts, cross-
project hybridising
genres to
enhance final