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Memo Cutler Files 10.18.10 v.2

Memo Cutler Files 10.18.10 v.2

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Published by: Kennebec_Journal on Jan 05, 2011
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From: Jonathan Wayne, Executive Director Date: October 18, 2010 Re: Update on Investigation of the Cutler Files Website

At the October 20, 2010 meeting, the Commission staff wishes to update you on the investigation of the Cutler Files website and to respond to the legal arguments presented to you by the attorney for the Cutler files. To date, the staff investigation has consisted of one interview of someone whom we believe has knowledge of the development of the Cutler Files website and two individuals who have no connection to the site. The attorney for the Cutler Files has submitted the attached affidavit in response to a questionnaire we sent to him. Some of the information in the affidavit is corroborated by the interview responses. I have attached a September 26 letter from Dan Billings presented to you at the September 30, 2010 meeting. Since then, we have received written materials from Norman Hanson & DeTroy, LLC on behalf of the Cutler campaign; the Maine Civil Liberties Union; and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Tomorrow, we expect to receive a submission from Richard Spencer on behalf of the Cutler campaign, which we will forward to you by e-mail.

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