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E Report Newsletter
Issue 1 September 2010

Panthers United for Revolutionary Education, founded by Eric Cathey, a Texas Death row Prisoner. The aim is to bring you information on the conditions of imprisonment, Legal education of the death penalty, Social issues within the world and a complete insight within the minds of those held captive on Texas, infamous Death row.

P.U.R.E Report Newsletter
Issue 1 - September 2010 (pg 2)

P.U.R.E Report Staff

Editors Introduction
Now I can very well Imagine that those who encounter this Newsletter will be curious to know one particular thing. Which is: “What Precisely are the goals of this Publication?” The P.U.R.E. Report is a collaborative endeavour of articles (poetry and artwork) produced by Death Row prisoners. Now the name P.U.R.E in particular is an acronym which stands for: PANTHERS-UNITED-FORREVOLUTIONARY-EDUCATION. Now the majority of our staff are not official members of P.U.R.E. (only I and Howard Guidry are). However they are men of integrity who desire to share the goodness of what they've learned with others. So the subjects within our newsletter will contain various themes. Some which will consist of topics ranging from political to spiritual, philosophical as well as legal. Then there are those which will address historical facts, health issues, and factual scientific achievements. All of which are brought together as a collective aim to be educational, inspirational and informative, so nothing negative will be printed. Because I adamantly believe that through truthful (and positive) reporting it enables the reader to formulate a proper prospective on the subject being elucidated. Which in turn, may very well encourage a person to make a change toward the betterment of their life or within their community.. Now this newsletter is published BiMonthly. And all proceeds goes back into the newsletter towards creative means to make sure that you (the reader), are given the best information that I and my staff have available. Here at the P.U.R.E report, we believe in invigorate means, In which our best efforts are given. We do this for the people.... and those people are you. So we gladly welcome and appreciate each and everyone's support . So I hope that all who read this will gain something from what is discussed, within

Contributing Writers for Newsletter September 2010 M.D.Gonzales, Derrick Jackson, Juan Castillo George Rivas Beunka Adams Derrick Charles

this inauguration of our newsletter. .

P.U.R.E. Report Newsletter
Issue 1 September 2010
Wisdom, like an inheritance is a good thing, and benefits those who see the sun. For wisdom is a shelter as money is a shelter but the advantage of knowledge is this: Wisdom will preserve the life of it's possessor.

A place of captivity where prisoners with execution dates are held, And for the average citizen it is a place that is not part of the process of their daily thoughts. When people do think of Death Watch such thoughts are capable of conjuring up a wide range of emotions. For some individuals it may be fear, while others may experience emotions of sympathy, distress, satisfaction or pure outrage, that another human being must endure this sort of plight. But how does it feel to actually be there on death watch? Well the following is an interview with Mr Gayland C. Bradford. A Texas death row prisoner currently on death watch. He has spent over 20 years on the row, so definatly Mr Bradford has experienced quite a lot during that time. So let us endeavour to obtain an insight into the mind of one who is in the midst of such a predicament. And gain an accurate understanding of who this wonderful human being truly is.... The P.U.R.E Report: How are you doing Gayland? Gayland C. Bradford: I'm doing good as always under the banner of Allah. The P.U.R.E Report: Bro, I have to say, it truly does hurt me to see you over there (on death watch) and I'm not giving up hope. But Damn Man, you hate to see people you love in that situation. You know what I mean? Gayland C. Bradford: Yeah Bruh, I know what you mean, you never want your loved ones hurt or murdered. The P.U.R.E Report: You're definitely right about that. Well I can imagine that you may have a lot on your mind, and I do thank you for giving us here at the P.U.R.E Report, the honor of conducting this interview. So would you please give our readers a proper introduction of who you are? Gayland C. Bradford: Yes, I am Gayland Charles Bradford. I'm from Dallas Texas, and I'm a cool calm person that likes to meet and socialize with (different) people, and I have been here on death row 20 ½ years since 1990. Now you have been on death watch for a vast number of years, and at least eleven (11) of those years have been in solitary confinement, so quite naturally people would think that I person would have lost their sanity by now. (because many prisoners have). So how have you been able to deal with it?

A Proverb of Ecclesiastes

P.U.R.E.Report Newsletter
Issue 1 September 2010
Now you have been on death watch for a vast number of years, and at least eleven (11) of those years have been in solitary confinement, so quite naturally people would think that I person would have lost their sanity by now. (because many prisoners have). So how have you been able to deal with it? Gayland C. Bradford: Bruh, honestly, If I didn't believe in a higher being, I would have been a madman. Because this place breeds insanity, and inhumaness everyday on a man's mind to make him fall apart, especially if he is not spiritually in tune with God (Allah) or his maker. The P.U.R.E Report: Indeed it is encouraging to see you maintain a proper perspective on your journey through this predicament. But if you could change any aspect of your life experience what would it be? And why? Gayland C. Bradford: This life on Death-Row is what I would change. Why? (Interview to be continued in next Issue)

Juan Castillo 999502, Polunsky Unit, D.row 3872 FM 350 South, Livingston, Texas 77351

(pg 4)
As human beings, we, individually, are uniquely different in various ways. With this being the case, the Editor here wanted me to contribute an illustration on one's own perspective of Texas Death Row. So the following is my take on this particular environment. When I was a kid, I love dogs! I loved them so much that if I found a stray dog I would take the animal home...... Now, during this time, I was living in Arizona with my Mom and Sister. I always begged my Mom to take me to the County Dog Pound whenever we were on that side of town. The pound was a big place, it had different sectIons that a person could walk through if they liked..... Now keep that in mind as I fast forward from my childhood to September 2005, which is when I initially made my arrival to Texas Death Row. And the first think I thought of was that dog pound, I used to visit when I was a kid. At the dog pound all the canines were housed in individual cages. They were let out of their cages a little bit each day to get some exercise and their food was served to them while they were inside their cages. But one of the most compelling aspects of being at the pound was when a person would walk through there. Because, during that promenade, one would encounter various degrees of emotions emanating from those cages. The cages were made out of chain-linked fence with a concrete floor. Inside of them you could either see a dog jumping at the front of its cage while wagging its tail as it tries to lick your hand, or one might be relaxing on the floor like it doesn't have a care in the world. Then there were the ones that would growl at you and you could see those that even looked sick or depressed. Plus there were the ones who displayed anger because of their incarceration. But in all cases they were handling their situation and its surroundings differently. However, as I recall the looks on all of those animals' faces, I remember that hope still existed within them to be rescued or adopted. Because if that didn't occur, then they would be put to sleep (executed) And, like at that dog pound, we here on Death Row are unfortunately held captive in similar cages. We're let out of these cages for two hours a day, five days a week for Recreation, which is, in fact, merely a larger cage. Our food is served to us while inside these cages. And, if you were to walk through a section of the building, you may see someone sleeping; in the next cage there may be a person listening to the radio while singing along with the song without a care in the world. Then there are those you will who walk up to the door and say “Hi”, making an attempt to converse with you. But the next person you pass by might look crazy, (because he is kept on anti psychotic medication) And Yes, there are those you will find looking depressed or even angry. But we all handle our situations differently! Yet we are all hoping that the courts will adopt issues in our appeals to grant us relief. Because, if not, then like those poor dogs, we will be put to sleep (executed)..... On two occasions, I was blessed to leave the dog pound with a dog and a new friend. And I thank God that my act of kindness spared their lives because I truly loved my friends and certainly cherish all the memories that we created. Now I must ask you this. If you had the power to save a life, would you? There is no doubt that every life is precious so most certainly we should do what is necessary to save a life even if that life is a Death Row Prisoner. You know, when I was a child, I would never have thought that, when I became an adult, my life could possibly end at a place that resembles that dog pound I always wanted to visit in order to rescue those forgotten animals.

Now I am the one it seems who is in need of being rescued.
Written by Juan Castillo

Tony Medina 999204 Polunsky Unit d/row 3872 Fm 350 South Livingston Texas 77351 U.S.A

P.U.R.E. Report Newsletter
Issue 1 September 2010
A VIEW FROM DEATH WATCH (This article was written by Derrick Jackson, Derrick was executed by the State on July th 20 2010) R.I.P
I was asked to write an article on how I felt being death watch, and to be honest---- I ain't feeling it!! I consider (not Feeling) it a blessing, because I'm not trying to feel this shameful sickness of our society, however, I do feel let down by society to a degree. But for the most part, I cannot focus on my own feelings, because I am only one of many whose physical existence is being threatened. Now I'm in no state of denial. And I've never been one to ignore the facts of reality, I simply see death as part of life. I don't have a fear of death as much as I have a feeling of incompleteness (of my life). So I'm fighting an obsession with this day that they have scheduled for my execution, and as much as I would like to... I simply can't ignore it! Now I don't feel that I will die on that particular day (July th 20 2010). But I have a curious anticipation of “the day after” A feeling which is like the beginning of an end, so it effects you in one way or another, even if that end is not my own ….... The last days of a person's life at times will reveal a lot that isn't usually seen, sometimes it's up – lifting, and sometimes it's saddening.... After being on death watch now for over a month, my feelings still are not easily defined, conflict perhaps is the best way to describe living on death watch. Because one's thoughts, feelings, and emotions are in a constant struggle. No matter where you have to live a natural love for life will be embraced, yet being here, a person is mentally and spiritually preparing for the reality that he may be murdered, and at the same time, you understand that you need to be strong for loved ones as you feel their pain. Because the thought of your possible execution is an extremely devastating and heavy burden for your loved ones to carry alone ….Nevertheless, you are also focusing on your peace of mind and calmness of spirit, which is easier said than done. At one time I felt that I would shut down emotionally and cut everyone off socially, but I now realize that is not possible, for me to choose that course of action would not have been fair to my family, my friend, or even to myself.I spent over 12 years on death row, so on, can't help but to think of the possibility of being executed. However this whole experience of having an execution date and living on death row isn't entirely about me, but it's an experience that I am definitely learning and growing from.....I once heard someone make a statement here, they said “everyone will feel how you dictate them to feel”, and to an extent I may agree, but ultimately I believe that our loved ones will have sovereignty over their feelings no matter what the outcome may be. Nevertheless, if we possess a focus that is positive as well as a constitution that is filled with strength and faith, than surely our family and friends can draw off of that energy. But “what if” for whatever reason a person doesn't have strength, faith or that positive focus? >>>>>>>>

(pg 5)

If a person were to search for a breeding ground for psychological problems they would have to look no further than Texas Death Row. Sure, any prison in any State has it's share of mentally unstable people 'roaming it's hallways, after all most people don't go out and commit crimes because they're well adjusted, psychologically stable, model citizens. But Texas Death Row (I'm sure experts would agree) has more men with some kind of mental problem than most, and the reason is very simple, it's because of how we are housed and treated. For the last 10 years, Texas Death Row has been singled out for punishment and abuse by the prison administration. We have been held in 22 hour a day lock down. Denied the human interaction, prevented from having any vibal Arts & Crafts programs, barred from being able to watch T.V and most recently, Death Row has been denied access to the prison inmate phone system. One of the only ways we did have to mentally escape the cruel & unusual punishment heaped on us by prison officials was reading and sharing books. Well now, even that is being taken from us. We are being threatened with 3 months of enforced solitary confinement if we are caught trying to share books with other prisoners. There have been numerous studies over the last four decades on the effect of isolation deprivation, study after study has shown how this type of treatment can cause mental illness and worsen already mentally unstable men and women. Humans are social animals, to function as normal human beings, we need to be able to interact with, and socialize with other people. I once heard an expert on prison reform say that Texas has the most inmates in long term solitary confinement than any prison system in the world. As Death Row inmates, our punishment for the crime we are convicted of is suppose to be death. Not solitary confinement... Not the denial of privileges allowed to other inmates (even those with multiple convictions) in general population. Nor the Mental and Physical torture we have lived under for the past 10 years....

By Tony Medina Staff Writer. (TO BE CONTINUED IN NEXT ISSUE)

P.U.R.E. Report Newsletter
Issue 1 September 2010
Then what happens? In such a situation I believe that when one falling tear is shed because of pain, it will lead to many more, and those flood of tears will feel as if they will never stop falling, as the greatest pain and sorrow in our hearts are released. And sometimes this can make one question, and blame, which only makes matters worse. Everyone should clearly understand that nothing on earth, whether good or bad will last forever, and we should further comprehend that something good can be found in any situation, no matter where you are. And this perspective is what gets me through here and it's one I share daily with others. Now many may ask “What good can be found in losing one so dearly loved?” A common reality of death row is that some people live here daily, suffering in pain, and that pain is either mental, physical or emotional, even in the “FREE-World” there are individuals who live in that unfortunate state. So when someone you love (a family member or even a close friend) with whom you have broken bread with, travelled down memory lane and shared stories that brought you to fits of laughter, (or put a smile on your face that illuminates goodness on anyone who see it) are found in a state of perpetual pain. Then the end of their suffering and misery is a good thing, even if death has to be the cause.

(pg 6)


BY Willie T. Trottie
Willie Trottie 999085 Polunsky Unit D/row 3872 Fm 350 South Livingston, Texas 77351 U.S.A

(to be continued in next issue)

P.U.R.E. Report Newsletter
Issue 1 September 2010
Trottie's Legal Text in Texas”
Greetings to you all whom shall read this first edition of Trottie's legal Text in Texas. I'd like to start off this edition on a legal Text that's not in Texas, however th has “Texas” implications... June 10 2010 would have been the murder-cution of a fellow in Ohio, however the Board of Pardons and Parole granted him CLEMENCY! THANK GOD! His granting of clemency was based on the fact and erroneous and so called “expertise” testimony of a so-called Dr Shrode's uncertification analysis. There's two things very important here, One: This doctor Shrode, WAS NOT EVEN A QUALIFIED or CERTIFIED in certain areas as he'd claimed to be in his resume/applications to be hired for the job. Two: His uncertifications, qualifying him as an expert in capital murder trials, has indeed caused men to be sentenced to death! Because of his “expert testimony”. Now, here in Texas Twist-connection.... Dr. Shrode was recently FIRED from EL PASO medical examiner's position, because, … of the Ohio case in which so claimed Dr.Shrode made claims, and testified that the victim in that case had been beaten a few hours, and then later strangled to death, when in fact Dr.Strode's own supervisor denounced those claims saying that any bruises on a body can not be determined the length of time they were inflicted to coincide with the death. So, with Ohio's Board of Pardons and Parole and the Governor's “reasonable doubt” they cautioned on the side of truth, and commuted this guy's death sentence. Thank God for their rationality.... But, here is the Texas connection as well, a fellow here on Texas Death Row (Michael Perry) was st murder-cuted on July 1 2010, and he was subjected to this murder-cution because this same Dr. Shrode likewise testified and claimed similar, unfounded claims in his trial too. So, how many men across the country, in the USA have been wrongly sentenced to death, because of this Dr, Shrode's expertise Testimony? Although this man Michael Perry who was murder-cuted was from “Conroe” Texas, Remember I said earlier that this Dr Shrode was recently fired from EL Paso, Texas, as the Medical examiner there as well. Who knows how many men are here on death row from his testimony as well. We here in Texas, has no faith in our Texas Board of Pardons and you'd think that they would think twice about Ohio's decision in granting clemency for a guy there. But, Texas stands alone, they'll say, he, Dr Shrode did it right here in Texas! Even though EL Paso city council didn't think so and fired him. Lets hope and pray that other individuals

(pg 7)
I'l close this out on this note, think of it like this, You'll have or have had kids in school, and you send them to school on the pretext that they'll be taught, educated by certified and trained teachers in their respective fields, Right? And if you'd learned that they were not trained or obtained a degree certification as a teacher, wouldn't you pull your child from that school, or teachers class room? Why would you? Whatever answer you think of then think of it the same as you're a juror, listening to evidence at a trial, capital trial where the person is on trial for their life, and any expert gives testimony about their expertise then more than likely you'll take that qualification to believe that (he knows what he's talking about) But when its later learned that he wasn't even trained/certified in that field, how would you feel? Again think about your child in school, or a loved one on trial for their life! In a Texas case I'm sure many of you are familiar or heard of Hank Skinner's recent small victory in getting a stay of murder-cution? Well this fall the high court (USSC) will hear the case and decide (only) if In fact him and many other men like him across the USA can file a suit with the local D.A, to have any biological testing’s done on the evidence that they have in their possession. To make it clear for you all, it's two ways this challenge can be done, either file a legal document such as an habeas corpus, or file a civil U.S.C 1983 suit. This Civil suit is just like a suit you'd file against any person or business, if your rights were violated. I suspect, as in my opinion is, that they will agree and say yes, Inmates can file this suit to have DNA tested to prove their innocence. Just as they, the USSC ruled a few years back saying that inmates could challenge the “Lethal Injection” procedure through this same process, not through an habeas corpus petition, because that's like an appeal And many have already exhausted their appeals, you can not come back years later and file another appeal, that would be time barred. But with a 1983, this can be filed any time your rights are violated. Let's keep hope alive, that why they say yes, he can file this suit. They do not turn around and say, he waited too long to do so. It's all about interpretations. Okay, that's it for now, from Trottie's Legal Text in Texas, Until next time, take care.

Only In Texas..... Legal Correspondent WILLIE T. TROTTIE

P.U.R.E. Report Newsletter
Issue 1 September 2010
I'm on a quest, seeking answers to the question my very existence poses, My existence isn't delineated where my skin and bones meet the air, for the air my lungs create love which nourishes the trees; and I caress them with my breath. It is through this bond I become and sustain me in tree-form, so that I may give shelter to the birds of the fields. And it is on the wings of to and fro; the pellets I drop contain the seeds of sunflowers I consume along my journey under the sun. When heaven and earth copulate, the clouds of father heaven open wide to shower Mama earth with his riches, the seeds of the sun, reach up, forth from the womb of Mama Earth, toward the Golden orb of life that unites all beneath it's gaze. And among this field called “Life”, we are all children of the sun, One.

(pg 8)
I saw a good man..... Seen a good man do the best he can, Done all he could. Tried to be what a good man should but the state didn't understand, Wouldn't offer him a caring hand, Said that he should quit, Said that he didn't fit. He tried to remain sane But he was a man engulfed in pain. Let him Live; Let him learn! But Life grants him no second term.

Featuring Moya Nuru Derrick Charles Beunka Adams

Life through my bloodshot eyes would scare a square 2 death poverty, murda, violence and never a moment to rest fun and games r few but treasured like gold to me cuz I realize that I must return 2 my spot in poverty but mock my word when I say my heart will not exist unless my destiny comes through and put an end 2 all of this

Written by Moyo Nuru
So the State set him a date. Too little time..... Too little love..... Too Much hate....

Written by Derrick Charles

Written by Beunka Adams

P.U.R.E. Report Newsletter
Issue 1 September 2010 (pg 9)

WHO DO YOU REPRESENT “Who do you represent?” That was one of the first questions I was asked when I came to Prison ...”who do you Represent....” My reply had serious consequences, which could literally mean life or death. How much more ,than should this apply to eternal life or eternal death? I realize there are already various studies on this subject, but I've received some insight from the holy spirit that I'd like to share with you. An Ambassador represents another Country or Government while living within a Foreign (host) Country. I'll use our American Ambassadors as an example... These Ambassadors have a place to live- called an Embassy – and what makes this residence unique is that the building, land and all property, are considered American Property. Even though it's smack-dab in the Middle of another Country! The Ambassadors themselves also have special privileges that entitle that entitle them to rights which even the native citizens of the Host Nation don't have. And the Job of the Ambassador? Simply to represent all of the “interests” of the U.S.A. To a Foreign Nation, which translates to representing America itself.... Now for a few enlightening details. If the economy of the Host Nation goes Bankrupt, the American Embassy is not affected one bit. Should an epidemic of any kind strike, the staff within the Embassy has it's own medical team to attend to it. Security is handled by the U.S Marines, who in turn can call in for backup from the entire U.S. Government …. All of this for a single plot of land and a handful of people in a Foreign country. Yet scripture calls US Ambassadors of Christ (2 cor.5:20) so we too represent a different Government... The Kingdom of God! We too can enjoy the rights and privileges of this Kingdom, but our primary concern is to represent all of the interest of our heavenly father, while dwelling on this earth. 11:13-16) and we are to shine as lights in the midst of darkness. Bringing light to those around us (1 Thess.5.5 and Phil.2:15). This earth “is our”Host”.

We too live in a foreign Nation once we've become born again (col.1:13 11:1316) and we are to shine as lights in the midst of darkness. Bringing light to those around us (1 Thess.5.5 and Phil.2:15). This earth “is our”Host”. And we are “walking embassies” since every member of the body of Christ is a temple in which God Dwells. Where we go, he goes..... Every step you take, every word you speak, every activity you take part in, the Kingdom of God is represented. You literally represent Jesus Christ! And regardless of what goes on around us (bad economy, war, famine, sickness etc.), keep in mind that all is well within the Kingdom of Heaven. How does this affect you now? Consider the earlier example of an American Ambassador... He's not directly affected nor concerned for his own well-being (though of course he's concerned for the people of his Host) because of his provision is made by the U.S Government. See my point? We are living in very different times, and this world as a whole seems to get only worse by the day. In fact scriptures tell us that this must occur before our lord returns; I.e 2pt.3: 1-13 Yet, we have the support and backing of the entire Kingdom of Heaven, because God almighty is our father, his own beloved son is constantly representing us, and his spirit lives within us. Our provision and protection, as well as all Christ has, comes from our heavenly father, not from this world (Matt.6:31-34, Phil. 4:19, 1 cor.3:21-23) Plus the lord has assigned his mighty angels to watch over us (Psalm 91 and Matt.18:10) Do you have a better understanding now of our Ambassadorship? Can you see the peace, security, and strength we have, knowing we represent the Kingdom of Heaven, and in turn God himself supports us.? Review the scriptures cited (though there's plenty more) and allow them to renew your mind, strengthen your heart, and direct your actions. Remember, whoever you are... wherever you are, The Kingdom of God is represented.

In Christ Guest Contributor

George Rivas.

P.U.R.E. Report Newsletter
Issue 1 September 2010 (pg 10)