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Unit I Sub-Topic #2

Nursing as a Science
NURS 3110

Application Exercise #2

Study the following scenario:

Terry is a 7 y/o girl, who was the unfortunate victim of a car accident. She suffered
severe trauma to her right arm and the prognosis is poor. She might not be able to use her
arm again. Terry’s mom is very worried. Terry was a very talented art student and had a
lot of artistic abilities. Before the accident, she was a very active girl, and belonged to
the Girl Scouts. Since the accident Terry just stays at home watching TV silently.

Please answer the following questions:

1. Choose a nursing theory to apply to this scenario.
2. Which interpretations of the above theory could you apply to Terry’s health-disease
3. According to the selected theory, which would be the nursing interventions at short
and long term for Terry?
4. What would be this theorist’s point of view regarding the mother and other resources
involved in Terry’s care.

Web References: Nursing Theory
Nursing Theory Page

The Nursing Theory Page:

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The Parse Page:

Martha Rogers Home Page (Rogers' Science of Unitary Human Beings)

University of San Diego
Unit I Sub-Topic #2
Nursing as a Science
NURS 3110

Application Exercise #2

Theory Theory’s Focus
Benner Patricia From novice to expert

Gordon Marjorie Functional Patterns Model

Henderson Virginia Definition of Nursing

Leininger Madeleine Transcultural Model

Nightingale Florence Modern Nursing

Orem Dorothea Self-Care Model

Orlando Ida Jean Nursing Process

Parse Rosemarie Man-Life-Health

Peplau Hildegard Psychodinamic Nursing

Roger Martha Unitary Human

Roy Sor Callista Adaptation Model

Watson Jean Humanitarian Care Model

Pender Health Promotion

Josepha Campinha- Cultural Care