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PPT ford motors

PPT ford motors

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Published by: Sivadas Balakrishnan on Jan 28, 2011
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Ing. Miguel Angel Espinosa
Seguridad Ind.

Miguel Angel Espinosa .AVOID ACCIDENTS WHEN CHANGING LANES « KEEP SIDE MIRRORS AT 90º TO REDUCE BLIND AREAS Good visibility = Zero accidentes Ing.

000 ACCIDENTS OCCUR IN THE UNITED STATES WHEN PEOPLE ARE CHANGING LANES. More than 200 people are killed every year due to these accidents. 60% of the drivers who caused the accident say they didn·t see the other vehicle. Ing. Miguel Angel Espinosa .OVER 600.

Miguel Angel Espinosa .YOUR REAR-VIEW MIRROR (Front Windshield) IS NOT ENOUGH What can be seen with only the rear-view mirror It only shows the traffic behind you VIEW AREA BUT You can·t see the vehicles at your right and left unless they are very close Ing.

NORMAL POSITION OF SIDE MIRRORS (YOU SEE THE SIDE OF YOUR VEHICLE) Use of rearview and side mirrors Blind areas are smaller VIEW AREA AND other vehicles remain visible for a longer time Ing. Miguel Angel Espinosa .

Miguel Angel Espinosa New View Area .NEW POSITION OF SIDE MIRRORS (YOU OBSERVE THE ROAD. NOT THE SIDE OF YOUR CAR) Keep side mirror(s) at 90 degrees ² see the road not the side of your vehicle VIEW AREA This way you will only have 4 small blind areas New View Area You will see other vehicles much faster and for longer periods Ing.

other vehicle·s headlights will not reflect on the mirrors Ing. making you lose sight of what is in front of you) y Looking at the mirror(s) only keeps you focused on what is in front of you y You will have a better view. Miguel Angel Espinosa .5 GOOD REASONS TO KEEP SIDE MIRRORS AT 90º y You will not need to look over your shoulders (although this is not a bad idea) y You will only need to give the mirror(s) a quick look to spot the blind area(s). (The former method takes too long to look and return to the normal position. including blind areas y At night.

this will help you to improve your safety and comfort. Ing.GOOD VISIBILITY MEANS ZERO ACCIDENTS It will take you some time to get used to the new mirrors position. Miguel Angel Espinosa . Be persistent.

GOOD VISIBILITY MEANS ZERO ACCIDENTES Try repositioning your side mirrors today. AND «. Drive more safely Ing. Miguel Angel Espinosa .

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