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Employment Certificates (Working Papers)

All youth between the ages of 14-17 must obtain an employment certificate in order to work. Employment certificates will be given out at the school. Students must submit all required paperwork to Ms. DeSario or Ms. Gervacio to get their employment certificate.

A student must submit an Application for Employment Certificate signed by parent or guardian. Only part 1 should to be completed by student/parent. See Ms. DeSario or Ms. Gervacio for an application. Social security card. A copy is acceptable. Evidence of age provided by ONE of the following: o Birth certificate o Valid passport o Alien registration card o Citizenship paper o Baptismal certificate An original doctors note on doctor letterhead dated within the last 12 months, signed in ink by the doctor stating that student is in good health (see example on the back of this sheet). PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS A PHYSICAL FORM. YOU NEED TO ASK YOUR DOCTOR FOR A NOTE SAYING THAT YOU ARE PHYSICALLLY FIT TO WORK.

Final step
Submit completed application and ALL necessary documents to Ms. DeSario or Ms. Gervacio.

Completing this application does not guarantee employment. After returning this completed application, students will receive working papers necessary to be eligible to work.


Dr. Liz DeSario 625 West 133rd Street New York, NY 10027

To whom it may concern, I, Dr. DeSario, certify that Jane Doe is in good physical health and can work. Please call me at 212.991.2626 if you have additional questions. Thank you.

Sincerely, Dr. DeSario

Dr. DeSario Pediatric Medical Group