A group of not more than four must be formed. The purpose of this assignment is to introduce the students to the concept of marketing analysis and marketing strategy. This exercise is also to complement the concepts that have been discussed in the lecture. The group has to identify a company and has to perform an analysis regarding the market, the customers, the competition, other marketing environments, and internal factors of the company. Then the group has to analyze the marketing mix strategies pursued by the companies. Finally the group has to comment on those strategies and make own recommendations. Below are the topics that should be covered in the report. 1. Company background. 2. Market analysis. 3. Competitors’ analysis. 4. Customer analysis. 5. Other marketing environment analysis. 6. Internal analysis. 7. SWOT. 8. Marketing Mix analysis. 9. Comment and recommendation. 10.Conclusion.

The discussion on the above topic or sections must be based on the concept or materials that have been discussed in the lecture. In another word, use the lecture sessions to guide you to do discussion on those topics mentioned above.

The report is worth 25% of the total grade. The grading will be based on how well you do the analysis, the comment and recommendation. Please do not cut and paste from the internet and please do not use previous report because I will notice it when I read your report. This will usually result a zero or at most only 5% of the allocated percentage.

Any member who did not contribute to the writing of the report and who is reported to me by the group that he/she did not contribute will be given zero for the project paper.

No two groups will be allowed to do the same company.

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