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IBM System x3550 Type 7978 Problem Determination and Service Guide

IBM System x3550 Type 7978 Problem Determination and Service Guide

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Published by: Ray Coetzee on Mar 18, 2011
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If the diagnostic tests did not diagnose the failure or if the server is inoperative, use
the information in this section.

If you suspect that a software problem is causing failures (continuous or
intermittent), see “Software problems” on page 135.

Damaged data in CMOS memory or damaged BIOS code can cause undetermined
problems. To reset the CMOS data, use the CMOS jumper to clear the CMOS
memory and override the power-on password; see “System-board switches and
jumpers” on page 11. If you suspect that the BIOS code is damaged, see
“Recovering the BIOS code” on page 156.

If the power supplies are working correctly, complete the following steps:
1. Turn off the server.
2. Make sure that the server is cabled correctly.
3. Remove or disconnect the following devices, one at a time, until you find the
failure. Turn on the server and reconfigure it each time.
v Any external devices.
v Surge-suppressor device (on the server).
v Printer, mouse, and non-IBM devices.
v Each adapter.
v Hard disk drives.
v Memory modules. The minimum configuration requirement is 1 GB (two 512
MB DIMMs in DIMM slots 1 and 3).
4. Turn on the server.

If the problem is solved when you remove an adapter from the server but the
problem recurs when you reinstall the same adapter, suspect the adapter; if the
problem recurs when you replace the adapter with a different one, suspect the riser

If you suspect a networking problem and the server passes all the system tests,
suspect a network cabling problem that is external to the server.

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