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54214091 Comprehensive Sap Configuration Guide

54214091 Comprehensive Sap Configuration Guide

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Published by: vikashdhiman on May 05, 2011
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In Purchasing, certain system messages containing important information for users may be issued from time
to time (for example, "Net price of purchase order is higher than material price"). Users can act on the
information thus provided.

In this step, you can specify whether the SAP System:

Suppresses the relevant information

Issues it as a warning message

Issues it as an error message

In the case of anerror message, processing cannot be continued until user input has been
corrected. You can also group the messages according to user classes by saving the messages as
different versions.


1. Process the list of system messages by assigning each one to a message category.
2. After having saved the message categories as different versions, you can assign a version to
certain users. This results in the same message appearing as an error message for one user, but
as warning for another.
For this purpose, you must assign the parameter ID "MSV" and the version number to the relevant
user master records.

SAP – Customizing Guide

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Define Default Values for Buyers

In this step, you can change the standard settings of certain fields and functions for each user. You define
individual default values and assign them to certain user master records.

You assign default values that you maintained in Customizing to a user by entering the key of the default
value in the user master record under the parameter ID "EVO".


Example: When creating a purchase order referencing a requisition, you wish to have all the items of the
requisition preselected ready for adoption in the PO.

Make the desired settings.

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