Music 1003: Study Guide for Final Exam The final exam will take place on Tuesday, May

3, from 10:30am12:30pm. We will be using computer-scanned forms. Therefore, you are required to bring two No. 2 pencils, a clipboard or other hard writing surface and your student ID. Make-up exams will only be allowed in the case of a medical emergency, verified by a doctor’s note. There are no exceptions to this policy. Please refer to the syllabus for this course and the Registrar’s website for complete information and procedures regarding final exams. This study guide provides clues to begin your process; it is NOT meant to serve as a comprehensive list of all information that will be included on the exam. Representative Topics: Key Terms
countrypolitan Nashville sound psychedelic rock folk art rock MP3 country pop soul heavy metal pop rock breakdancing hop progressive country punk rock rap bluegrass synthesizer sampling analog recording MIDI alternative music alternative rock gangsta rap rave grunge rock hard core house music world soul music disco funk music reggae sequencer techno music urban soft hip-

Primary Artists/Ensembles/Organizations:
Kurt Cobain Jimi Hendrix Patsy Cline Ray Charles Grateful Dead James BrownAretha Franklin Janis Joplin Carole King Led Zeppelin Dolly Parton David Bowie Carlos Santana Michael Jackson Willie Nelson Donna Summer Bob Marley Nirvana Sonic Youth The Ramones The Sex Pistols Grandmaster Flash Kenny Rogers Peter Gabriel Paul Simon Bruce Springsteen Madonna Prince Run-D.M.C. Beastie BoysDef Jam Public Enemy M.C. Hammer Vanilla Ice N.W.A. Dr. Dre Snoop Doggy Dogg Sean Combs Tupac Shakur Clear Channel Napster RIAA Queen Latifah Lauryn Hill

Representative Review Questions:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. What events signaled the end of the counterculture for rock fans? What were the changes in the recording industries in the 1970s? What were the new technologies of the 1980s that changed the sound of popular music? What aspects of Bruce Springsteen's Born in the U.S.A. make it a concept album? How did MTV influence the promotion of popular music during the 1980s? What is techno?

What have been the major innovations that have changed the way popular music has been produced and disseminated via the mass media? . How have sexuality and gender been expressed in popular music? 9.7. Does rap reinforce stereotypes or does it give a realistic depiction of urban life in African American communities? 8.

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