Sample Action Plan ACTION PLAN

Workbook section
PestMgt: Insect and mite management

Issue Issue and Area of Number concern
6.1 on page 201 Vineyard monitoring for insect, mite, disease, weed and vertebrate pests Category 1: My PCA and/or I monitor the vineyard for insect, mite, disease, weed and vertebrate pests at least once a month during the growing season Pesticide emergency response plan: I follow minimum legal requirements for emergency response plans.

Plan of action
Monitor every two weeks.

Timetable for action
Next growing season

1. Decide what issues you can address
Pest Mgt: Pesticide Safety 6.39 on page 267

2. Put down the issue and your area of concern

Contact Ag Commissioner’s office for information on what a typical emergency response plan looks like; figure out how to make it work on my ranch; train both tractor drivers; post plan by the sprayer fill-up.


3. Figure out an appropriate plan of action

4. Create a realistic timetable for carrying out the action

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