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WW2 British National Loaf Many thanks to Zana Richardson of the Imperial War Museum, pasted below is the

recipe. If you decide to make it keep a couple of things in mind. First I am assuming the yeast is fresh yeast, since this recipe was being prepared by professional bakers, the most common conversion I can find is to multiply the fresh yeast measure by .4 to convert to dry yeast. Since I dont have a steam oven, the misting method is about as close as Ill get to replicating it, don't forget this yields 10 loaves, simply divide all ingredients by 10 for one loaf :) National Loaf Yields: 10 loaves. Ingredients: Potato Flour - 1740g, Salt Sea Fine - 140g, Tap Water - 4740ML, Vitamin C - 6g, Wholemeal flour - 5220g, Yeast - 210g Method: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Mix all ingredients in spiral mixer for 3/5 min Place dough in lightly oiled container, let rest for 45 minutes Knock back and let rest for another 45 min Scale at 1kg, first shape (round) Rest 10-15 min, then second shape Place bread in oiled baking tins, prove for 45-60 min at 28-32c Bake at 208c top 204c bottom, with 5 sec steam. Open vent after 25 min, bake for a further 25 min Remove from tins immediately and cool on a rack

FYI... this was pretty much universally hated and nicknamed "Hitlers secret weapon".

For one loaf: 525 g wholemeal flour 175g potato flour 14 g salt 475 ml water 8 g dry yeast