Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience on the benefits of studying locally and to convince them that ultimately, in the long run, it is wiser rather than studying overseas. Central Idea: It is very much better to study locally, not only because of the good quality of studies here, but many other supporting factors to ensure a balanced and wholesome life.


Attention Getter:You have just finished your SPM or O-Level Examinations, and just before you can relax and chill out, a huge damning question mark hovers above you. Where am I going to further my studies? Link to Audience:I am sure that this is a problem most of you have had to face. Choosing where to study , either locally or overseas is always a difficult one, as it will define who, what and how we turn out to be, besides our future, too. Speaker’s Credibility:Even I have been plagued with this problem before, and until now I still think to myself whether or not I made the right decision to study locally. However, having studied locally for the past year, I am convinced that local studies is the way to go.

the cost of living overseas is a pure cut-throat. things are not looking good. the financial factor plays a big role. England. Not everyone can afford to further their studies. Indonesia . Transition: Lets begin with the first point. And if we can afford. Body 1) Studying locally allows us to save a lot of money. b) Now too with the economic downturn. The pricing of accommodations and food is often taxing to Malaysian students. Because of . it is way more economical to study locally. when it comes to where to study. to buffer the effect of the economic slump. Ireland. the countries of choice are Australia. India. Besides the university fees. especially in Australia and European countries. Eastern European countries and many more depending on our preference. University fees especially overseas ones are expected to skyrocket soon. When parents want to send their children to study for example medicine. USA.Thesis Statement:Therefore I would like to persuade all of you today that local studies is actually way better than studying overseas due to a number of crucial factors. Preview of Speech:In this speech I will bring up points as to why studying locally is better than overseas and I will justify them. But did you know that the amounts charged are staggering by our standards. a) Without a doubt.

a) To me. for the worse. we are able to go back and visit our parents way more often. negative cultures such as clubbing. If we have personal problems or whenever we fall sick . They eventually end up six-feet deep in hedonism and self-gratification. free sex. b) In overseas countries. That’s why so many of our students studying overseas are unable to focus on their studies and are distracted. studying is a monumental and life shaping experience . there will be new experiences for us to savour and places to see. drugs . we are able to grow in character as we are constantly being moulded by them in the right way. there is no doubt that to excel and to be a brilliant student. 2) We get to avoid the negative culture and social life of overseas living. c) Students who study overseas end up taking up side jobs such as waiters just to make end’s meet. drinking. full focus is needed. There is no form of restriction whatsoever. No doubt. Transition: Now lets go to the second point. but unfortunately most students who go to these countries to study end up being transformed. and having to work extra hours will only derail us from our target of being a stellar student. students have to fork out enormous sums of money just to have a decent meal (example). c) If we study locally. you better think again. You can ask me. In this way. This causes them to be distracted and thus falter in their studies.the exchange rate. and gambling run wild. and if we are going to spend the next 3 to 5 years of our lives overseas in lands where cultures clash.

b) On top of that. and Sunway College offer 3+0 and 4+0 programs which enables us to obtain the exact degree from overseas countries without having to even step foot and study in that university. These universities have reached the benchmark in global standards. but trust me. right now the quality of education in our country is exemplary. many of these courses are recognized by foreign bodies. Transition: Now. On top of that. we have world class universities and colleges such as UNITEN. Over the years. whenever we feel like having good-old home food (example). modules. which means that they are world class. the quality of infrastructure. ATC. 3) The quality of local studies is excellent. UM.there’s always going to be someone to be with us in these trying times in the form of our parents and siblings. which give us the overseas experience without having to go there. Also if we need to make sure that the specific university is of high quality we can always confirm with the MQA. a) I know this contradicts what most of you think. UKM. as we lacked the basic needs. to the last point. Years ago. studying overseas was the only viable option. and many more. c) Besides that. many of our local institutions such as Taylors University. it’s never too far away if we are studying in Malaysia. Besides that many of our local universities and colleges employ the use of foreign lecturers. Transition: Now let me conclude what I have spoken about today . and lecturers have increased tremendously. However now. UPM. HELP. MMU.

5) Finally. Retrieved from http://www. Ying. and spending our money on local studies is the way to go.se/about/importance+of+studies/ Kizlik. physically and mentally and it will mould you to be a complete person in the future. Retrieved from http://findarticles. I guarantee you that studying locally will be a much more enriching journey spiritually. 3) When we are overseas. we should learn to save money. Jason. and it will cause moral degradation on our part.Conclusion 1) We have to realize that the quality of studies offered locally is to a certain extent of global standards. College Student Journal.adprima. University of Kentucky.htm Yu-Wen.com/studyout.com/p/articles/mi_m0FCR/is_3_37/ai_108836913/ . BIBLIOGRAPHY Catters. we get to strengthen the bond with our family members and also allows us to go back frequently to prevent depression and loneliness. 4) By studying locally. Bob. Centers Adprima Teachers and Students. Retrieved from http://www. transforming us negatively. we unnecessarily expose ourselves to worldly temptations. 2) Studying overseas entails a lot of costs and in the economic slump right now. so that we can contribute to the development of the nation greatly.essays.

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