Distributed Computing

UNIT I: Introduction Introduction to distributed Systems, examples of distributed systems, characteristics, goals, hardware and software concepts, design issues. UNIT II: Communication Inter process Communication: Message oriented Communication, RPC Remote Method Invocation, Events and Notifications, implementation with java RMI. Unit – III Distributed File Systems Distributed File Systems: SUN NFS case study UNIT IV: Synchronization Time and Global States: Clock Synchronization, Logical clocks, and global state. Co-ordination: Vector clocks, Mutual exclusion algorithm: Lamport, Maekawa, Election Algorithm(bully) UNIT V: Recovery & Fault Tolerance Recover in databases, shadow paging, Database modifications(deferred, immediate), Checkpoint algorithms,Checkpointing in Distributed databases, Fault tolerance: commit protocols, Voting protocols Text Books: Advanced Operating System, Mukesh Singhal, Shivratri Andrew S. Tanenbaum & Maarten van Steen,Distributed Systems "Principles and Paradigms" Publisher: PHI. George Coulouris, Jean DoIIimore & Tim Kindberg, "Distributed Systems - Concepts and Design" Publisher: Pearson(LPE) Reference Book: Pradeep K. Sinha "Distributed Operating Systems Concepts and Design" Publication: PHI.

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