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Archana Sharma Dipika Parajuli Surya Maya Lama Summit Pradhananga

E-commerce is the most visible business use of the World Wide Web. The primary goal of an e-commerce site is to sell goods and services online. This project deals with developing an e-commerce website for Online store where business houses can create their own business portfolio of their product and services. It provides the user with a catalog of different product and services. It facilitates the user to get information of different business houses and about their products and services before making purchasing decisions. The system is implemented using a 3tier approach, with a backend database, a middle tier of apache and PHP, and a web browser as the front end client. In order to develop an e-commerce website, a number of Technologies must be studied and understood. These include multi-tiered architecture, server and client side scripting techniques, implementation technologies such as PHP, ASP.NET, programming language (such as C#, VB.NET), relational databases (such as MySQL, Access). This is a project with the objective to develop a basic website where a business houses can create their own account of their products and services. With this website no other business needs to create their own websites and bear its cost.

No project is the only work of its submitters. This report is completely dedicated to all the people who have helped directly or indirectly to complete this report. First and foremost, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Nawaraj Poudal for providing us the opportunity to carry out the project of our choice by approving our proposal. Finally, our special and warm thankfulness goes to our friends for their support, understanding and good wishes throughout the project.

Project members: Archana Sharma Dipika Parajuli Surya Maya Lama Summit Pradhananga Urmila Shrestha

Section A.................................................................................................... vi Background of the Project..........................................................................vi 2. Research undertaken for the project...................................................7 3. Research on developing BiZnepal.com.np...........................................8 4. Project scope........................................................................................9 5. Roadmap for the project....................................................................10 6. Design/Layout...................................................................................11 8. Introduction to BiZnepal system application......................................13 9. Membership Payment System............................................................16 11. General description..........................................................................22 12. Functional Abstract..........................................................................22 13. Project components for Business Functionality................................24 14.1 Waterfall lifecycle model................................................................27 15. Project Planning and Management...................................................31 Section E...................................................................................................36 17. Testing................................................................................................37 18.1 Limitations and Future Development.............................................38 19. Conclusion........................................................................................38 20. Bibliography.....................................................................................39

Overview of the project report
This project report is segmented into six sections: The first section is concentrated on the background of the project with discussion on the project objectives, the research undertaken and the project scope. This segment also deals with business and technological aspects of the project and the feasibility study in selecting the project as development of an online shopping portal application. The second section presents the basic theory on the project subject matters. This segment presents a brief review on the introduction and the features of Biznepal application. It also presents the work flow of the application and also analyses the

com. Object-oriented analysis and design for the system has been followed. system implementation. The fifth section of the report is termed as the project epilogue. future enhancements. and the project components for the business functionality and the project modules for the application functionality. This section is again divided into five steps of the project development that was followed for the project work. system development.biznepal. This section also deals with the technological tools that exist for developing and deploying our web application. technical overview of the system. The last segment of the report provides appendices for the screenshots of project application. testing and deployment and system support. which contains information on output and performance analysis for the web application. and conclusion for the project. real. Similarly. It also deals with the technical and non-technical limitations. The third section introduces the project output application in “www. use case model for requirement analysis has also been prepared.np” site. namely systems analysis. The fourth section of the report relates to detailed information on the project development life cycle.benefits to business houses. . This part deals about the architectural framework of the application.life applications for the project. consumers and society. system design.

Section A Background of the Project .

Research undertaken for the project An abstract approach of why we are following a certain pattern in our project is very important to justify. it’s also about why we do it. and courtesy towards their clients. he/she can sit in one place and search for the availability of the products before going for shopping. Objectives Specific Objectives • • Earlier consumers have to visit different business houses and search for the products of their requirement which would be very time-consuming.np 1.7 www. With the help of this system. • The user does not need to roam through all the shops. A project is not just about how we do it. This results in time saving for the consumer. honesty. The online business portal application has professional approach to provide an easy access to the business houses in providing information about their product and services to consumer by means of web application.Biznepal. It is important to visualize what the project should deliver before we move on to . It will also help business to keep records of the inventories and update them after every purchase. employees. The system will help the shopping centers to achieve their objectives in an environment of fairness. • • • • • • The online business portal center system offers different business to keep track of all the products available of different range and of different varieties. 2. customer relationship management can also be achieved The application will be a complete shopping portal and a stop solution for shopping. vendors and society at large.com. This system will also provide users with the information of the availability of products along with the details of the shops having the stock.

For the case of Nepal. 3. We went through a lot of articles and white papers to derive a common end force project deliverables. Thus.np the project analysis. Our main theme in the research for the project undertaken includes the following factors: • Provides relief to many business with the hectic task for creating their own websites promoting it.np The appealing aspect of our project scope is the development of the business model for many businesses whether the business is of product oriented or service oriented. But most of these sites have attitude of build a web site and watch the cash roll in. Web sites are expected to generate new businesses automatically without additional marketing intervention. Research on developing BiZnepal. Providing service and performance by offering a responsive user. More than 75 percent of Nepal’s websites sell unusual products and offer tourism hospitality services. • Once they create their websites throughout membership can have their own business portfolio to update about their product and services.com.8 www. we formulated this visualization process as a part of the project background study. our research found that when the rising e-tide was about to hit the West the Internet was much like mythical monster in Nepal.com. Nepal is a late entrant in the e-market and bears advantage to capitalize on the mistakes made by the dot-gone. . No one had actually seen or used it.friendly website. Such attitudes fail to develop online awareness needed to compete in the global market.Biznepal. • • Providing value to customers to give them reason to shop.

Constructing a commercially sound business model. graphics. Searching facility. Operating close to the cutting edge of technology and staying there as technology changes. . fonts and other design constructs.Biznepal.9 www. we are focused to do our project in the field of Web-enabled application. Project scope As Internet has continued to mature as a platform for commerce. Providing an incentive to customers to make enquiry about the products with their specifications available before buying it. We conceptualized our project on the above mentioned parameters just to get a rough background to determine where our project would be heading and why did we actually choose online business portal application for our project. The project scope can be clarified with the following project functionalities of the system: • The current system enables the different business to create accounts and save products in to wish list. photographs.np • • • • • Providing an attractive website with the tasteful use of color. Customer’s inquiry information is sent to individual business house and the admin.com. • • • • Easy adding and modifying products through an admin control panel. Easy adding and modifying shopkeeper’s list through an admin control panel. Making the user familiar with many businesses in one click and can have needed information about their product and services. 4. Providing personal attention by getting personalized web sites to come to close to direct interaction with customers.

they are elementary building blocks for the background of our project and these elements would suggest the project scope of our project. From the business point of view. Roadmap for the project 5.np All these abstract functional elements of our project scope that we have derived are the pillars for our project initiation. .10 www. the following two points are worth mentioning: • Transmit information of different business directly in response to a valid order. These business components of the Biznepal. Thus.com. The other important business aspect of the project is that the customers can inquiry about the available products beforehand and if the shopkeeper has the home delivery system then the products can be directly received by the customer else the customer has to make purchase himself within the specified period.1 Business aspects We should understand the business case behind each solution prior to embarking the solutions on a project. A client has to have a business reason for developing system. the project follows the principle of “pick. pack and ship” the customer’s orders.np web site must be effectively understood for the solid roadmap of the project. 5.com. as opposed to a pure technological reason. Feedback can be sent through an email to the business houses. In this regard.Biznepal. • • Provide communication between business house and the customer.

Easy backup and storage for the database. HTML and PHP based design structure to allow convenience in designing. categories. Provides the facility to keep track of the inventories and access for stock details. Photoshop to provide effective look and make it easy for designing. It also requires an understanding of the current issues and trends taking place in the information technology sector. services. Unlimited support for adding products and categories for different business houses with membership holder. Provides the facility of cancellation of booked products if not purchased by the client within the specified period. and other information.np 5. 6.com.2 Technology aspects The Internet is revolutionizing how we do our shopping. 6. large and small. products. Design/Layout • • • Macromedia Dreamweaver. . • • • • .1 Administration/Backend Functionality • Add/Edit/Remove business houses. are racing to set up online stores.Biznepal. Thousands of companies. But constructing a profitable and effective online shopping site involves much more than simply adding number of shops and their products or shopping cart capabilities to an existing Web site.11 www. Larger image view of the products when clicked on the thumbnail images.

Biznepal. Section B Literature Review for the Project .com.12 www.np 6.2 Customer/ Front-end Functionality Customer can make any inquiry about the business houses to know about the product and their scheme instantly through this website and make their purchase decision sitting in their workplace desk as well.

• • Consistent layout of product information. Minimal and effective security notifications or messages. and placing orders. what result has been accomplished--is a well known concept in the science of control and information theory. Literature Review Electronic Commerce (e-commerce) applications support the interaction between different parties participating in a commerce transaction via the network. We have tried to maintain all these requirements needed to develop a useful website Biznepal. Effective categorical organization of products. • • Easy scanning and selecting items in a list. A good e-commerce site should present the following factors to the customers for better usability. Introduction to BiZnepal system application In today’s world. • • Simple navigation from home page to information and order links for specific Obvious search links or buttons. Actions and reactions made by the web site should be meaningful.The interactive cycle between a user and a web site is not complete until the web site responds to a command entered by the user. Another important factor in the design of an e-commerce site is feedback .np 7. selecting products.com. as well as the management of the data involved in the process. Feedback should not draw the user's attention away from the important tasks of gathering information. the user information about what action has actually been done.Biznepal. a common person is very busy in his/her own work life that they do not have much time to go for shopping. The increasing importance of e-commerce is apparent. 8.com.np for every users and business houses. • Knowing when an item was saved or not saved. So our purpose is to develop a web . products. where time is money. keep searching for accessories in the malls of their requirement.13 www.

An Add-on Feature in this application is update of inventory after every purchase by the user. the number of products in stock. With Biznepal. This will result in time saving for the consumer. They’ll be just a click away. whether they are available or not in that particular mall or any other business services. In the current global scenario where recession is hitting the market and the environment being so competitive. This application system makes all this process very easy for business houses as well as for the consumers basically designed considering the Nepalese scenario. In fact in the current scenario where the markets are just not supportive Biznepal is here with the solution.com one can search for the products according to his/her requirements. it’s becoming difficult for companies to attract the consumers. Design of website for every business houses has become basic infrastructure need at this era where people don’t have time to visit individual business houses to get information about the product and services they want. The system will update the inventory details i. the business houses will create their system with the details of the products with those products which will be handled by admin user. whether the product required by the user is out of stock and if so when will it be available again.14 www.np application that will help the common people to easily access many business houses and search goods of their requirement available through the medium of internet which is the most common medium of communication. Besides this though they design their own website also it’s a challenging job of them to manage it and make popular among the users. BiZnepal application system will have their full infrastructure defined in the system i. .Biznepal.com. The ease with which people can get an access to their product through online system will definitely give the business houses more business as this is the fastest growing medium on earth.e.e. where the shops are located and which product is available and in which shop. The user can also search according to the category of the different products available. So a normal user can visit this application and get answer to his queries. For this purpose.

Use of traditional and non.np 8.Biznepal.com. These online marketplaces have thousands of products listed under various categories. A search engine that provides an easy and convenient way to search for products specific to their needs. And there are so many such businesses which really need such sites as Biznepal to market about their product and services and provide enough information to their consumers by having the membership in websites so that they can create their own business portfolio.1 Need of the application There are large numbers of websites of business houses which are left unused by the users.user friendly interfaces that are hard to use Solution: • The motive of this Biznepal Web Application is to allow the user to play with the search tool and create different combinatorial search criterion to perform exhaustive search and business houses to have their own business portfolio. gets the response and then refreshes the entire web form to display the result. each post back makes a call to the server. The search engine would list a set of products based on the search term and the user can further filter the list based on various parameters. This scenario adds an extra trade off causing a delay in displaying the results • • A search engine that would display the results without allowing the users to further filter the results based on various parameters.15 www. . Problem: • The use of traditional user interfaces which make continuous post backs to the server. Biznepal website offers large number of products tailored to meet the shopping interests of large number of customers. • • Provide Interactive interface through which a user can interact with different areas of application easily.

np • Provide Drag and Drop feature thereby allowing the user to add products to or remove products of the business houses by dragging the products in to or out of the website.Biznepal. Membership Payment System .16 www. 9.com.

np) .com.Biznepal.com.17 www.np Section C Introduction to the Project (www.Biznepal.

while network represents the communication links between the business functional entities.com. Data basically represents the business entity of the application. content management. After having membership in the site. Administrator can manage the products and services along with the business house with certain membership scheme. business houses can manage their own product or services they provide. Some of the pertinent features of the web application are: • Dynamic Admin Control Panel  It enables admin to manage admin users. process represents the business functionality of the application. product and services entry).np 10. These views represent the perception of the systems at different levels of the development process to different users. process and network. BizNepal Web Application BizNepal is a comprehensive e-commerce site with separate panels for client browsing (for online shopping) and admin control (for business house entry. • Interactive Client Side It comprises of easy for business houses to manage products.1 Architecture Framework Three major concerns over the application architecture framework in any web-based application project are the representations of data. services with images with their own login information. different states of data. category.Biznepal. . business houses. It also manages the different membership packages with different price and duration. email management system and products and services. 10. process and network are visualized to present the architecture framework in different application views.18 www. During various stages of modeling in the information systems while we have developed our project.

2 Operations diagram To demonstrate our application. Hence.Biznepal.com.19 www. a simple schematic diagram can cover the overall operational phenomena of the project.np The table that follows provides an overview of the architecture framework in different stages: Data Process Network List of business List of functions List of locations entities for Business model required that the business where the business business performs Function decomposition Class diagram operates and Communication links between business locations Distributions network State diagram Configuration Business scope operations Inter-relationships between business entities Entity relationships diagram Database design Database definition Data information the process Information system model Technology model Technology definition Information systems design schema Sequence diagram Configuration for programming definition System configuration code login and Application programs Table 1: Project Architecture 10. we . A simple representation of the system is necessary to understand the basic operations of the project functionality.

com.np have drawn a simple project model for demonstrating the working of our project application. The model shows the interaction between the client and the admin modules of the application while both of them access the same database for different actions.Biznepal.20 www. The model of the project application operation is illustrated below: .

after the expiration of the free date. We provide free membership for the certain time which can be managed in admin. company. .Biznepal. price.np Figure 1: Operational Diagram Our site is all about sharing information of the business houses to the users.21 www. Any business house can register in the site. For the membership user can pay online with our online payment system.com. longitude. he can give review to the other products as well as add products to favorite list. description and al the meta keywords for the SEO purposes. If any register member does not get membership or does not renew his membership. location. Each business house can add product and services with description. latitude. If a business house has to make contact with admin then there is a facility for the members to contact to the admin.

Functional Abstract • General Functional Requirements  The system must provide a user interface (GUI) for each entity The system must provide abstraction and maintain separate The system must be able to handle user input errors robustly. After the form submission.Biznepal.  accounts for each user (as a free member and paid member).22 www.e. User Related Functional Requirements interacting with the system. The software will reside on a single machine and will interface with a local file system.np Any user who is not a paid member can make enquiry of a product as well as business house with business house itself and admin. 12. When the membership date is expired.com. edit and delete their products until the membership gets renewed. products and services are deactivated automatically and user can no more add. • Similar Systems Information The software will be a stand-alone system. It will provide the business house the privelage of maintaing his inventory database. . all listing i.  • The functionality discussed in this section specifies the actions the system will provide to the user. General description • Product Functions The software will be able to maintain a database of each busness house and its inventory. information is mailed to admin as well as business. 11.

as of this version. The system must maintain a username and password for each user. The system must provide the user the ability to browse for items. The system must provide the user with log in capabilities and retrieve specific user information. The system provides the user the ability to see his or her membership status with membership type and paid amount for the membership.  .  The system must maintain and store attributes associated with different items. maintain.np   The system must be accessible by multiple users. The system must provide the facility to users or members to add products and services to the favorite list.        • Inventory Related Functional Requirements The system must provide an abstraction for an item (product and services) that will be managed by users and admin.23 www. The system must accept new user attribute information. services. will provide security features between user and system interaction. The system may allow the user to alter their profile.  • Security Requirements The system. The system must be able to accept new users. • Data Storage (File Management) Requirements The system must be able to store.Biznepal.com. including products. and modify product and services.

The system must be able to store entity changes.e.1 Profile Management System (PMS) Our software’s PMS helps in maintaining approved file of its administrator. It allows administrator to manage businesses and administrator accounts with different privileges. admin. Business can add their profile and product/service information.Biznepal. These users can have direct contact with admin after logging into the system. business houses. The system may provide for updates of user information. Name of the products/services . 13.com. Business houses can register as free paid members for the period defined by the system.2 Inventory Management System (IMS) Our system stores information about the products services of the different business houses. The system must be able to retrieve entity information from the file system. These components provide the related business functionalities and are interrelated with each others’ operations through a centralized database.    13. It also allows them to retrieve reviews of the product/services from the other users. Project components for Business Functionality We have five major components of our project that completes the general requirements of a complete system.24 www. 13. online through the websites registration system as well admin can also add those business house information from the backend i.np  The system must be able to store all attributes associated with each entity in a persistent and robust fashion. It provides a comprehensive catalog to present all pertinent information like.

3 Enquiry and Review System (PMS) Users of the site can make enquiry of the product and businesses and registered users can give review of the product/services. latitude and longitude Meta keywords for the SEO purposes Product status to show active and inactive As we store all the information.Biznepal. Price Availability Location. This will help business houses to mange thier proudcts and services accodingly. IMS allows adding new products/services and modifying existing products/services. we can present our customers with an updated catalog that is drawn from this database. Several products can be bundled together and presented into a category.np - Description of the product with multiple images and thumbnail view and light box view. .25 www.com. 13.

com.np Section D Project Development Life Cycle (PDLC) .Biznepal.26 www.

14. or Software Development Life Cycle in systems engineering and software engineering. the SDLC concept underpins many kinds of software development methodologies. In software engineering. It is very simple to understand and use. These methodologies form the framework for planning and controlling the creation of an information system. The concept generally refers to computer or information systems. Project Development Life Cycle The Project Development Life Cycle (PDLC). Each next phase in this model must beginning only after the previous phase is over. is the process of creating or altering systems. Waterfall software development model may be applicable to projects where: • • • Software requirements clearly defined and known Software development technologies and tools is well known New version of the existing software system is created .Biznepal.np 14.com.1 Waterfall lifecycle model Waterfall model is the most well known software lifecycle development model.27 www. each describing approaches to a variety of tasks or activities that take place during the process. There are several models for such processes. and the models and methodologies that people use to develop these systems.

np Figure 2: Waterfall Model Figure3: Purpose of Phases .com.Biznepal.28 www.

As the goal of the application is ease of use and to provide an interactive interface.Biznepal.2 Requirements Phase This phase embarks the foundation upon which the project scope would be specified.29 www. we studied and researched the current problems faced by the business houses.com. Numerous site visits were carried out to benchmark the scope for our project.np Figure 4: Phase process & product 14. and finally it was ready to setup with the user requirements for our project. The working of the application is made convenient and easy to use for the end user. extensive research has been done to gain an insight into the needs and behaviors of various users. So we thought of developing a portal where different business houses can create their account and . They have to develop individual portal for the product and services they provide to the customer. In order to prepare our project regarding.

30 www. We did a detail study of the consumers and business houses wants and needs.  Our online application has professional approach to provide an easy access to the consumer needs by means of internet. the consumers had to visit different malls and search for the products of their requirement which would be very time-consuming. After we listed out what customers and the business houses want. .  The user does not need to roam through all the shops. This results in time saving for the consumer. This phase deals with Queries such as: • • • • What shall we build? What shall be the objectives of the project? What are the Software Specifications? What is the information generated from the software? Objectives  Earlier.Biznepal. we listed out tables and fields required and normalized the tables.  It will also help the business to keep records of the inventories and update them after purchase in its store.np mange their products and services they provide to the consumer. 14.3 Specifications Phase This phase consists of determining the software’s Externals. Other than this.com. he/she can sit in one place and search for the availability of the products before going for shopping. The business houses want their products’ information be accessible to the customer online as people are using internet more than anything in their daily life and get feedback from them to modify or customize according to the customer’s choice. we did a lot of research on various other methods of building this application which and was able to incorporate a few stronger features into the application.

customer relationship management can also be achieved  System Specifications  Search the products o Customer can do simple and advance search o The system allows the customer to search the products according to the product name.Biznepal. which we have developed in the system analysis phase. business house as a customer can create user accounts and manage products and services they provide to the customer. name. A critical step at this point is determining the scope of the project. type  Customer account creation o With this system. meta keywords and advance search by location. 15. The formal and preliminary investigation of the system problem and opportunity is carried out in this section.  The system allows Administrator to create business houses accounts and provide the facility to have review and query regarding the products and services. business name. Project Planning and Management This phase is where we have developed a detailed plan for conducting the remaining phases of the project work for the proposed system. With the help of this system. The project management plan includes the time and the resources needed for the execution of the project.com.31 www. location. .np  This system will also provide users with the information of the availability of products along with the details of the shops having the stock. minimum maximum price.

availability and aptitude of users. The important Project Management Plan Analysis was carried out on the following factors: • • Project time analysis Project resource analysis o Project teamwork coordination o Technology choice analysis • Project cost analysis 15. it is absolutely crucial that we focus on this phase for better project management.com. There are several ways of scheduling the project work activities and the most popular one is known as Gantt chart. Our project time analysis involves the generation a feasible scheduling option that can be practically followed on work. Hence. we have to estimate duration of each task.1 Project Time Analysis Given the work breakdown structure with all the details. number. This initial project plan is the successful delivery for the project output. Thus there are different analysis parameters judged into the process of project planning and management. This process does not test our technical knowledge and its application. Duration of each task is dependent on various factors like size of the team. complexity of business logics etc. And it is very easy to change specifications in the analysis phase than implementation phase. costs and resources be controlled. but also the management skills on analyzing the project’s management parameters.32 www.np Project scheduling and management require that time. Scheduling refers to providing the baseline estimates for task duration.Biznepal. .

MySQL is used as the backend database. backup and recovery. and database connectivity and also it has very easy window like interface to run powerful commands. Apache server is free of cost and provides many powerful features.33 www.2 Technology Choice Analysis The project could only be possible with the help of a set of technology specifications. It provides greater portability since the application can be deployed easily on both the UNIX and XP platforms. MySQL is an opensource database management system.np 15. There are different sets of web-based technologies that can be used to implement a project.Biznepal.com. but we have chosen the one mentioned in the table below since we have analyzed that this set is the most feasible for our case as it understands the limitations of the resources and is best suited as per our needs. space management. MYSQL is a powerful database server with features of security. 3. In this project. The features of MySQL are given below: . 2. Requirement Operating system Database Server Web Programming Web Server Configuration Unix/Linux and Xp Mysql Php Apache Server System type for Portability cost Proprietary free/XP-9000 Free Free Free System portable to Linux Windows and Table 2: Technology Choice The reason why we have chosen this technology is that: 1.

rather than in one giant table. MySQL is multithreaded database engine. the cost estimated in terms of money i. NRs. To improve the performance. It is very important to be well informed and well known regarding the overall costing of the project from the time of development to the time running it.3 Project Cost Analysis Cost is one of the most important driving factors for a project for its implementation in the real world. A relational database stores information in different tables.only configuration WAMP Configuration and Deployment Project development and design Total Recurring Cost Domain Registration(ISP Cost) Ongoing Support Total Net Technical expenses Table 3: Estimated Project Cost 15. to access and maintain data easily.Biznepal. The database software can be used and modify by anyone according to their needs. is under the following heads.4 Expected Benefit . As per our project work plan and its objectives.com. It is fast. reliable and easy to use.np • MySQL is a relational database management system. • • MySQL is open source database system. We have tried to cut down on our costs as far as possible.e. System Component Onetime Costs Recommended Cost(NRs) hardware 10000 Open source(free) 2000 30000 42000 1000 per year 10000 per year 11000 per year 53000 /. The cost boundary has been established in the specified technology. 15.34 www. These tables can be referenced to each other.

2 Client-Side Hardware/Software requirements .Biznepal.1 Developer’s Side Operating System: Windows XP Professional. Macromedia Dreamweaver Back End: MySQL Web Browser: Internet Explorer +. efficient.com. Easy and faster data manipulation for entering. User friendly interface. SP 1 or higher Processor: Pentium 4 CPU 2. Some of the major benefits that this project provides are: • • • • • Being computerized system yields ease and speedy work. the system user and the system owner are always concerned about the benefits that will be catered to them.66 GHz RAM: 512Mb of RAM Hard Disk: 80 GB (Depends on the data size) Software: Programming tools: WAMP Server. any browser Web design: Macromedia Dreamweaver. This project has many benefits for those who own the system and also the learners will be benefited from this project. Minimum Hardware/Software Requirements 16. Accurate.np For every project. Mozilla Firefox. Time – economy and reduces employment cost. viewing.35 www. Photoshop 16. and effective management and control mechanisms. updating records. 16.

36 www.np Operating System: Windows 98 or above.Biznepal. Processor: Pentium 2 or above RAM: 64 MB RAM minimum Hard Disk: 20 GB Web Browser: Internet explorer 5.5 and above Section E Project Epilogue .com.

. where program is actually compiled and executed. code generation etc. 18. Each of the three modules was tested as separate units. Testing Software testing is a process of running with intent of finding errors in software.e. We have tested each view/module of the application individually.Biznepal.37 www. Unit testing is a dynamic method for verification. Unit testing emphasizes the verification effort on the smallest unit of software design i. User friendly screens are provided. design. Unit testing is performed in parallel with the coding phase. As the modules were built up testing was carried out simultaneously. In each module all the functionalities were tested in isolation.com. tracking out each and every kind of input and checking the corresponding output until module is working correctly. The functionality of the modules was also tested as separate units. since it uses the GUI provided in the user dialog. The application is easy to use and interactive making online .np 17. a software component or module. Software testing assures the quality of software and represents final review of other phases of software like specification. Results & Challenges It is easy to use. Unit testing tests units or modules not the whole software.

The product does not have an online transaction system.com. It has been thoroughly tested and implemented. Customer can be registered for the online shopping Online trasaction system can be embedded in the system which will allow customers and the business houses to manage their financial department. Internet explorer etc Learning new technologies like using JavaScript and database queries with little guidance.1 Limitations and Future Development There are some limitations for the current system to which solutions can be provided as a future development: • • • The Website is not accessible to everyone. large and small. 19. Conclusion The Internet is revolutionizing every aspect of our lives.np shopping a recreational activity for users. Shopping online can be the important feature that can be used in future 2. the following can be done: 1. are racing to set up online stores. 18. where customers can pay for their goods online and is delieverd at home.Biznepal.38 www. Thousands of companies. As for other future developments. . It can be deployed on a web server so that everybody who is connected to the Internet can use it. Companies that have retail outlets just down the street from where we live now offer specials and coupons online. The users cannot subscribe for price alerts which would enable them to receive a message when price for products fall below a particular level. Challenges • • Compatibility with browsers like Mozilla Firefox.

0.com. K. Bibliography Articles • • Chen... Our Project which is a complete online store for the product and services information of the business houses. 20. The architecture of a one-stop web-window shop. Enticing Online Consumers: A Technology Acceptance Perspective Research. deals with the development of E-commerce and web-based applications made to make people’s life easier and more efficient before going for shopping. ACM Proceedings.Biznepal. R. L. (1997) JavaScript Unleashed. SAMS Net. Books • • Wagner. Diwakar. there are boundless opportunities for the development of E-commerce. M. With advancements in technology and internet in the country. SIGCPR. Marathe.. G. This project will become very applicable in the developing ICT environment in the country like Nepal.np Brand-new online-only companies operate with no physical storefronts and little or no inventory and pass much of the savings on to us. And stores all over the world are just a click away. Haddad.. (2000). Griffin. H.1-alpha) Websites . this Portal will be useful for those business houses that do not want the hassles of developing different sites and to those people who want more information about the products and services that are currently in the market. and Nasr.39 www. Daniels. (2000). J. The Essential Guide to CSS and HTML Web Design By Craig Grannell MySql(MySQL Reference Manual for version 5. Simply. C.in-Progress.

com 21.google.com/articles/design_development.agilemodeling.x-cart.htm for definition of Data Flow Diagram.html for online customer behavior. Snapshots of the project .com/artifacts/dataFlowDiagram.40 www.np • • • http://www. www. http://www.com.Biznepal.

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