Name: Johar Menezes Roll No: 519

Date: 17-Apr-12

PLP ON MACH V ATTITUDE INVENTORY Machiavellianism is considered to be a personality trait and is a measure of how manipulative a person can be. Persons with strong Machiavellian characteristics are said to have very good persuasion and negotiation skills. They are considered to have a very bold and outgoing nature and do not let emotions affect them in achieving their goals. On the other hand people with not so strong Machiavellianism tendencies tend to be more empathetic, considerate and are very optimistic of the good nature of humans. In the test “Mach V Attitude Inventory”, that was held in class I scored 104. This is considered an ideal score to achieve as it demonstrates the fact that my personality is very well balanced when it comes to my Machiavellian characteristics. I do not believe in manipulating or persuading people to get one’s work done. I feel people should get the right kind of motivation or inspiration to get them to perform their duties. A person should do his work out of his own volition and not be tricked into doing so. I also believe one should be a little considerate and sensitive when dealing with other people and not be over zealous when trying to achieve one’s targets so as to completely neglect the feelings of others. I think having a balanced score is advantageous as it makes me appear more assertive rather than persuasive or manipulative. People would look upon me as someone who shows honesty and integrity in his dealings and as someone who could be trusted. As a management student having a balanced score can prove to be very useful as such a score shows that I have the qualities of becoming a good manager. Hence it may not require a lot of effort on my part to change my personality to achieve the ideal score. But the difficult part here would be to maintain this score in the course of my professional life as it seems age can create a false sense of well being and make a person arrogant and insensitive to the feelings of others. This would in turn give rise to a high Mach score and would cause me to be more manipulative and persuasive. So to keep a balance between a high Mach and low Mach score I would try to be honest and fair when dealing with people, but at the same time maintain my assertiveness so as to put my point across and hold my own.

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