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Use the Browse/Copy Options display to do the following:

Look at another source member or a spooled file while editing your report


Look at a report prototype you printed as a spooled file while editing your report


Look at an output queue to select a spooled file to browse while editing your
report design

Copy an existing report image into the source member you are currently editing

When you press F15 (Browse/Copy options)(A) on the Design Report display, the
Browse/Copy Options display appears.

You specify the following on the Browse/Copy Options display:

Type of object you want to browse: source member, spooled file, or output


Whether or not you want to copy all the records from the source member you
are browsing

Name, file, and library of the source member to browse

Name, job name, user profile name, job number, and number of the spooled
file to browse

Name and library of the output queue to browse

For detailed information about each prompt on this display, place your cursor on
the appropriate line of the display while you are using RLU and press Help or F1
(Help).Online help information that explains how to use the prompt is displayed.

Chapter 3.Designing a Report27

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