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N.B these questions are only for training. In the exam you may find totally different questions.
Time two hours: 9/3/2005 Give short account on: A- Indications of tonsillectomy. B- Diagnosis of otosclerosis. C- Cause of acute laryngeal obstruction D- Management of antrochoanal polyp. Enumerate:A- Causes of unilateral nasal obstruction. B- Indications of cortical mastoidectomy. C- Causes of unilateral conductive deafness D- Clinical picture of quinsy. 30/8/2004 Give short account on: A- Bleeding after tonsillectomy operation B- Diagnosis of chronic suppurative otitis C- Causes of unilateral vocal card paralysis. D- Management of chronic maxillary sinusitis Enumerate:A- Causes of unilateral nasal discharge. B- Indications of myringotomy operation. C- Causes of sensorineural hearing loss. D- Causes of dysphagia 22/6/2004 Give short account on: A- Complications of adenoidectomy operation. B- Otogenic brain abscess. C- Management of foreign body bronchus. D- Management of nasal polyps.



Causes of otaglia. Indications of tracheostomy Manifestations of nasopharyngeal malignancy. Manifestation of acute mastoiditis. 6/3/2004

Give short account on: A- Diagnosis of laryngoscleroma. B- Causes of otogenic facial paralysis. C- Complications after tracheostomy D- Acute laryngeal obstruction after adeno-tonsillectomy. Enumerate:A- Causes of conductive deafness. B- General causes of epistaxis. C- Contra-indications of tonsillectomy. D- Causes of dysphagia. 13/9/2003 Give short account on: A- Bleeding after Adenoidectomy B- Secretory otitis media C- Otitic facial nerve paralysis D- Complications of frontal sinusitis Enumerate:A- Causes of sensorineural hearing loss B- Signs and symptoms of parapharyngeal abscess C- Complications of tracheostomy. D- Indications of tonsillectomy 4/9/2003 Give short account on: A- Post – adenoidectomy bleeding. B- Diagnosis of rhinolaryngoscleroma. C- Intracranial complications of cholesteatoma. D- Treatment of Meniere's disease. Enumerate:A- Complications of ethmoidal sinusitis. B- Causes of acute laryngeal obstruction. C- Indications of radical antrum operation D- Causes of dysphagia


Give short account on: A- Acute mastoiditis. B- Diagnosis of nasopharyngeal carcinoma. C- Post operative complications of tonsillectomy D- Treatment of a case of epistaxis. Enumerate:A- Causes of hoarseness of voice B- Causes of unilateral nasal obstruction. C- Causes and diagnosis of conductive deafness D- Indications of tracheostomy operations. 8/3/2003 Give short account on: A- Clinical picture of adenoid hypertrophy B- Diagnosis of otosclerosis C- Peritonsillar abscess D- Perforation of the nasal septum Enumerate:A- Causes of acute laryngeal obstruction B- Manifestation of lateral sinus thrombophlebitis C- General causes of epistaxis D- Indications of radical mastoidectomy operation. 16/9/2002 Give short account on: A- Antro – choanal polyp. B- Retropharyngeal abscess C- Clinical picture and treatment of Meniere's disease. D- Diagnosis of safe type chronic suppurative otitis media Enumerate: A- Causes of chronic laryngeal obstruction B- Causes of lower motor neuron facial nerve paralysis. C- Clinical picture of nasal septal deviation. D- Complications of adenoidectomy operations. 9/3/2002 Give short account on: (no operative details) A- Acute laryngeal obstruction after tonsillectomy. B- Diagnosis of otosclerosis. C- Treatment of rhinoscleroma. D- Retropharyngeal abscess. Enumerate:-


Causes of unilateral nasal discharge. Signs and symptoms of otogenic temporal lobe brain abscess Complications tracheostomy operation Indications of cortical mastoidectomy operation. 11/9/2001

Give short account on: (no operative details) A- Diagnosis of secretory otitis media B- Treatment of post- adenoidectomy reactionary bleeding C- Signs and symptoms of nasopharyngeal carcinoma D- Diagnosis and management of traumatic drum perforation Enumerate:A- General causes of epistaxis B- Causes of stridor C- Causes of conductive deafness with intact drum D- Signs & symptoms of lateral sinus thrombosis. 3/3/2001 Discuss: A- Discuss otogenic brain abscess B- Discuss suppurations of the pharynx Give an account on: A- Etiology of unilateral nasal obstruction B- Clinical picture of facial paralysis. C- Indications of tracheostomy operation D- Fistula test. 13/9/2000 Discuss: A- Routs of spread of infection from the middle ear and cranial complications of otitis media. B- Complications of tonsillectomy operation. Give a short account on:A- Clinical picture of chronic adenoid hypertrophy. B- Types of drum perforations C- Foreign body bronchus D- Complications of submucous resection operation of the nasal septum.

Good Luck Project Manager Prof. Dr. M. Adel Khalifa Head of ENT Department

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