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Location Notes The location of our production is at Oaks Park, there are 4 blocks to this school, A-E, the

main ones being B-E as they make the school, from a Birds Eye View, look like an X. We will be using block D for our production and that specific blocks Cubicles. Corridor, D block, Upstairs

The setting will be based in Oaks Park High School. Corridor of block D, this was chosen randomly as there are Toilets in all 4 different corridor based blocks, B,C,D and E. Block D is the closest to our Media Studies class room and so we chose this as our main corridor. Dinner Hall Corridor, A Section of the school

This is where Percy (Carl) starts, this area is where he would come to, in the film, and change into his clothes and start to clean. This is the first scene of our film and Percy starts here. Stairs, D block

We will use them when Percy (Carl) is walking up the stairs. Janitors Cupboard, D Block, Upstairs

This is when Percy (Carl) will go to block Ds cupboard next to the toilets to collect his mop and radio. He will enter the block from the stairs and then go to collect his items. Near D block, outside Room A31

This is where Percy (Carl) stops cleaning the floor and finds his keys on the floor. Then suddenly looks to the right of him, a man stands. This area is significant because this is the scene that creates more suspense as the corridors and quite long and Percy (Carl) finds that his boss has suddenly disappeared.