Hallucinating Foucault Patricia Dunker, Vintage, New Jersey, 1998

“There are times in life whwn the

question of knowing if one can think

differently than one thinks and perceive diferently than one sees is absolutely necessary if one is to go on looking and reflecting at all” ...to know how, and up to what limit, it would be possible to think differently?

Shape his life

It is no small task to convert unique, extraordinary passions into pages of reductive, repetitive commentary”.

“The Muse is usually a piece of narcissistic nonsense in female form. Or at least that’s what most men’s poetry reveals. I would rather a democratic version of the Muse, a comrade, a friend, a traveling companion, shoulder to shoulder, someone to sahre the costo of this long, painful journey. Thus the Muse functions as collaborator, sometimes as antagonist, the one who like you, the other, over against you. Am I being too idealist?

For me the Muse is the other voice. (...) So that there are always two vices, the safe coice and the dangerosu one. The one thet takes risks and the one the countos the cost. The believer talking the aheist, cynismo addressing love. But the writer and the Muse should be able to change places, speak inboth voices so that the test shifts, melts, changes hands. The voices are not owned. They are indifferent to who speaks. They are the source of writing. (...) the Muse must never be domestic. And can never be possesed. “ “ They dont lock up their madmen. They give them white robes and set them outside their doors to prophesy”

“Madness is a way of asking dificult questions”

“Attention is a kind of passion” (135)

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