Mdi 813


12-1/4" MDi813 PDC
(311.15 MM) ID:6424160203 ER:25260 IADC:M333
CFD optimized nozzle placement for improved hydraulics

Smith Bits Directional bits consistently deliver superior performance in directional applications with both push-the-bit and point-the-bit rotary steerable systems.

Total Cutters Cutter Size Face Cutters Gauge Cutters Cone Cutters Back Reamer Cutters Blade Count Nozzles Bit Connection Junk Slot Area (sq in) Gauge Length Fishing Neck 89 13mm (1/2") (55) 13mm (8) 13mm (18) 13mm (8) 13mm 8 8 Standard Series 60N 6-5/8" API Reg. 30.04 Length: 3" Protection: Options Available Make-Up: 12-9/16" Overall: 17-1/2" Diameter: 8" Length: 3-15/16"

Operating Parameters
Rotary Speed Weight-on-Bit Rotary Steerable BHA and Downhole Motors 4,000 To 35,000 (lbs) 1,818 To 15,908 (daN) 2 To 16 (Tonnes) 500 To 1000 1 To 6

Flow Rate (GPM) Hydraulic Horsepower (HSI)

Operating parameters are typical ranges. Please contact your Smith Bits representative for recommendations for your individual well.

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