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Common Questions about Computer Graphics

Aug 16th, 2010 by sonu.
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X Welcome Googler! If you find this page useful, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. You were searching for "briefly narrate the history of graphics hardware technology". See posts relating to your search » 1. What is the need for computer graphics? Ans.Graphical communication is an old and more popular method of exchanging information than verbal communication and is more convenient when computers are utilized for this purpose. As the volume of information increases, problem of storage arises. Also, in the 21st century people do not have time to read huge number of pages. This problem was solved by computer graphics. This can be clearly understood with the help of an example where we wantwe want to present the performance of a factory since 1980. For this, we requirewe require a number of pages to render this large volume of information related with financial, numerical and statistical information. It will take a lot of time to analyze such a long report. We canWe can easily represent this data in a pictorial form thus making it simple to understand. Pictures can represent a huge database in the form of bar charts, pie charts, and so on. Two other prominent applications of graphics are in the field of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). In CAD, graphics techniques are used to produce the drawings of certain parts of a machine from any viewing angle. In CAM computer graphics techniques, one may display the manufacturing layout for a given part and trace the path taken by machine tools for a given manufacturing process 2. Define computer graphics and Interactive computer graphics? Ans. Computer graphics can be defined as the use of computers to define, store, manipulate, interrogate, and present pictorial output of the data. Interactive computer graphics refers to devices and systems that facilitate the man-machine graphic communication. 3. Briefly, narrate the history of graphics hardware technology? Ans.

which prevented their widespread use. How to make graphics processing faster? Ans. Apple. Due to this price reduction. 6. Justify the statement “Windows OS is so popular”? . 1981. Name some graphics processors. Computers have been getting progressively more inexpensive and it has become a household article these days. which caries out specific tasks hard-coded into the chip. With such a development. Some graphics processors are: n Intel 82786 n Texas Instruments 43010 7. It is a functioned processor. computer graphics and multimedia has become a necessity for all types of users. The announcement of the IBM personal computer using 16-bit Intel 8088 microprocessor on August 12. Several manufacturers of personal computers use a proprietary graphics processor. can be regarded as a historic event. which are otherwise performed by the CPU. Through the use of these processors certain amount of parallelism can be achieved for executing graphic commands. This concept has become a basic requirement in the area of desktop publishing (DTP). An accelerator takes control of graphic task. The next major change in PC display technology was announced by Apple Company in 1984. Ans. Video/Graphic processing can be made faster in two ways: by using a graphic co-processor and a graphic accelerator. 5.In early days. and other vendors created a new standard for DTP computers. it is now realistic to expect that all computers with graphic display hardware capability will be making extensive use of computer graphics. The PowerPC’s from IBM. The application programs developed for the Macintosh advocated WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) style of interface. the high cost of the hardware for computer graphics remained the obstacle. The microelectronics revolution and the subsequent reduction in the price of the digital hardware have completely changed the situation. when it introduced the Macintosh PC. What is graphics processor? Why it is needed? Ans. These computers significantly improved the state of display technology in the world of computers. However. It was the first PC that did not include a text-based display but provided only a graphic display. The graphic co-processor boosts video performance by assuming tasks normally handled by the CPU. an accelerator is not programmable. 4.Graphics processor helps in managing the screen faster with an equivalent software algorithm executed on the CPU. which had a profound effect in the world of computers.

d. multitasking. 9. distributability and so on. Ans. The Windows OS is popular because it supports a graphical user interface (GUI). b. . X11 base GUIs. 10. and networking. h. portable. f. Multi threading. g. e. Unix became quite popular within Bell Labs. It is still the most portable and configurable of all operating systems. What are the strengths of UNIX operating system? Ans.Ans. Some of the major application areas are: a. it supports various other features such as support for integrated application environment. time-sharing operating system. Pixel may be defined as the smallest size object or color spot that can be displayed and addressed on a monitor. Computer graphics is used in every field. What is a pixel? Ans. Apart from an intuitive GUI. 11. The Unix operating system has been known and popular as a simple. small. Unix has adopted to the new hardware architecture and application requirements by incorporating new functionalities such as distributed file system. 8. powerful. c. in which users can perform operations with the help of graphical objects such as windows and buttons. Building design and construction Electronic Design Mechanical Design Entertainment and Animation Aerospace industry Medical Technology Cartography Art and Commerce. multimedia. Ans. Name the Computer languages that support Computer Graphics. now it has also gained commercial strength. Give the different applications of Computer Graphics. However.

portable. developers for graphics programming. Why C language is popular for graphics programming? Ans. b.Some languages that support computer graphics are: a. FORTRAN BASIC PASCAL C 12. this language helps in designing for graphical applications. c. and flexible . d. Because of the rich set of graphical functions available. The C code is small. C has become a choice for today’s professionals. C is a structured language and is rich in expressive power and applicable to a wide variety of users. fast.

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