Essence Of Vedic Metaphysics


Universal Being

The universal being is neutral, but to do karmas ,beings have to take one of the two directions, as "good" or "bad" and.... this upsets the neutrality of the "Iswara" , compared with the "Virat" outside ,and there will always be an equal pull in the opposite directions, to establish neutrality.

Oscillations Of the Mind  

This creates a swinging of the mind continuously about the mean point, creating pleasure and pain, love or hatred, pride or shame ,fear or daring, ,all of such feelings being unreal ,or meaningless ,once grown beyond it. Swinging is Slower when one stretches from one¶sphysical experiences to social or spiritual,« that is with higher ³stretch´

Peace Of Mind and Oneness ! 

If the swinging is fast ,it creates tension,anxiety and so on, but if by the grace of the Lord or by Yoga the swinging slows, it creates peace of mind generating the feeling of oneness gradually stretching across the subsets of the Universe which all of us would have experienced at least rarely. That is True Love !

Differenciation Of Ego
Also if the swinging is based on physical experiences, it creates physical pride or ³physical ego´, if intellectual, it creates intellectual pride or the ³intellectual ego´ if it is based on social positions, it creates ³status ego" Actually, except for sages , all our Karmas have a combo of these in various ratios at all times. Prayers to Lord for Kindness to all of Us !

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