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Wolfgang Czapp: How works the water car: Is it not so complicated!

Water cars run not with explosion of Knallgases, but with implosion of compressed air energy. Evidence: The engine is cold , and runs with a lot of advance, he run could never with the small amount of Oxyhydrogen . Daniel Dingle's water car: the reactor is a faraday cage. In the a normal electrolysis with 12 volts and 5 Amper is executed him. The electrolysis unit is a self oscillating coil of just a few turns. This coil vibrates in resonance with the Aether-energy. This energy is reflecting back through the stainless steel container into the Interior, and thus increasingly divests the Engie to electrolysis. With energy offset Browns Gas or Oxyhydrogen, the engine draws in which mixed with exhaust air is. The concentrated ether charge is ignited by two-thirds of the compression process, and condensed in the form of a Inplosion. So like Daniel Dingel repeatedly said ...sehr simple!

Blitzrohre is a flash tube Pulsteurerung means pulse control Elektrolyse zelle means electrolytic cell .