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Macy's Special...

Came back from Macy's today.

It's been years since the last time I've been formally shopping
for clothes*.

stripes are in;

loose fitting shirts are in;
thin denim jeans are in...

So much in, but somehow I feel out.

Don't know the origins of this feeling of the outside,

of the stranger,
of the awkward creature not sure of its own grace?

How could it be so after forty years of breath taking,

And so much beauty all around?

*So I shopped for clothes and it felt like a reconnection to the senses. Maybe
staying away from the color, texture, shape of what covers my body is not such a
good idea. It felt good having my wife next to me; actually in front of me in the
dressing room, telling me with a mischievous face that she liked a particular shirt
because it showed my chest hairs. The body, the body, the body!

~c. December ‘06