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(with special Reference to Hindustan Times)
A Project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for BBA in Management

By Name: Yukti Bhardwaj Enrolment No-1501921708 (in BBA 3rd semester)

Under the Supervision of
Guide Name: SACHIN GUPTA Department of Management Lingaya’s Lalita Devi Institute of Management and Sciences Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University

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This is to certify that the project title MARKETING is bonafide and original research workdone by anshu gupta student of Lalita Devi Institute Of Management and Sciences GGSIP University, under my supervision and guidance.

This subject on which this dissertation has been written by her original contribution towards the discipline of management and it has not previously formed the basis for the award of the Degree, Diploma, or other similar title to any candidate.

This dissertation represents entirely an independent research work of the candidate under my guidance.

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This work has not previously been accepted in substance for any degree and is not being concurrently submitted in candidature for any degree/ diploma. Signed:…………… Date:……………...

Statement 2 This project is the result of my own independent work/investigation, except where otherwise stated. Other sources are acknowledged by giving explicit references. A bibliography is appended. Signed:………… Date:…………..

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This project work has been a great experience on MARKETING (WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO HINDUSTAN TIMES).This work would not have been possible without the help, cooperation, constructive suggestion and well wishes of many people. I would like to thank all of them, as mention a few here.

I owe my profound respect to SACHIN GUPTA, my project guide, and express my deep sense of gratitude and indebtedness for their inspirations, valuable and scholarly guidance, imperative suggestions and personal attention at each stage of the work. Their gamut of knowledge, dedication towards research, exemplary devotion and trust towards me has been unique and is the prime key behind the success of this project .his personality has been instrumental in blending an exciting spirit and atmosphere for research .it has been a great opportunity and experience to work with him, as I will forever cherish the deep interaction I had with them.

Finally, I am most grateful to my parents for their moral support and blessings and for being an immense source of inspiration for me all through my life.

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communicating. and society at large. which included advertising. anthropology and neuroscience. and processes for creating. clients. delivering.Marketing Marketing is an integrated communications-based process through which individuals and communities are informed or persuaded that existing and newly-identified needs and wants may be satisfied by the products and services of others. The term developed from the original meaning which referred literally to going to a market to buy or sell goods or services. sociology. Definition Marketing is defined by the American Marketing Association as the activity. and exchanging offerings that have value for customers. partners. With the customer as the focus of its activities. It is also related to many of the creative arts. Law and Legal aspects can be "bought in" or "contracted out". ending with pre and post-sales promotional activities." Marketing practice tended to be seen as a creative industry in the past. mathematics. because the academic study of marketing makes extensive use of social sciences. Accounting. economics. set of institutions. The Chartered Institute of Marketing defines marketing as "The management process responsible for identifying. Hindustan Times 5 .the other being Operations(or Production). psychology. The overall process starts with marketing research and goes through market segmentation. to keep the customer and to satisfy the customer. business planning and execution. it can be concluded that Marketing is one of the premier components of Business Management . the profession is now widely recognized as a science. anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably. distribution and selling. The marketing literature is also adept at re-inventing itself and its vocabulary according to the times and the culture. Marketing is used to create the customer. Other services and management activities such as Human Resources. However. allowing numerous universities to offer Master-ofScience (MSc) programmes.

and using promotion techniques to attain the highest sales possible. Sales orientation A firm using a sales orientation focuses primarily on the selling/promotion of a particular product. this entails simply selling an already existing product. with little likelihood of changes in consumer tastes diminishing demand. Consequently. an organization should anticipate the needs and wants of consumers and satisfy these more effectively than competitors. essentially concerning consumers and end-users. relates to a perception or attitude a firm holds towards its product or service. or otherwise sells a product that is in high demand. and not determining new consumer desires as such. sales process engineering views marketing as a set of processes that are interconnected and interdependent with other functions new approaches. Hindustan Times 6 . There exist several common orientations: Product orientation A firm employing a product orientation is chiefly concerned with the quality of its own product. in the marketing context. The marketing concept The term marketing concept pertains to the fundamental premise of modern marketing. whether these derive from intuitions or research. people would buy and consume the product. as for example in the case of Sony Walkman or Apple iPod. This concept proposes that in order to satisfy its organizational objectives. This works most effectively when the firm has good insights about customers and their needs and desires. A firm would also assume that as long as its product was of a high standard. Such an orientation may suit scenarios in which a firm holds dead stock.Seen from a systems point of view. Marketing orientation An orientation.

As an example. A production orientation may be deployed when a high demand for a product or service exists.Production orientation A firm focusing on a production orientation specializes in producing as much as possible of a given product or service. With this in mind. The marketing orientation often has three prime facets. this signifies a firm exploiting economies of scale. Thus. distribution. the marketing department would inform the R&D department to create a prototype of a product/service based on consumers' new desires. The production department would then start to manufacture the product. and then utilize promotion techniques to ensure persons know the product exists. Consequently. coupled with a good certainty that consumer tastes do not rapidly alter (similar to the sales orientation). ascertaining consumer demand is vital for a firm's future viability and even existence as a going concern. As an example. Marketing orientation The marketing orientation is perhaps the most common orientation used in contemporary marketing. Organizational orientation In this sense. or a new usage for an existing product. while the marketing department would focus on the promotion. a firm's marketing department is often seen as of prime importance within the functional level of an organization. It involves a firm essentially basing its marketing plans around the marketing concept. and thus supplying products to suit new consumer tastes. use R&D to develop a product attuned to the revealed information. Hindustan Times 7 . until the minimum efficient scale is reached. a firm would employ market research to gauge consumer desires. which are: Customer orientation A firm in the market economy survives by producing goods that persons are willing and able to buy.Information from an organization's marketing department would be used to guide the actions of other department's within the firm. a marketing department could ascertain (via marketing research) that consumers desired a new type of product.

which may be needed to manufacture a new product. of the product. suggested that the Marketing Mix contained 4 elements: product. Jerome McCarthy. Professor Neil Borden at Harvard Business School identified a number of company performance actions that can influence the consumer decision to purchase goods or services. Borden suggested that all those actions of the company represented a “Marketing Mix”. at the Michigan State University in the early 1960s. firms must entice consumers to buy goods with contemporary marketing ideals. should a firm adhere to the marketing orientation. since it could undermine a healthy cash flow for the organization. production and promotion of the product. including discounts. Professor E. or attention. reliability and value for money from the purchase of a product or service. The price need not be monetary. The Four P’s In the early 1960s. energy. Inter-departmental conflicts may occur.pricing. The scope of a product generally includes supporting elements such as warranties. and how it relates to the end-user's needs and wants. which thus leads to more profits/market share/sales. Pricing This refers to the process of setting a price for a product. a firm gains revenue. Product The product aspects of marketing deal with the specifications of the actual goods or services. Production may oppose the installation. Hindustan Times 8 . with respect to securing appropriate funding for the development. As no one has to buy goods from any one supplier in the market economy. Mutually beneficial exchange In a transaction in the market economy.g. place and promotion. utility. a firm's finance department would be consulted. Finance may oppose the required capital expenditure. e. and support. etc. it can simply be what is exchanged for the product or services. guarantees. A consumer on the other hand gains the satisfaction of a need/want. price. support and servicing of new capital stock. time. Additionally.

Physical Evidence . families. retail).is tangible evidence of the service customers will Hindustan Times 9 . brand. high value consumer products require adjustments to this model. also referring to how the environment in which the product is sold in can affect sales.Methods of setting prices optimally are in the domain of pricing science. including promotional education. This third P has also sometimes been called Place.g. a further three Ps were added to make satisfied and the service is delivered. Placement or distribution This refers to how the product gets to the customer. Morgan. point-of-sale placement or retailing. As a counter to this. business people). Relationship marketing attempts to do this by looking at marketing from a long term relationship perspective rather than individual transactions. sales promotion. in Riding the Waves of Change (Jossey-Bass. Promotion This includes advertising. suggests that one of the greatest limitations of the 4 Ps approach "is that it unconsciously emphasizes the inside–out view (looking from the company outwards). to which segment (young adults. Branding refers to the various methods of promoting the product. services. customers are The four Ps model is most useful when marketing low value consumer products. for example. etc. publicity. as opposed to Products. Services marketing must account for the unique nature of services. online vs. and personal selling. Industrial products. 1988). which a marketer can use to craft a marketing plan. In order to recognize the different aspects of selling services. referring to the channel by which a product or service is sold (e. These four elements are often referred to as the marketing mix. or company. a range of Seven Ps for service industries: Process . which geographic region or industry.the way in which orders are handled. whereas the essence of marketing should be the outside–in approach". Industrial or B2B marketing must account for the long term contractual agreements that are typical in supply chain transactions.

external. Technological. Legal.).this is thought by many to be part of Product. culture and climate. The marketing environment The term "marketing environment" relates to all of the factors (whether internal. Economic. social. as well as those solely involved with services: customers now differentiate between sellers of goods by the service they receive in the process from the people involved. Some authors cite a further P . A firm's marketing environment consists of three main areas. Within a PESTLE analysis. key macroeconomic conditions. political or technological phenomena. which are: • • The macro-environment. inflation. As markets have become more satisfied. etc.Packaging . but in certain markets (Japan. China for example) and with certain products (perfume. Hindustan Times 10 . social trends/attitudes.receive (for example a holiday brochure). unemployment. health and indicators (such as economic growth. People .the people meeting and dealing with the customers. the 7 Ps have become relevant to those companies selling products. A common method of assessing a firm's macro-environment is via a PESTLE (Political. Social. direct or indirect) that affect a firm's marketing decisionmaking/planning.maybe even than the product itself. cosmetics) the packaging of a product has a greater importance . over which a firm holds a greater amount (though not necessarily total) control The macro-environment A firm's marketing macro-environment consists of a variety of external factors that manifest on a large (or macro) scale. over which a firm holds little control The micro-environment. a firm would analyse national political issues. Ecological) analysis. and the nature of technology's impact on its society and the business processes within the society. These are typically economic.

a firm may conduct research in a target market. marketing research relates to all research conducted within marketing. these all factors a firm can handle/ control by using the marketing tools. correlation co-efficients. Marketing researchers use statistical methods (such as quantitative research. Market research pertains to research in a given market. market research is a subset of marketing research. after selecting a suitable market segment. linear regression. frequency distributions. Hindustan Times 11 . In contrast. A firm's micro-environment typically spans: • • • Customers/consumers Employees Suppliers By contrast to the macro-environment. gauge the nature of a firm's marketing environment. an organization holds a greater degree of control over these factors. qualitative research. As an example. A distinction should be made between marketing research and market research. and the statistical interpretation of data into information. Poisson and Binomial distributions. Marketing research Marketing research involves conducting research to support marketing activities. hypothesis tests.) to interpret their findings and convert data into information. Thus. Chi-squared tests. attain information from suppliers.The micro-environment A firm's micro-environment comprises factors pertinent to the firm itself. etc. or stakeholders closely connected with the firm or company. This information is then used by managers to plan marketing activities. etc.

consumers and external parties. design or symbol. A brand has also been defined as an identifiable entity that makes a specific value based on promises made and kept either actively or passively. design. interactive relationship Personal interest Attention and response Interesting presentation Clear and thorough.Product Branding A brand is a name. or other feature that distinguishes products and services from competitive offerings. Brand reflects personality of the company which is organizational culture. Marketing communications Marketing communications is defined by actions a firm takes to communicate with end-users. which are: Personal sales Oral presentation given by a salesperson who approaches individuals or a group of potential customers: • • • • • Live. Branding means creating a reference of certain products in mind. Co-branding involves marketing activity involving two or more products. symbol. term. Hindustan Times 12 . A brand is more than a name. Marketing communications encompasses four distinct subsets.

Hindustan Times 13 . PR stems from the fact that a firm cannot seek to antagonize or inflame its market base. Organizations undertake PR in order to assure consumers.Sales promotion Short-term incentives to encourage buying of products: • • Instant appeal Anxiety to sell An example is coupons or a sale. People are given an incentive to buy. without necessarily paying a newspaper or television station to cover the event. etc. As an example. and to forestall negative perceptions towards it. It cannot be used as a sustainable source of differentiation. but this does not build customer loyalty or encourage future repeat buys. PR can span: • • • Interviews Speeches/Presentations Corporate literature. This benefits the firm in question since it is making consumers aware of its product. such as financial statements. or other consumers of a firm's good/service. without having to pay directly for such coverage. an organization may have the launch of a new product covered by a newspaper or TV news segment. Publicity Publicity involves attaining space in media. brochures. due to incurring a lessened demand for its good/service. Public Relations Public Relations (or PR. A major drawback of sales promotion is that it is easily copied by competition. as an acronym) is the use of media tools by a firm in order to promote goodwill from an organization to a target market segment.

Marketing Planning The area of marketing planning involves forging a plan for a firm's marketing activities. the intended marketing activities are incorporated into this plan. when top management are devising the firm's strategic direction/mission. Generally speaking. Common examples of this include TV and radio adverts. a given product would require a unique communications mix. as the exact nature of how to apply marketing communications depends on the nature of the product in question. an organisation's marketing planning process is derived from its overall business strategy. Marketing Planning Process Within the overall strategic marketing plan. sponsorship. the stages of the process are listed as thus: • • • • • Mission Statement Corporate Objectives Marketing Audit SWOT analysis Assumptions arising from the Audit and SWOT analysis Hindustan Times 14 . in order to convey successfully information to consumers. Accordingly. Marketing communications "mix" Marketing communications is a "sub-mix" within the Promotion aspect of the marketing mix. branding.Advertising Advertising occurs when a firm directly pays a media channel to publicize its product. while others may need more focus on advertising. A marketing plan can also pertain to a specific product. as well as to an organisation's overall marketing strategy. Some products may require a stronger emphasis on personal sales. billboards. etc. Thus.

if one pictures a group of companies (or a conglomerate). in order to satisfy the overall business strategy. Hindustan Times 15 . and pertain to the general vision of the firm in the short. However. As an example. top management may state that sales for the group should increase by 25% over a ten year period. It thus would ascertain how it would attain additional sales of sports goods. means strategic business unit. the senior management of a firm would formulate a general business strategy for a firm. and attune it to its own particular industry. For instance. Corporate Corporate marketing objectives are typically broad-based in nature. An SBU is a subsidiary within a firm. which participates within a given market/industry. this general business strategy would be interpreted and implemented in different contexts throughout the firm. The SBU would embrace the corporate strategy. in this case.• • • • • Marketing objectives derived from the assumptions An estimation of the expected results of the objectives Identfication of alternative plans/mixes Budgeting for the marketing plan A first-year implementation programme Levels of marketing objectives within an organization As stated previously. an SBU may partake in the sports goods industry. medium or long-term. Strategic business unit Strategic business unit (SBU).

the marketing department would draw up marketing plans. such as marketing. price. is driven by the needs of potential consumers. Product → Solution Promotion → Information Price → Value Hindustan Times 16 . place. promotion) of marketing management. Access). This system is basically the four Ps renamed and reworded to provide a customer focus. etc. The functional level would adopt the SBU's strategy and determine how to accomplish the SBU's own objectives in its market. including the nature of the product itself. To use the example of the sports goods industry again. consumer wants are the drivers of all strategic marketing decisions. This implies that the company focuses its activities and products on consumer demands.Functional The functional level relates to departments within the SBUs. Value. The starting point is always the consumer. The rationale for this approach is that there is no point spending R&D funds developing products that people will not buy. HR. Customer focus Many companies today have a customer focus (or market orientation). Every aspect of a market offering. strategies and communications to help the SBU achieve its marketing aims. History attests to many products that were commercial failures in spite of being technological breakthroughs. No strategy is pursued until it passes the test of consumer research. In the consumer-driven approach. The SIVA Model provides a demand/customer centric version alternative to the well-known 4Ps supply side model (product. Generally there are three ways of doing this: the customer-driven approach. the sense of identifying market changes and the product innovation approach. Information. finance. production. A formal approach to this customer-focused marketing is known as SIVA[7] (Solution.

Many purists doubt whether this is really a form of marketing orientation at all. • • • • • An emerging area of study and practice concerns internal marketing. such as research and development focused companies. affiliate marketing. marketers can aggressively over-pursue product innovation and try to overcapitalize on a niche. The use of herd behavior in marketing. successfully focus on product innovation. A relatively new form of marketing uses the Internet and is called Internet marketing or more generally e-marketing. marketers are turning to forms of permission marketing such as branded content. With consumers' eroding attention span and willingness to give time to advertising messages. When pursuing a product innovation approach. The rationale is that customers may not know what options will be available to them in the future so we should not expect them to tell us what they will buy in the future. It tries to perfect the segmentation strategy used in traditional marketing. It is claimed that if Thomas Edison depended on marketing research he would have produced larger candles rather than inventing light bulbs. the company pursues product innovation. and is sometimes called personalized marketing or one-to-one marketing. or how employees are trained and managed to deliver the brand in a way that positively impacts the acquisition and retention of customers (employer branding).Placement → Access Product focus In a product innovation approach. It targets its audience more precisely. desktop advertising or online marketing. Many firms. Product innovation drives the process and marketing research is conducted primarily to ensure that profitable market segment(s) exist for the innovation. Some even question whether it is marketing. The Economist reported a recent conference in Rome on the subject of the simulation of adaptive human behavior. because of the ex post status of consumer research. then tries to develop a market for the product. services and ideas. custom media and reality marketing. marketers must ensure that they have a varied and multi-tiered approach to product innovation.[8] It shared Hindustan Times 17 . However. Diffusion of innovations research explores how and why people adopt new products.

Other recent studies on the "power of social influence" include an "artificial music market in which some 14..g." a Massachusetts company exploiting knowledge of social networking to improve sales. and online retailers who are increasingly informing consumers about "which products are popular with like-minded consumers" (e. eBay). Areas of specialization • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • marketing Agricultural marketing Advertising and branding Communications Customer relationship management (CRM) Database marketing Professional selling Direct marketing Ethical marketing Event organization Experiential marketing Global marketing Guerrilla marketing Integrated marketing International marketing Internet marketing Industrial marketing Market research Marketing strategy Marketing plan 18 Hindustan Times .mechanisms to increase impulse buying and get people "to buy more by playing on the herd instinct. including smart-cart technology and the use of Radio Frequency Identification Tag technology.000 people downloaded previously unknown songs" (Columbia University. which is appealing to supermarkets because it can "increase sales without the need to give people discounts." The basic idea is that people will buy more of products that are seen to be popular. a Japanese chain of convenience stores which orders its products based on "sales data from department stores and research companies. A "swarmmoves" model was introduced by a Florida Institute of Technology researcher. Amazon. New York)." Marketing is also used to promote business' products and is a great way to promote the business. and several feedback mechanisms to get product popularity information to consumers are mentioned.

It is the market leader for English papers in North India. Hindustan Times (or HT as it is popularly known as) was founded in 1924 by Master Sunder Singh Lyallpuri. It has its roots in the independence movement of the first half of the twentieth century. founder-father of the Akali Movement and the Shiromani Akali Dal in Punjab.• • • • • • • • • • • • • Political marketing Product marketing Promotional education Proximity marketing Public marketing Retailing Search engine marketing Segmentation Shopper Marketing Social media marketing Sponsorship Strategic management Wholesale marketing HISTORY The Hindustan Times is a leading newspaper in India. with the contributions from USA. Canada and locals mostly Hindustan Times 19 . It was edited at times by many important people in India. including Devdas Gandhi (the son of Mahatma Gandhi) and Khushwant Singh.

K. the company reported a 33% increase in Hindustan Times 20 . and are produced by an editorial team know for its quality. M. Vaswani. and Henderson Partners Capital (Mauritius) Ltd. Citicorp International Finance Corp. Bernard Haton. HT's Internet business. Delhi (Now: Swami Sharda Nand Marg) and contained writings and articles from C. with a significant share of the traffic coming from outside India. HT Media operates 15 printing facilities across India with an installed capacity of 1. R. The Managing Chairman and Chief Patron was Master Sunder Singh Lyallpuri himself. With a combined daily circulation of 2.com portal. L. St. The opening ceremony was performed by Mahatma Gandhi on September 15. NSE) has today become one of India's largest media companies. Ruchi Ram Sahni. 2006. Andrews. HT Media (BSE. C.98 million unique visitors and 50 million page views per month. For the fiscal first quarter ended June 30. HT Media reported 2006 annual revenue of $186 million. innovation and integrity. Harinder Nath Chattopadhyaya.from Lyallpur District Sheikhupura (now in Pakistan). The first issue was published from Naya Bazar. The Hindustan Times (English) and Hindustan (Hindi) enjoy strong brand recognition among readers and advertisers. through its HT Music and Entertainment Company Ltd. HT Media. is primarily a news website with 1. Panikkar was its first Editor with Devdas Gandhi (son of Mahatma Gandhi) also on the editor's panel. Maulana Mohammad Ali. own significant stakes in HT Media. Nihal Singh. under the Hindustantimes. T. Pt Madan Moham Malayia and Master Tara Singh were among the members of the Managing Committee.25 million copies and a readership base of 14. S Mangal Singh Gill (Tesildar) and S. Dr Kichlu and Rubi Waston etc. Reddy (Dr. Chanchal Singh (Jandiala.5 million copies per hour. Cattamanchi Ramalinga Reddy) . As part of its expansion into electronic media.49 million readers. subsidiary is entering the FM radio market in key Indian cities later this year through a consulting partnership with Virgin Radio. 1924. HT LIMITED COMPANY PROFILE MEDIA Founded in 1924 when its flagship newspaper The Hindustan Times was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi. Jullundur) were made in charge of the newspaper. F.

Delhi.com. has entered the FM radio market in key Indian cities through a consulting partnership with Virgin Radio. Hindustan Times made a successful entry into the commercial capital of India – Mumbai. The group's news portal HindustanTimes.revenue to $54 million and a tripling of profit after tax (PAT) to $7 from the year-ago quarter. HT Media. Hindustan Times has a circulation of over 1. It has consistently been ranked amongst the top 10 news sites in the world by Forbes and offers in-depth coverage and analyses to its users. In July 2005. As part of its expansion into electronic media.2 million and is the fastest growing mainline English newspaper in terms of readership. The group now intends to consolidate itself as a vibrant and modern media powerhouse through strategic partnerships. HT Media also plans to launch a national business newspaper. with an exclusive agreement with Wall Street Journal to publish Journal-branded news and information in India. Today. It has a leadership position in the English newspaper market in North India and the second position in the Hindi newspaper market in the North and East. Hindustan Times 21 . is one of the largest news portals in the country. with over 2 million unique visitors and 50 million page views per month. This makes it the fourth largest read daily in India.. is one of the leading Hindi dailies in the country with a readership in excess of 10 million. through its subsidiary HT Music and Entertainment Company Ltd. Hindustan Times. ever-increasing scope of operations and a consumer focused approach. is India’s largest single-edition daily. the Hindi daily from HT Media. was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi in 1924 and has established its presence as a newspaper with editorial excellence and integrity. Hindustan Times. Hindustan. ($1=Rs. the flagship publication from the group. 46)) HT Media Limited is a major player in the print media in India.

Hindustan Times 22 .

Hindustan Times 23 .

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Hindustan Times Group Corporate Profile India's foremost media conglomerate is home to the leading newspapers in the country Hindustan Times (the flagship English daily) and Hindustan (Hindi newspaper).com. Hindustan Times 25 . plans to consolidate itself as a vibrant and modern media powerhouse through strategic partnerships. The HT Media Ltd. also has a significant online presence with HindustanTimes. The HT Media Ltd. ever-increasing scope of operations and a consumer focused approach.

PRODUC T MIX Hindustan Times 26 .

HINDUSTAN GROUP TIMES Leadership through quality and innovation is the hallmark of The Hindustan Times Limited. The organization has been a major force for over seven decades in the print media and comprises the following brands: PRINT     Hindustan Times: Delhi. Kolkata Editions Hindustan: Delhi. Patna. Mumbai. Patna. Lucknow. Lucknow. Ranchi Editions Nandan: Monthly Children's Magazine Kadambini: Monthly Literary Magazine Hindustan Times 27 .

New Delhi. has editions from New Delhi. Mumbai. Patna and Kolkata thus. HT Delhi has a magazine called Brunch every Sunday. Patna and Ranchi. 12 on Fridays)  with a special Weekend edition on Fridays called HT Style WE. It is owned by HT Media. HT Mumbai Edition  HT Mumbai has a daily lifestyle supplement called HT Style (8 pages regular. granddaughter of GD Birla. It is also the largest circulated and most widely read newspaper in Delhi. which other than Hindustan Times is also home to the Hindi daily Hindustan .  Hindustan Times is printed out of 9 centres including Bhopal. the flagship publication of the Group. Chandigarh. Hindustan Times . The KK Birla group at present owns 75. Lucknow. The Delhi-based English newspaper.  It has its jobs supplement called 'Power Jobs' on Tuesdays. HT Delhi Edition       HT Delhi has a daily lifestyle supplement called HT City with a special Weekend edition on Fridays called HT City WE. Jaipur. one of India's top media conglomerates.  Real Estates section called 'HT Estates'and Hindustan Times 28 . is part of the KK Birla group and managed by Shobhana Bharatiya.36 per cent stake in HT Media. Education supplement called 'Horizons' on Wednesdays. It has its jobs supplement called 'Power Jobs' on Tuesdays. Mumbai. currently valued at Rs 834 crore. Lucknow. Its New Delhi edition continues to be the single largest English daily edition in the country with a circulation of over a million.Hindustan Times  Hindustan Times. Real Estates section called 'HT Estates' on Saturdays. Kolkata. dominating most part of the country.  Education supplement called 'Horizons' on Wednesdays.

The enlarged operations and enhanced look have also paid off with a substantial increase in circulation across the country. It has set many a standards for its competitors and will continue to do so in the years to come. HT has two magazines:  Brunch every Sunday and  a lifestyle magazine called HT Splurge. Hindustan Times 29 . a 4 page comincs broadsheet section on Saturdays. sleeker and smarter. Hindustan Times believes in continuous improvement and providing greater value to its readers and advertisers. offering a daily supplement catering to specific target audience. every alternate Saturday. In its endeavor to provide its readers with greater value. Supplements like Brunch are the first of their kind in their respective categories. It is the first smart-age newspaper in India to evolve into a new international size. it has revamped its existing supplements and added new ones to its portfolio. which ensures enhanced ease of reading and convenient handling.

Patna. Hindustan has also emerged as the 4th highest read newspaper among Hindi dailies on an all India basis. Hindustan Times 30 . The popular Hindi daily has also featured innovative advertising campaigns tailored to meet the specific needs of advertisers.Patna. Muzzaffarpur.41 (NRS 2000). The newspaper is printed from four centres in Bihar . Lucknow. commanding a market share of 78 per cent of any Hindi daily. Ranchi. Ranchi.  Hindustan has emerged as the fastest growing Hindi daily in Delhi and Lucknow while it reigns supreme in Bihar. Hindustan ranks amongst the top ten newspapers read by the rural and urban readers (Source: National Readership Survey 2001). which is reflected in the NRS 2001. Muzzaffarpur and Bhagalpur. The publication's readership has grown by an impressive 29. successfully catering to the reading habits of a cross section of audiences in varying age groups.Hindustan The group's Hindi newspaper. Bhagalpur and has been recently launched in Varanasi. Hindustan has grown considerably from strength to strength and has significant presence in the states of Bihar.96 lakhs (NRS 20010 up from 44.  The newspaper is printed from Delhi. Uttar Pradesh and Delhi.6 per cent to 57.

this is Where It's At. There are quizzes for those bent upon winning fabulous prizes.Day In Politics. HT Next has the space and readership. on email or SMS! For the youth of India. lighter matter. There is even a political digest . is Our version of the world too). The Universe and Everything. global and local news . In case you are bitten by the writing bug. Participate in daily debates if you like to lock horns on current affairs. Your world (which. India and World are your dedicated pages for all the news that matters. Life.for those who want to go beyond the simpler. incidentally.HT NEXT HT NEXT has everything that the youth ever wanted in a newspaper: sports news (great stories for English Premier League and Formula 1 nuts). if you have it in you.or JLT for what's in these days. and seek to know which way the times are moving. Check out the daily science and nature section. even more colourful than Laloo Yadav). nuggets on celebs (yes. post a message on Plug In if you wish to connect or simply dash off an original poem for My Space. Hindustan Times 31 . Delhi.in other words.

called Mint. is edited by Raju Narisetti. Information. Mint. The paper hit the stand on 1st of Feb 2007. head-quartered in Delhi and published from Delhi and Mumbai. News and Technology. Hindustan Times has announced the launch of it’s business newspaper. a Wall Street Journal veteran. Hindustan Times 32 . The word doing the rounds is that ‘Mint’ stands for Money. the latest business newspaper brought out by HT Media in India.HT MINT The Wall Street Journal made a smart comeback in India with the launch of Mint.

Bibhuti Bhushan Bandhopadhyaya. V P Singh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee. and to challenge their minds by exposing them to new ideas for the world of science and technology. Vishnu Prabhakar. Mohan Rakesh. Harivansh Rai Bacchan. A P J Abdul Kalam. Amritlal Nagar. Hindustan Times 33 . Premchand. biographies and poems of many of the greats from the fields of literature and politics. Bhartendu Harishchandra. Nandan believes in shaping the mind and behaviour of our children in a positive way. Shivani. Gyani Zail Singh. Nandan triumphs over its contemporaries because its stories are a combination of the best in both our traditional and modern cultural ethos. The magazine was started in November 1964 in the memory of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. a HT Media children's magazine is 40 years old now. Mannu Bhandari. memoirs. Nandan has been privileged to publish the stories. Jaishankar Prasad. some of whom are Dr Rajendra Prasad. From its very inception. Rajendra Yadav. Bhishm Sahni. Krishna Sobti. Manohar Shyam Joshi. Indira Gandhi. Khushwant Singh.NANDAN Nandan. Ashapurna Devi. with its first issue being dedicated to the late Prime Minister. Satyajit Ray. Ramdhari Singh Dinkar. Kamleshwar. excerpts. It has been very popular among children and their families in India and abroad.

Jayant Vishnu Narlikar. Under Mrs Pande's able guidance and Associate Editor Shri Vishnu Nagar's leadership. as well as English. readability and scientific approach. KADAMBINI Kadambini is a monthly Hindi magazine published by HT Media Ltd. with a long and celebrated history of 44 years. It is a one-of-its-own-kind socio-cultural-literary magazine. Ramesh Dutt Sharma and Kuldeep Sharma. Associate Editor Shri Vishnu Nagar is also a well-known figure in Hindi journalism and literature. Its first Editor was Late Shri Balkrishna Rao. and during whose tenure Kadambini touched new heights. history. who was also a well-known literary figure. Mrs Pande is a well-known and respected journalist and literary figure in Hindi. Taslima Nasrin. politics. Its third Editor Shri Rajendra Awasthy was also a known literary figure. science. Mrs Mrinal Pande took charge as Editor in February 2003. three thousand poems. sociology. and thousands of other creative pieces during these 40 years. Kadambini has scaled new heights of quality. It is the only Hindi magazine which covers a wide range of subjects including literature. which has survived the demise of many other Hindi magazines in the genre. It includes more than 400 world classics for children. He was followed by Late Shri Ramanand Doshi. films and sports with Hindustan Times 34 . a prominent Hindi writer. Nandan has published more than ten thousand stories.Mrinal pande. Mridula Garg.

50 Hindustan Times 35 . It is the only Hindi magazine.  HT Delhi edition (daily) is priced at Rs. Its new approach is widely appreciated by common readers as well as the enlightened sections of society. popular taste.  HT Delhi edition (weekly) is priced at Rs.sincerity and popular appeal. The magazine has created a new space for itself while retaining its old base. PRICE MIX PRICE MIX  HT uses Competition based pricing. It is based on similar competitor product TOI. Competition based pricing Setting the price based upon prices of the similar competitor products.2. Its every issue becomes a special issue as it focuses in-depth on one important and popular concern apart from its various regular features.6.50. It always prefers quality and readability over cheap. which guarantees that it will not compromise on family values.

Patna and Kolkata thus. Patna and Ranchi Hindustan Times 36 . Jaipur. New Delhi. Lucknow. Lucknow. dominating most part of the country. HT MINT-The initial marketing has been via a referral campaign for Rs. Mumbai. PLACE MIX Hindustan Times  Hindustan Times.299 for the year.  Hindustan Times is printed out of 9 centres including Bhopal. has editions from New Delhi. Chandigarh. Kolkata. Mumbai. the flagship publication of the Group.

Hindustan Times 37 .

Hindustan Hindustan Times 38 .

Muzzaffarpur. Patna.Patna. Ranchi. The newspaper is printed from Delhi. Muzzaffarpur and Bhagalpur. Hindustan Times 39 . Bhagalpur and has been recently launched in Varanasi  The newspaper is printed from four centres in Bihar . commanding a market share of 78 per cent of any Hindi daily. Ranchi. Lucknow.

voluntary testing and discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS will be discussed in this weekly column. Besides regular news reports. Hindustan Times has announced that it will make AIDS awareness a part of its massive school programme by encouraging the 1.com) already features a special micro site on HIV/AIDS called 'Surviving AIDS'. The newspaper plans to send out messages encouraging women Hindustan Times 40 .PROMOTION MIX EVENTS Hindustan Times The Hindustan Times plans to disseminate in-depth information on HIV/AIDS through a sustained media campaign. The group's popular website (HindustanTimes.200 participating schools to make safe sex and AIDS awareness a part of their social awareness program. which is to be developed as an increasingly interactive resource. Issues such as safe sex practices. the media campaign will include an interactive weekly column to encourage people to write in their queries and concerns about HIV/AIDS.

a state in which Hindustan. its Hindi publication.empowerment across Bihar. is the number one Hindi daily with 80 per cent of the market share. In collaboration with the Heroes Project. Hindustan Times has offered to produce an education booklet for women in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. a segment which has among the lowest levels of education and access to information on AIDS. Hindustan Times 41 .

services. the leading English daily in the country is initiating a major step in getting major players from the industry on one common platform at the 3G India Summit 2006. which took place on September 27.content. handsets and wirelessdevices.Hindustan Times. entertainment and applications for the consumer and for enterprise markets. Hindustan Times 42 . will explore the latest developments and market opportunities in 3G. networks. The summit.

The HT Polo event is one of the most widely attended polo finals and attracts people from all walks of life be it corporates.a platform for international luxury houses to interact with the Indian government and industrialists .is scheduled for March 30 and 31. 2006 in Delhi. diplomats. fashionistas and socialites. artistes. Hindustan Times 43 .The Next Global Superpower?". 2007 in Mumbai. This summit-level conference is scheduled to be held on November 17 and 18. The theme this year is "India . The Luxury Conference .

 Bundle advertising across products and markets  Complement mainline newspaper with Business Paper/Internet/Magazines  Expand operations beyond News -General Entertainment  Capitalize on permissive cross media ownership regime to enter  Radio  Events  Television  Cross media leverage for compelling advertiser solutions Hindustan Times 44 .GROWTH STRATEGY  Consolidate and expand the existing print business  Expand English franchise across metros  Enter new Hindi markets  Continue to invest in printing and infrastructure hubs.

com www.in www.hindustantimes.WEBSITES www.hindustantimes.com Hindustan Times 45 .ask.

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