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(1925) Scientific Wrestling- Paul Prehn

(1925) Scientific Wrestling- Paul Prehn

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Published by: chef_samurai on Mar 25, 2012
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When you are on the mat, you can get away from your
opponent very easily by the use of this method. You can
use it to a better advantage from the sitting position, but
it can be used when you are on either side by shooting
your feet forward. It is used most successfully by chang-
ing from the position on all four on the mat to the sitting
position. Bring your feet back and rest the back of your
head on either of his shoulders. Raise your body and at
the same time raise the arms and close the hands tight
(see Plate 57). Drive the elbows down close to the side,
force the stomach up and break his grip from around your
waist. By the force of the stomach muscles and the drive
of the arms, you drive your opponent to the mat face
down. This gives you time to pivot around quickly and
go behind.

This method can be used effectively any time you have
your feet, or can get your feet, in front of you. Be sure
to put all the drive you can in your arms when you bring
them down.




If your opponent starts to bridge switch him to either
side, or let loose of him completely and he will fall on his
back in front of you. You may also be able to use the
Head Lock from the rear as illustrated in Plate 21.

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