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Published by: Rahul Jain on Apr 06, 2012
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capacity 650/700MB Wave length of laser which reads data : 780nm Colour of laser : Red .HISTORY 1 GENERATION: Compact Disc (CD) :.

2 GENERATION: Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) :.7GB Wavelength of laser which reads data : 650nm Colour of laser : Red .capacity 4.

capacity 25/50 GB wavelength of laser which reads data : 405 nm colour of laser : Blue.violet which was developed in 1996 by SHUJI NAKAMURA at NICHIA CORPORATION .3 GENERATION: Blu ray Disc (BD) :.

THE NAME The Blu ray name is a combination of “Blue” for the colour of the laser is used and the “ray” for optical ray. .

.TYPES OF BD SINGLE LAYER: Can hold data upto 25/27 GB that means 2hrs of HD video or about 13hrs of standard video.5hrs of HD video or more than 20hrs of standard video. DOUBLE LAYER: Can hold data upto 50GB that means 4.

for reading recorded content. .for HDTV (High Definition Television) recording.     BD – R (recordable):. BD – RE (rewritable):.for PC data storage. BD – RW (rewritable):.for PC data storage.FORMATS OF BD It comes in 4 different formats: BD ROM (read only):.

ADVANTAGES: Hard coating technologies make Blu ray Disc most durable and family.        Hard coating technology provides resistance to:Finger prints Marks Scratches Dust Much more ROBUST than today’s polycarbonate – based CD/DVD (and HD DVD’s) .friendly.

ON GUARD It uses Data Encryption Standard (DES) that has a key length of 56bits. .  A key block and disc ID are written into the ROM area to prevent illegal copying.



BDA :(Blu ray Disc Association) This association develops and licences Blu ray Disc technology. (in 2002) .

Blu ray Movies .

FEATURES OF BD: With BD we can : Record HDTV without any quality loss.  . Instantly skip to any spot on disc.

  . Automatically search for an empty space on the disc to avoid recording over a program. Record on one program while watching other on the disc. Create play list.

O. India.PRESENTED BY: CHRISTINE JOSE K MCA Department Vidya Academy of Science and Techonology Thalakkottukara P. . Pin:680 501. Kerala. Thrissur.


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