Public Safety Coalition Issues Statement Regarding ACLU Campaign to Endanger California by Repealing the Death Penalty

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, April 23, 2012 CONTACT: Mitch Zak (916) 448-5802

(Sacramento, CA) – McGregor W. Scott, Chairman of Californians for Justice and Public Safety, a Coalition of Law Enforcement Leaders, Community Organizations, Crime Victims and Concerned Citizens, today issued the following statement regarding the so-called SAFE California Act, championed by the ACLU, which would endanger Californians by repealing capital punishment. Proponents of the measure, as Crime Victims Week commences, have announced their belief that the measure will qualify for the November 2012 ballot. The timing of their announcement reflects their lack of concern for public safety and those who have been victimized by the most violent and heinous of criminals. "On behalf of crime victims and their loved ones who have suffered at the hands of California's most violent criminals, we are disappointed that the ACLU and their allies would seek to score political points in their continued efforts to override the will of the people and repeal the death penalty. Make no mistake; Californians are smart. They know the ACLU is the reason why California's capital punishment system is costly and broken. Frivolous appeals, endless delays and the ongoing re-victimization of California is their status quo. Now they think they can fool voters by promoting an initiative that would reward cop-killers and child-murderers under the guise of alleged cost savings. Voters know better. They oppose the ACLU, support the death penalty and will not be fooled by hollow promises and political rhetoric. California's public safety leaders will never forget crime victims or dishonor their memory. We will continue waiting for - and demanding - justice." # # #

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