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Internet Fundamentals  Introduction
The World Wide Web The Internet
 Using a Web Browser Netscape Navigator

Finding Information on the Web
(Using Effective Search Strategies)

Directories Search Engines

such as: ○ Netscape Navigator ○ Internet Explorer .World Wide Web (WWW) An Introduction a vast collection of information that’s connected like a web accessible through the Internet using connections called hyperlinks view the WWW resources through a program called a Web Browser.

or images) – Also called Cyberspace or the Information Superhighway .World Wide Web (WWW) – Navigate through the WWW by pointing to and clicking on hyperlinks (underlined or boldfaced words. icons. phrases.

.net .Uniform Resource Locator Web Address  Example: or http://www. URL or Email Address?  URL .com  Used by Browsers to locate sites  Often confused with Email addresses johndoe@netscape.weather.Often confused…..

10/5/99 7 .Entering a URL http://netscape.com MDCC Faculty Training .com Location Box Enter URL’s here (or Web Address) http://netscape.

gov Global commercial site educational inst.angelfire.____.com http://www.Sample URL’s (or Internet Addresses) Internet Address or URL Domains http://www. network organize.msstate.dept.navy.org http://www. agency. . gov. military not for profit org.edu http://www.mil http://www.net http://www.____.intop.

Web Pages  Web Pages .msbusiness.Hyper Text Markup Language a special language or code used to design and publish on the <html> <head> <title>MBJ ONLINE</title> documents <base Web href="http://www.co m/"> </head> .documents on the WWW  Written and constructed using HTML  HTML .

and more…. virtual colleges) ○ Entertainment. etc.Chat Rooms.The Internet  An information system  Communication tool  A large network of computer world wide  systems ○ can be explored by using a Web Browser Services available through the Internet: ○ Email (Discussion groups.. . News..) ○ Information search (including research) ○ Education (Online courses.

Internet Fundamentals Using a Web Browser Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer .

Web Browsers  Software programs used to access the World Wide Web  Two most popular web browsers: ○ Microsoft Internet Explorer ○ Netscape Navigator Netscape Navigator  Similar with slight differences .

Internet Fundamentals Using a Web Browser  Starting and stopping the Browser  The Web Browser’s window  Getting around a “page” and the WWW  Saving.Keeping track of favorite sites  Setting preferences and options . printing. and mailing items from the WWW  Bookmarks .

Internet Fundamentals Finding Information on the Web using  Directories  Search Engines (Effective Search Strategies) .

com or weather.Internet Fundamentals Searching the Web   Guessing Domain Names such as: ibm.com or abcnews. or even a phrase such as women’s tennis) continued..com Performing Keyword Searches Using Search Engines  Single keyword search (such as tennis)  More exact search results (using 2 or more words..com maps. .

NOT. and “phrases in quotation marks”  Examples: stock AND quotes “stock quotes” orange NOT county Web OR Internet  Be Patient and Persistent! . but uses operators such as AND.Internet Fundamentals  Complex Searching the Web Search contains several words. OR.

Random Browsing (takes too much time)  Mark Favorite Sites (bookmark the sites)  Use several Search Engines for a thorough search . InforSeek. etc. Excite. Hotbot. Lycos.Internet Fundamentals  SearchSearch Engine ? Engines What is a ○ program that connects you base or Web address ○ used to perform a thorough search to a data   Some Popular Search Engines ○ Alta Vista.

altavista.Internet Fundamentals finds that match your keyword(s) additional pages of sites  Exite Some sites it and up to 19 Favorite Search Engines  Alta Vista (http://www.com) ○ Characteristic: returns links to first 10 web (http://www.com) 10 ○ will return a page with links to the first sites it found that match you keyword(s)  Hotbot (http://www.excite.digital.hotbot.com) .

altavista.com WebCrawlerhttp://www.com Excite http://www.digital.lycos. continued Advice: Make bookmarks for Search Engine Sites Search Engine Web Address (or URL) Alta Vista http://www.com HotBot http://www.hotbot.com Lycos http://www.webcrawler.excite.infoseek.com InfoSeek http://www.Internet Fundamentals  Search Engines.com .

Organizes resources of web pages by categories.allows you to collect and then browse information from more sources (Excite. InfoSeek.Internet Fundamentals Search Engine or Directory?  What’s the difference? Search Engine . AltaVista. etc.generally doesn’t include every single web page or resource.)  Directory . (Yahoo!) .

yahoo.com  Point http://www.pointcom.Internet Fundamentals Some Favorite Directories Directory Name  Yahoo! Web Address (URL) (favorite) http://www.com .com  Magellan http://www.mckinley.

Internet Fundamentals Built-In Search Pages Netscape and Internet Explorer have 2 built-in search pages Netscape or Explorer Icon (upper right) Search Button (or Icon) on Tool Bar (at top) Easiest way to perform a search beginners especially) N (for .

metacrawler.com .askjeeves.dogpile.com DogPile http://www.Internet Fundamentals Meta-Search tools  Multi-Search Engines Searches 5 or 6 engines at once prefer this type of search engine (personally)  Recommended Multi-Search Engines MetaCrawler http://www.com Ask Jeeves http://www.

Internet Fundamentals Finding People & Businesses  Looking for Email Addresses  Looking for home or business addresses or phone numbers  Sites specializing in Email Addresses: Four11 http://www.whowhere.com WhoWhere http://www.four11.com .

and generally by entering search terms at a search engine to find information you want. Searching on the other hand refers to looking for specific pieces of information using search engines. Browsing is scanning the worldwide web through links from one site to another or one page to another. Searching describes looking for something specific. 25 .Browsing vs. Searching     Browsing is used to describe casual looking through material generally with nothing specific in mind.

26 .Intranet fundamentals  Intranet is the generic term for a collection of private computer networks within an organization.  An intranet uses network technologies as a tool to facilitate communication between people or work groups to improve the data sharing capability and overall knowledge base of an organization's employees.

and everyone is working on the improvement and health of the organization. and HTML publishing. a group. 27 .What’s an Intranet?  An Intranet is an internal information system based on Internet technology. where everyone knows their roles. a family. web services. TCP/IP and HTTP communication protocols.  The Intranet is a technology that permits your organization to define itself as a whole entity.

Intranet Utilities  Intranets utilize standard network hardware and software technologies like Ethernet . Web browsers and Web servers. 28 . An organization's intranet typically includes Internet access but is firewalled so that its computers cannot be reached directly from the outside. TCP/IP.Wi-Fi.

financial systems. or retrofitting existing applications to run seamlessly in Intranet environment. and customer support and help desk applications. financial trading floor systems. personal productivity applications. Every developer from 1996/97 is creating new Web applications.  Uses include executive decision support systems. procurement and business-to-business commerce applications. 29 . Applications that you’ve been using for years are finding their way to the Intranet.Uses of Intranets  Intranets can be used for so many different functions within your organization. online analytical processing (OLAP) applications. document management systems. The list just goes on and on. sales cycle automation tools.

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