Assessing Personality Final


feelings. Personality arises from within the individual and remains fairly consistent throughout life. and behavior that make a person unique. Personality is made up of the characteristic patterns of thoughts. .

You pick it up and you are invited by a friend to go out to the cinema. You've been looking forward to relaxing. What would you do? . The movie begins at 2:30 PM. You have nothing to do this evening. because you've worked very hard the last few days. At 2:00 PM the phone rings.

 A test in which a person is shown an ambiguous stimulus and asked to describe it or tell a story. .


 A test for the analysis of personality. in which the person being tested tells what is suggested to him or her by a standard series of inkblot designs: his or her responses are then analyzed and interpreted .


 The Behavior Assessment includes tests that measure general or specific behavior and surveys that measure observer's interpretations of behavior in relation to adaptive or social skills within given situations. .

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