5 Key Votes 2012 -2011-2010 General Act and 4 Key Votes Appropriation 2011 1) Key Votes General

Acts – Act 13 of 2012 Feb 14 Marcellus Shell Tax, Misnamed “Impact Fee” The Votes Liberty Index

Act 16 of 2012 Feb 14 Keystone Opportunity Zone -Tax Cut for Billionaire Big Business Shell Oil – The Ethylene Cracker Bill The Votes Liberty Index

Act 79 of 2011 Oct 20 The Forgotten Taxpayers Is Forced to Bailout Billionaires – Harrisburg Bond Holders Win Lobbyists Win Taxpayer Loses READ MORE The Vote Liberty Index

Act 130 of 2011 Dec 22 $1.6 Billion Added Debt – Capital Budget – RACP The Vote Liberty Index

Act 120 of 2010 Nov. 23 Union Pension Bailout Kick Can Down the Road The Vote Liberty Index

***** 2) ^^^^^*****^^^^^ 3) 4 Key Votes Higher Education Appropriations The Favored Few Acts 10 11 12 and 14 of 2011 Government Forces Taxpayers to Finance Private, Tax Exempt, “Nonprofit” Corporate Big Business Billionaires – Read More

University Presidents Liberal 1% of 1% Four Education Leviathans UPENN UPITT TempleU PENN STATE take from the taxpayer to finance lifestyles of 1% of 1% Who Pays? Who Benefits? The Higher Subsidies The Higher The Tuitions The More Highly Paid Administrators, Faculty and Staff. How do students benefit?

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