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Scarred Ascetic, A Paladin/Monk Base Class

Scarred Ascetic, A Paladin/Monk Base Class

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Published by Míchel Tanuki
A base class I'm working on.
A base class I'm working on.

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Published by: Míchel Tanuki on Jul 11, 2012
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Exalted Smite (Weapon good-aligned when smiting evil) Invincible (When reduced to half HP, gain +1 morale bonus

to attacks and skill c hecks, and +2 morale bonus to damage) Armor Penetration (Add +1 to your attack rolls if opponent is wearing Light armo r, +2 if Medium, +3 if Heavy) Fervent (You are not dead until your HP is a number below 0 equal to your Con sc ore) Fists of Fury (Unarmed Cleave, allows 5' step) Fists of Thunder (Unarmed Great Cleave, allows 5' step) Iron Will (+2 on Will saves) Improved Initiative (+2 Initiative) Lightning Initiative (+4 Initiative) Relentless (You automatically make Fort saves to avoid death from massive damage . You can also take normal actions when below hp. Make a DC15 Fort save each rou nd to do so. You may at any time choose to fall unconscious, in order to check f or stabilization) Reserve Energy (When exhausted, fatigued, or shaken, you may take 1 damage to ig nore the effects for 10 minutes)

Twelve Dragon Fist (Roll Unarmed Strike damage twice, discard the worse roll) Unarmored Defense Mastery (Gain a bonus to your base AC equal to your level) Blind-Fight (Re-roll missed attacks for concealment) Improved Critical Weapon Focus Unarmed (+1 on attack rolls) Weapon Specialization Unarmed (+2 on damage rolls) Greater Weapon Focus Unarmed (+2 on attack rolls) Greater Weapon Specialization Unarmed (+4 on damage rolls) Unarmed Attack Mastery (+2 on attack and damage rolls) Faithful Sustenance (Go without food or water for a number of weeks equal to Wis modifier) Aura of Trust (The attitude of NPCs within 10' is one stage higher than normal, and +4 to Cha checks to influence attitudes) Healing Touch (Add your Heal skill ranks to your Lay on Hands HP restoration, or destruction for undead) Improved Smite (Your Smite ability deals +1d6 Holy damage for every 3 levels of Paladin)

Remove Enchantment (Use 3 Turn attempts to create a Cure Disease or Break Enchan tment spell) Counterattack (Once per combat, you may attack a foe who just attacked you, as a free action) Heightened Awareness (Focus on one opponent within 5'. If they are invisible, or you are blind, act is if you can see them. If there are no such opponents in ra nge, you automatically detect the first one who enters your range. You can take the feat multiple times, increasing the range by 5' each time.) Pre-Emptive Sense (Add your Int mod to Initiative as well as Dex) Improved Toughness (Gain HP equal to your current HD) Prone Fighting (You take no penalties to fighting while Prone, enemies get no bo nuses) Fear No Binds (You suffer no penalties on attack rolls made while grappling and may make unarmed strike attacks when bound by any nonmagical bindings. You suffe r no penalties on attack rolls or to Dexterity when entangled) Quick Cleave (You gain +2 circumstance bonus on the attack rolls for additional attacks you make because of Cleave and Great Cleave) Scarred Ascetic Hit Die: D10 Base Attack Bonus Progression Chart Level |1 | 2|3 | 4|5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | Bonus |+1|+2|+3|+4|+5|+6/+1|+7/+2|+8/+3|+9/+4|+10/+5|+11/+6/+1|+12/+7/+2|+13/+8/ +3| Monk's Save, Damage, AC Bonus, Unarmored Speed Bonus Progressions Level 1 - Flurry of Blows, Unarmed Strike, Aura of Good, Ritual Scarring (Lose 1 hp permanently, gain +3 on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate. Also gain a +1 comp etency bonus to any save vs a pain related effect) Tattoos: Detect Evil, Smite E vil 1/day Level 2 - Divine Grace, Tattoos: Lay On Hands, Level 0 Spells = Wis Bonus Level 3 - Aura of Courage, Tattoos: Turn Undead (Holy Symbol) Level 4 - Tattoos: Level 1 Spells = Wis Bonus Level 5 - Still Mind, Tattoos: Smite Evil 2/day, Level 0 Spells =1+Wis bonus Level 6 - Slow Fall 20', Tattoos: Remove Disease 1/week, Level 1 Spells = 1+Wis bonus Level 7 - Tattoos: Divine Health Level 8 - Slow Fall 30', Tattoos: Level 2 Spells = Wis Bonus Level 9 - Evasion, Tattoos: Remove Disease 2/week Level 10 - Slow Fall 40', Tattoos: Smite Evil 3/day, Level 2 Spells = 1+Wis bonu s Level 11 - Wholeness of Body, Greater Flurry, Tattoos: 3rd Level Spells = Wis Bo nus Level 12 - Slow Fall 50', Tattoos: Remove Disease 3/Week, 3rd Level Spells = 1+W is bonus Level 13 - Diamond Body, Tattoos: There exist certain religious traditions, which believe in the body as the gods' holy instrument. Among practitioners of these traditions, you will find those s

uch as the Fakirs, or the Tattooed Monks, who effect their gods' will through th e alteration or manipulation of their bodies. As with all religious sects, these ascetics have Paladins of their own. Adventures: The Scarred Ascetics quest as other Paladins do, as they see their o nly reason for existing as to fulfil their god's will on the material plane. Characteristics: The Scarred Ascetic sees weapons and armor as signs that one la cks faith, and so they train their bodies and minds to the point that such thing s become unnecessary. It is through the ritual scarification of their bodies wit h certain holy symbols that their god grants them various Divine powers. Being A scetics, they do not seek material wealth, or comfort, but spiritual enlightenme nt, and the fulfilment of their god's tenets. Alignment: As with all Paladins, Scarred Ascetics must be Lawful Good. Any devia tion will cause their holy sigils to lose their powers, and burn with constant p ain. Religion: Scarred Ascetics are almost exclusively followers of Pelor and Heirone ous, though a very small number have been known to follow other gods. Background:

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